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By | November 3, 2019

Starting with the basics – Make sure your
pages are useful, informative and unique. One amazing page is way better than a
hundred mediocre pages. In fact, Google massively favors unique content right now. You might want to find similar pages around your website and combine them into one brilliant page. Make sure you properly 301 the old pages though. Use an online analytics tool to find out who’s linking to your competitors. If they’re linking to them, they’re probably going to link to you. You need to think carefully about how
you can encourage them to link to your website. This could be providing an expert
opinion piece for their blog, creating bespoke ‘how-to’ guides for their users, or even buying advertising on their website – which often leads to natural links. The key here is to build good relationships. Find interesting data about your
industry and create something beautiful with it but don’t get too bogged down by
the product. So if you sell telephones, an infographic about how to improve your telephone conversation technique will probably fair a lot better than what
about the samsung 2301x VoIP telephone system. It’s that simple. Tune in next week for
another 60 seconds start-up guide.

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