[SEO] 101- Negative SEO Affecting Your Website Traffic ?

By | December 15, 2019

– Hi, everyone, we’re in First Page HQ, I’m here with Kieran, a
digital strategist of ours, and we’re going to be
talking about negative SEO. So, first question, what is negative SEO? – Yes, so essentially, negative SEO is quite the opposite of SEO. So, SEO is ranking organically
on search engines– – Yeah.
– Being on the first page. Negative SEO is essentially any tactics to kind of push you down the page or the rank you currently are. – So, like, what? – Kind of, essentially, like an attack, like someone hacking your website, trying to make sure that you don’t appear on the first page. – Okay, I understand. So, uniquely, we’ve
been getting quite a few of these inquiries lately. How does one protect themselves against negative SEO? – Yeah, essentially, when
you look at negative SEO, you kind of want to understand
whether you’ve been attacked or if something actually
has been done by yourself. Maybe you didn’t index
your website properly. – Right. Really, to protect yourself, there’s no really pro-active way other than really having a secure website, having a campaign that is, or SEO campaign that is actively trying to do positive things. The moment that you realize
that you have been attacked, there is more of an active or
reactive sort of approach– – Right.
– Which essentially is making sure when you
go in the search console, trying to disallow some of the links that are linking to your websites. But really there isn’t really
any protective measures to be put in place. It’s really more of a continuous effort that you have to do in
order to protect yourself. – Okay, got it. Well, Kieran, thanks for that. If you wanna learn more
about the world of digital, we’ll be doing these videos weekly. Check in with us again next week.

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