SEO Buster Review 2019 (Launch Your Own SEO Business) ✅

By | August 22, 2019

greetings Chris here with Welcome to this SEO Buster review now for those out there who are
trying to get to grips with SEO trying to become better at it trying to
optimize your pages or people who are basically wanting to do SEO services for
other people maybe you’re running an SEO agency maybe you’re running an SEO
service as part of your overall digital marketing agency if you’re looking for a
tool that is going to automate just basically everything to do with SEO
you’re gonna get a lot out of this video a lot of people have already found
success using this SEO Buster toolkit it truly is a massive bundle of tools you
are gonna get even more out of SEO Buster though because I’ve gotten my
hands on 17 extra bonuses just for you that are gonna supplement your SEO
Buster purchase really really well today we’re going to take a look over all of
those bonus products and we’re also going to get into an in-depth demo
walk-through of SEO Buster so you know exactly what to expect before we get
into that though it would really help me out if you drop the like on this video
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ten on that Bell notification also just quickly if you want to check out SEO
Buster on your own or check out the bonuses on your own at any time during
this video you just simply need to go down in the description and click on
that link there if you click on that link you’ll be taken to my bonus page
which looks like this and the way my bonus page works is that it is
integrated with the SEO Buster vendor sales page so if you click on any of
these green buttons it will essentially lock in all of the bonuses before then
launching you off to the SEO Buster sales page where you can then make a
purchase if you do purchase it you will receive SEO Buster and all of the 17
bonus products all in one big bundle so it’s taken me quite a long time for me
to put these bonuses together for you but whenever I add bonuses to a product
I always make sure they have a proven track record of having helped other
people and that there congruence with the product that I’m
reviewing just so you can get the most out of it the bonus is plug in the holes
that the main product doesn’t offer so you’re getting just this big bundle that
doesn’t leave any stone left unturned the first bonus I’ve gotten for you here
is called seven-figure mastery now you might be running an SEO service business
but seven-figure mastery is going to help you do a lot more than that if you
want to create your own blog your own online business it’s going to help you
there but if you want to stick with just the SEO service business it’s going to
help you understand every aspect of building an online business so that you
can then help clients who are trying to do that so the topics covered here are
just everything setting up funnels building an online
business affiliate marketing high ticket offers spying on the market the craft
strategy seven-figure mindsets the myth of affiliate marketing how to do
copywriting how to choose the best products how to look for the best
criteria Google Adwords bonus techniques optimizing AdWords campaigns different
kinds of bonuses that you can offer people media buying solo ads on Facebook
how to take advantage of warrior specials there’s a bit on our search and
and optimization as well as how to probably and effectively use not only
Facebook and Google but Instagram Tumblr and Pinterest in order to drive traffic
so just a massive massive product here that I’ve thrown in for you bonus number
two is called keyword research ninja now we’re gonna get into the keyword
research tool within SEO Buster but what this is gonna do is just give you extra
data okay so this tool basically when you or your client wants to create say
for example a blog post and you’re looking for those longtail keywords that
are going to help you rank this is just going to help you find those keywords
but not only on Google also being Yahoo eBay YouTube and amaz
it’s important to get that data around the keywords you’re trying to rank for
so you can you can figure out with what are the good words what are the bad
words what is low competition what is high competition things like that this
is going to help you in that area bonus number three is a two part bonus part
one is on-page SEO blueprint and the second part is the WordPress SEO track
plug-in I furn these products in there because while SEO Buster is giving you a
toolkit to gather data for clients SEO blueprint is going to help you to
understand the data at yourself when you understand the data around SEO you’re
able to give better advice to your clients
right so that just ultimately means you start looking like a better brand a
bigger Authority so some things this covers are just introduction to SEO the
main focus the five important factors of SEO URL structure body structure image
optimization title optimization matter optimization and then it got to
WordPress plugins in here so all of this information that you’re going to get out
of this product is just getting ensure that you are an expert really in in
knowing what to look for in a in a effective SEO optimized site or piece of
content the second part of that bonus I put in is the SEO Trac plug-in so what
this plug-in is gonna do is work hand-in-hand with the SEO blueprint so
that when you or your client are creating content because you do have
resell rights on this so you can send it to your client it’s gonna work kind of
like a checklist right so that when your client is creating content or wanting to
optimize for SEO they’re not gonna not only have you know the data that you’ve
given them from the tools within SEO buster
they’re also gonna have this SEO tracking tool that is going to give them
live information that is going to help them even further bonus number four is
called million dollar copy now this might be a little bit out on right field
but copy and content creation they kind of go hand
at hand so I thought I’d throw this in there because this is not only going to
help you with your content it’s going to help you with things like titles titles
super important so it’s going to help you with things like if you’re linking
off on your blog or not to webinars or you’re doing some video marketing
million dollar copy is going to teach you how to use language that triggers
emotions in people you need to know how to use copy whether you’re using it and
written or spoken form to trigger emotions people buy on emotions bonus
number five is I’ve gotten you the hook up to 12 vendor bonuses that they’ve
sorted me out with to give to you in conjunction with my own bonus
products now I don’t have as much information on their products as I do on
my own but we can take a quick look at the page that you’ll receive in the
bundle it comes from funnel freaks and here they are you’ve got local SEO
leverage New Age SEO black hat SEO get Google traffic backlink basics traffic
explosion 10 steps auditing SEO SEO skill mastery traffic inclination
recurring her income course reoccurring recurring income course targeting
Instagram video course and product creation formula a lot of great bonuses
