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By | August 28, 2019

We ready?
Champagne? Well ticket prices will have to increase SEO basics for your website
as I’ve explained SEO is you manipulating your website in such a way
that appeals to major search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing as we’ve
mentioned as well Google is the largest search engine in the world it counts for
roughly 40 percent of the entire Internets traffic when you think about it
the Internet as a whole 40 percent of the traffic Google hold that roughly
that’s a rough estimate and that was made a few years ago I don’t know how
accurate it is now but let’s go with it so keywords does anyone know what
keywords are as it pertains to search engine optimization? Someone who has not spoken, anything that’s related to the business your keyword is anything
that’s related to your business anything that you want to show up for in Google whether that be your company name ‘Jam Total Sport’ please go and check out my
friends websites, if you want to lose weight if you want to dance ‘Jam Total Sport’ but
their keyword might be something like ‘how to dance’ if someone types in
how to dance on Google and their website shows up that’s going to be huge for
them that’s that’s big business for them they might also want to show up for ‘Jam
Total sport’ that’s just their company name but they might want to rank for
that that is their keyword every single page on your website and every single
article an article is when you have a blog if you’ve ever seen any blogs an
article is basically a new page on a site that you can update
easily so when you create a web site you create static pages that don’t move your
homepage your about page or contact us page and
I have a blog page and when you create new articles your articles go on your
blog page if you wanna know more about that check out my youtube channel so
every new page on your website and every new article on your website is a new
opportunity for you to be found in search for a different keyword so when I
gave you the demonstrations of what I was showing up for on Google the
different terms those were different videos and it
wasn’t my website those are different videos so I’m able to show up every time
I put out a new video or every time about a new article it’s a new
opportunity so you should be creating content consistently, so you can use the
Google Keyword tool, we’ve spoken about that before the Google keywords tool
is a great tool to use to figure out what words and phrases people are typing in, that’s another thing I should have mentioned as well a keyword is a bit
confusing because it doesn’t just have to be a word it can actually be a phrase
as well as it can be a word or a phrase using Google Keyword tool to find out
what people were actually searching for there’s no point ranking in Google for a
key term that no one is actually looking for so make sure that people are looking
for it long tall and short tail keywords just quickly
not to confuse anybody a short tail keyword this one over here is normally
between one to two words and phrases so going back to Cindy if Cindy
wanted to rank on Google for the key term ‘dietitian’ that’s a short tail
phrase so a short tail keyword sorry short tail keywords one to two words or
phrases they are also very difficult to rank for I as you saw in my previous
examples I’m ranking for some really short tail keywords but they’re tough is
tough to rank in Google for those keywords you’re better off trying to rank for
longtail keywords the longer the keyword the easier it is to rank for, purely
because there’s less people actively trying to rank for that keyword
so if I type dietitian in to Google I don’t know what that person wants they
could be looking for to change the diet they could be looking for a diet plan
it’s so vague and you’re competing with so many people and this is the key as
well of course if you’re paying for advertisements don’t be that vague be
specific not too specific to the point where you’re alienating so many people
but specific enough that it’s not as much competition so a good keyword for
Cindy might be dietary plans for women specific. If she wanted to rank in Google
for ‘dietary plan for women’ she can create an article on her site called
‘dietry plan for women’ and there’s an opportunity she’s gonna rank for that
she might also create another article how to check your, how to check you you
have the right diet that’s a different keyword so she’s created two articles and
she’s hopefully going to rank for both of them or if not in one then I created
a lot of content on a lot of articles some of them rank very very well others
don’t do as well so keyword placement I’m not going to go too much into that
because I want to speak about that in a minute two websites I don’t have time to
go into them today Google search console bing webmaster tools Google search
console allows you to submit your website to Google you can also see any
indexing issues that your website has that sounds complicated but basically if your
site is not ranking properly then you can log into your Google search console
and Google will tell you like actual Google will tell you we need to do this
because you’re not properly or you haven’t done this right
or that right so if you have not got a Google search console account for your
website then type that into Google, set up and you if you need any assistance or help
my youtube channel is there like, subscribe, comment, share Bing
Webmaster Tools Bing webmaster tools is very similar to Google search console
the only thing is that this will index you in Bing and Yahoo which is still a major search engine so make sure you have a Bing Webmaster Tools
account as well when you submit your website one thing I’ve not
spoken about and it’s not in this presentation is a sitemap
when you register for both of these accounts they’re going to want you to
actually upload a sitemap or a map of your entire site upload it to them

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