SEO and PPC Testimonial | Educare Review Their Work With Exposure Ninja

By | September 4, 2019

(light instrumental music) – My name is Emily Finlyson, and I’m a digital marketing
executive for Educare. Educare specializes in
online e-learning programs around safeguarding and
duty of care topics. Educare have been working
with Exposure Ninja for about three years now, since 2013, and we’d be very happy to work for another three years with them. I have had some experience with digital marketing
companies in the past, I find that they’re
usually trying to sell you extras and add-ons all the time, which we don’t really like, ’cause if we want to buy
those, we’ll ask them. This is something that
Exposure Ninja don’t do, they concentrate on us as a customer rather than trying to sell
us additional benefits for the company all the time, they integrate that into our service, which we really like. Our experience with Exposure
Ninja has been really good, nothing is ever too much trouble for them, they always deliver on
time, and to be honest, they’re just a brilliant
company to work with. I would and have recommended
Exposure Ninja to other people. I think the key thing that we really love about Exposure Ninja is they really know what they’re talking about, and that’s what I tell
other people as well. Since we’ve been working
with Exposure Ninja, we have seen some excellent results; we have seen good traffic to our website, this has been through SEO work, PPC work, and also PR outreach articles, which has really helped drive our sales through people visiting our site. As I mentioned previously, Exposure Ninja really know
what they’re talking about, So it will really put your mind at rest. I think that they provide great results, time and time again, and that’s why we continue to work with them.

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