SEO Changes That You Should Watch Out For

By | August 21, 2019

James Schramko here with a quick SEO News
update. With Google talking about the new Panda coming
and a big penguin update this year, one thing is certain when it comes to backlinks, you
got to stop buying these cheap backlinks or using automated tools. That is not going to
get you the results. If you want to do SEO yourself, the very best thing you can do is
put well-considered, helpful content on your website and then have that shared and then
go and put feature content on other people’s websites in your market or your category.
Perhaps forums, industry blogs, make worthwhile comments on other people’s blogs, submit
guest content. That’s how you get known. That’s real SEO so stop the tricks.
When the Panda update comes, of course we will be analyzing all our sites and looking
at our portfolio to see what the changes are and then our professional team will be adjusting
our traffic processes. Also when the penguin comes, the main thing
to watch for there is over-manipulation of back links so there’s apparently a big redesign
on the way, it was reported on the search engine land, Matt Cutts said this at a recent
conference, so let’s see what changes but the main thing is there’s no shortcuts.
Do the work, get the results and deal with a professional team.
I’m James Schramko, speak to you soon.

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