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By | August 22, 2019

no matter what business you have it most
likely runs on you customers and one of the smartest and most cost effective
ways to reach those customers is by going where they already are looking for
help in putting your offer in front of them it’s no secret that moves people
search the web looking for solutions to their problems but if you want people to
find your website was doing a search on my you need to be on the very first page
of the search results studies show that 94 percent of people
who do a Google web search will only click on results on the first page of
your website is on this page already deeper in the search results you’ll
hardly anyone viewing your web site mostly think that getting to the top of
the search engines means paying top dollar for clicks or handing over
thousands of dollars to an SEO company but one tiny secret most people don’t know about and it’s
called web video web video is unavoidable yet engaging way to showcase
your products and services customers and grow your business it dominates the internet lately over
90% of web traffic is obviously 30 displaying your products with video it
increased sales by as much as 20 to 40 percent and visitors who view product
videos are eighty-five percent more likely to buy compared to those don’t
view a video but video isn’t just a sales boosting to the search engines
blog video and if you know what you’re doing your video go beyond the first
page of the search results in as little as 30 minutes and that’s where we come
in we specialize in creating web videos that businesses just like yours and
we’re pretty good at it we all put many different web video packages to fit any
size business and budget and that can help you claim your spot at the
top of the search results which means more eyes on your business so if you
want to increase sales went video is the quickest and most cost effective way to
do that contact us Adelaide SEO today to find out how we can
put video to work for your business Visit for more

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