here a lot of good training you can never be too overly click clued up when
it comes to SEO because things are changing all the time especially with
algorithms and things like that so if that all sounds good to you it’s step
one click the link down in the description you’ll come to this bonus
page if you click on any of these green buttons that will lock in your bonuses
and then you’ll be launched off to the SEO Buster vendor sales page which looks
like this I would recommend going through this in your own time just so
we’re not here on this video all day you can see where this is going to benefit
you here it shows you some services that are available on conquer and Fiverr
how much those services sell for and you’re going to be able to provide
services you know in maybe under ten minutes in some cases because you’re
going to be able to use SEO Buster to automate most SEO related analyzation
tasks and then just deliver the results so yeah as I said go through this in
your own time there’s testimonials there’s demos
there’s functions and features and going through that will just enable you to
make a more informed decision about whether SEO buster is right for you
for now we’re going to get into the demo or walkthrough of SEO Buster so when you
log into SEO Buster your dashboard will look like this and the first thing
you’ll see is your website analysis analyzer so this takes a couple of
minutes which is you know par for the course with most SEO analyzation tools
so I analyzed self-made newbie my website before and these are the kind of
results that I got I can download it in a PDF it tells me what I need to improve
my errors where I passed so if you’re sending this to a client immediately
they’re gonna love this they’re gonna say wow it’s just gonna outline exactly
what I need to do in order to get myself all in the green literally so it’s told
me that my meta descriptions are not there my meta keywords are not there my
headings on my front page I need to add alt attributes to my images shows in my
keywords it shows you just a ton of information here my back links broken
links my sitemap is all good and really all you or your client will need to do
is analyze their site go through this list and say okay what’s in the red
what’s in the yellow fix those problems super easy get in the green your site is
fully optimized yeah so taking a look at some of the other tools that is the
website auditor we have social stats spy tool that’s going to get you information
on which sites are sharing whose data so
it’s good for spying on your competition visitor analytics you’ve got a backlink
maker keyword research tool so let’s check this out
so let’s let’s say we want to do fishing right it’s gonna find out some keywords
here that we can use mm-hmm now have you put these into the bonus product key
word ninja you’re gonna get even more information but just gives you some
keyword options things you might not have thought about it’s always good to
pump your main keyword into a toy like that so you can just get you know more
the more keywords the better now these are rip two really cool elements here
article rewriter and article spinner Pro so it’s gonna basically act as a if you
put an article into there it’s going to spin it basically like a thesaurus and
rearrange certain sentences so that the content appears different to Google so
that’s always helpful yeah duplicate lion remover you have a word counter
article density analyzer this is something I’m I’m getting hip to
recently so what this will do is when you paste in your content here it will
tell you whether you are not only under with your keywords but it’s also
possibly to be over it’s also possible to be penalized by Google for Oh over
saturating your content with the keyword that you’re searching for you got to get
it just right so that’s going to help you out backlink analyzer meta tech
generator your an XML sitemap generator robot.txt generator ping website tool
broken link finder google keisha you can find your Mars ranked your your dmoz
listing checker domain authority your page speed your page size
Google malware checker page authority let’s look at the page Authority real
quick see if we can get so my page authority I got a 93 it comes up with
the information really really quick I thought I’d have to wait there for three
or four minutes but that’s pretty cool so you’ve got a who is checker Alexa
rank checker domain into IP and reverse IP domain checker so just a massive
really toolbelt toolkit you know some people might pay you to just perform a
website audit you know or check their arm check their broken links check their
plagiarism text-to-speech converter that’s gonna be helpful to people who
you know a lot of people don’t want to talk on camera they don’t like to sound
their own voice so this you see a lot of people on YouTube using this and you
know that technology is just getting better and better all the time I was
watching a review of something yesterday and it took me like five minutes to
think hold on a second that’s not a real person so it is getting better and a lot
of people like to type type out their content they prefer that and then they
can now they can just convert it and you have multiple types of media pumping out
content for you so really that’s it it’s just a big toolkit for performing SEO
related tasks it’s gonna help you whether you are just wanting to know
more about SEO it’s going to help you in your own online business and it’s going
to help you as I said if you’re delivering a service to other people
relating to SEO if you’re an SEO agency really quickly let’s just look at the
pricing before we close out this video so there are three main pricing options
you’ve got the front end SEO Buster for 17 dollars which gives you those 60
amazing features that can be used to create and sell SEO services you do need
to only purchase this front end in order to get access to the 17 extra bonus
products that we talked about the pro version $37.00 it adds an
additional 28 features plus the user that’s you can sell unlimited number of
these services it also comes with outsourcer rights and a quality article
rewriter and it comes with premium support the third option is the agency
$47 that gives you agency rights so you can essentially resell the product now a
word of warning that this deal is only happening during launch week so I would
recommend that you get in on this if you do want access to that special pricing
and those 17 bonus products I suggest you get in before this countdown hits
zero because the bonuses will be gone really try and get in there is a so much
value here on offer I wouldn’t want you to miss out this product does come risk
free of course with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you know not a lot to lose
here if you do want to refund it you can and you can keep all those bonuses
that’s all from me I hope you enjoy SEO Buster I hope you enjoy the bonuses that
I’ve gotten through you if you do have any questions drop them in the comments
email me hit me up on social media I do reply to absolutely everybody all
right I’ll see you soon thanks for watching and take care

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