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By | February 19, 2020

hello my name is Chris Palmer and in
today’s SEO backlink link building for off page SEO video I want to cover a lot
of questions that I’ve been receiving regarding SEO backlinks how to build
them where to build them how many should I build how long will it take to build
them should I use Fiverr should I use this site what website should I use ? it there are
so many questions that I receive regarding backlinks and proper back link
building strategy that I really want to cover just a few of the tips and tactics
web 2.0 zni shed it’s I mean PB ends PB n rentals every piece anything that
comes to my mind as soon as it comes to me I like to share it so that’s exactly
what we’re gonna do in today’s video I’m gonna cover the questions I’m gonna give
you the best answers and that’s what I’m going to do so stick with me let’s not
waste any time we’re gonna head right over here but the first thing that comes
to my mind is recently I had a question regarding authority link building and
what is thority and what is real Authority I had a quick question just to
summarize you know should I build backlinks from this website and I said
you need to build authoritative links they come back and they said to me Chris
so you mean high P a and D a P and D a is a third party metric when I say a
real Authority website I mean an authority website as in it retains and
contains real Authority a real authority site is a Forbes a real Authority a site
is Moz a real authority site is Huffington Post I mean they are an
authoritative website so the next piece that I want to touch on is building out
web 2.0 properties now building out web 2.0 properties has its merit okay now do
I think that you should go out and build hundreds of these no but there are a lot
of instances where depending on the brand
and business service whatever you’re doing maybe you have a local website
let’s just use that for an example you take your highest authority websites for
this instance you can go ahead and use Moz DA PA
find your most authoritative web 2.0 properties and build out branded links
from those web 2.0 properties so branded would be my name is Chris Palmer I have
a site called Chris Palmer Marking dot com that’s one of many sites right now when
I built out sites using web 2.0 properties I primarily build branded and
it contains a citation because I’m primarily a local business so these
could be used for syndication also they are excellent to pass power through and
what I mean by passing power is you may want to acquire some lower tier lesser
or cheaper low tier means cheaper links maybe you’re buying links maybe you’re
acquiring links you’re not doing outreach or buying them these are low
tier. and they’re cheap! So when you’re going
out and you’re purchasing links if you’re getting a 10 or 20 dollar link
you get what you pay for you’re getting a vote from that website. so the more
money the higher the vote generally right Forbes links go for about 800 to
a thousand dollars depending on the writer right so moving on to some other
questions so that covers what is real Authority that covers the web 2.0 let’s
talk about how many links should you build so how many now I did an equation
the other day so how many this really breaks down and needs to be determined
by your competition so when you do your backlink analysis of your nearest
competition whether you’re looking at a local site whether you’re looking at a
national site whether you’re looking at an affiliate site when you’re doing a
competition analysis a competitive analysis of these
profiles using your favorite SEO tools generally you will need a decent tool
but there are great free tools out there now you get your top ten competitors
whether it’s local, national, affiliate doesn’t matter get ten competitors get
their backlink profiles take a look at their backlink profiles now you can
either do two things a lot of these sites you can outreach to maybe you can
give them content but there has to be an exchange it’s either going to be money or
it’s going to be content there has to be some type of exchange some of these
sites a lot of these sites you need to build rapport rapport is communication a friendship a rapport with the person sites or a lot of these writers are able
to write on sites numerous sites that you want to get links from so when
you’re doing your competitive analysis start with the best links most relevant
links first now do I think that it is best practice to get a relevant link yes
do I think that it matters for passing link juice not at all so I would start
with the most relevant links first but do not be swayed by a semi relevant link
thinking oh it’s not relevant no you will still generate power from these
links so and I broke this down before and they have a thousand links and your
link velocity you know that you could build five links a week you need to
break that down over 52 weeks now if you’re building out higher authority
links being we’re gonna use a third-party metric da PA you can beat if
they have ten da twenty links all right I’m just saying using I’m just using
this and you’re going out and you build five da fifty links do I think that the
five da 50’s beat the five 20s absolutely especially if they’re
relevant so that’s the discussion on the amount
of links and the velocity now let’s talk about more on velocity
all right I’m jumping around here but I want to cover a lot of these questions
regarding SEO backlinks link building and link building strategy do not build
a thousand because that is now your velocity I would urge you to bring these
levels down seek out higher link placements as far as authority higher
being better link and building one or two three four maybe even five a week
once you have an established website is more than enough when they’re building
out these mass quantities of links generally it is a tier 2 or a tier 3
what is tier 2 tier 3 these are links that you build to your links. okay, if you
acquire a placement as a guest post alright it’s a do follow link its
passing power it’s a hundred percent relevant and you go to Fiverr and we’re
gonna talk about five or do Hut by links from Fiverr unless it’s tier 2 or tier 3
do not point these links at your site but now if you want to head off to these
sites we’re gonna use Fiverr again and you want to point links at these quality
links to give them a little bit of a boost that is perfectly fine but
remember you’re pointing sites at a site that is not yours the webmaster will
probably know that they didn’t build these links so you need to have some
respect when doing solar now another tactic that I have seen that you need to
take it easy on is 301 to these guest post links building 301
to a link property sends red flags to the webmaster is it effective surely but
do I think that it’s going to have longevity most certainly not
you’re the webmaster it’s your decision on what links you build do you think
that it needs to be relevant do you feel that a spam score matters these are some of the things that you to decide when you’re building out your
entity now the very next thing let’s move down here I feel that when you’re
building out links if you’re paying X amount of dollars depending on the link
traffic is most certainly going to be an equation that you need to run mentally
to decide if that link is worth that money and if the traffic coming from
that site is worth your time now if you’re going out and you’re building
grey hat links nothing screams longevity and nothing makes a link stronger than
not only other links going to it and traffic but if you want to get something
to have a longer one a longer lifespan and you want something to stay indexed
because getting backlinks indexed is not the issue it’s having links staying
indexed is what is the issue so if you want to get some longevity and you
really want to get an extra umph apply traffic this is a huge miss that I’ve
been noticing a lot of SEO s that I talk to that are missing the the mark on this
one so not only the tier twos and the tier threes and sending power to it but
if you really want to get longevity and you really want to have a link stay
indexed apply some traffic and this will certainly help you out it should be part
of your SEO strategy of your link building campaigns to build links build
properties to your social profiles anytime that you’re building links there
needs to be an event there needs to be traffic something needs to occur so if
you’re just a brand new site you’re building links there’s no links going to
your social entities and there’s no traffic going to your social entities
this is a red flag now with that being said and this comes to mind too do not
be fearful and performing SEO do I think that you should have caution and just
don’t put caution to the wind absolutely but do life that it is absolutely necessary to scrutinize and worry about every single
link in every action no calm down take it easy it’s a great process and the
best thing about SEO is it’s a competition and it’s a learning
experience you have to do things so you can grow and you can learn I had a lot
of questions I wanted to cover I hope that it wasn’t too scattered there’s a
lot of truth a lot of knowledge a lot of tips built within this SEO backlinks
video my name is Chris Palmer if you have any questions regarding SEO
backlinks, link building , link building strategies, link building techniques, SEO
backlink techniques local SEO national SEO affiliate SEO digital marketing or
business marketing please leave it in the comments below and I look forward to
seeing you in the next SEO backlinks, link building, strategy video have a
wonderful day.

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