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By | November 19, 2019

[Lori Ballen] all right so 2018 STL first thing I want
to show you real quick is the search engine because there’s so much changing
and happening that you may or may not be aware of with the search engines okay so
the first thing you have when you when somebody types in a key word up here
this is called a query okay so the first thing you notice here is as soon as
somebody starts to type in a query or speak that’s what the little microphone
they’re they can search by voice these suggested terms come up and these
suggested terms are actually key words people have searched recently so if
you’re doing a blog topic you’re creating content or making a video
around what do I need to buy a house you might want to start looking at these
suggested terms because they’re very popular look at that and this is this is
one of the ways I get a lot of ideas for my real estate blogging for my videos is
using this suggest box up here alright next we have these green things here are
ads so those are your sponsored ads those are your Google pay-per-click I do
own a marketing company called and we actually do pay for
click services for real estate agents and for a regular client for other
clients and we build real estate agent websites and then we help drive traffic
to them so I do some of this – for my own companies but I can tell you in
Vegas where the average price ranges are lower it’s really hard to get that cost
per click to add up so I end up focusing on the longtail keywords which are
things like what do I need to buy a house instead of just buy a house and
I’m getting some of those clicks for as low as a nickel it’s absolutely
incredible but still it’s it’s it’s hard to get all that to add up I prefer
organic and I focus on SEO as much as I possibly can but there is there is some
definite opportunities for pay-per-click and I can tell you you know like a lot
of the big expansion teams right now that are going to all these new
locations they’re blowing it up with pay-per-click and what what concerns me
is that I think we’re gonna start to see some real bidding wars against our own
expansion teams on our own people because they’re there they’re all going
after that pay-per-click so it’s going to get more and more competitive in that
landscape it’s just gonna get more challenging more expensive so I think
now is the time if all you’re doing is pay-per-click to start thinking about
some of these other avenues such as SEO which is probably why you’re on the call
today alright anybody know what this is called this next item right here kind of
watching as you guys are popping in there yeah this is this is a featured
snippet okay also referred to as the zero position or the answer box
I do teach best practices to earn that answer box I absolutely love it one of
my I just closed a home that was two and a half times my average price range here
in Vegas and the and I track all of my lead sources I track everything how do
people come in what was the source what page did they land on so I can actually
assign our ally to a blog post which is incredible and I just closed one and all
they did is they went to Google and they said retiring in Las Vegas and up came
my featured snippet up here and they clicked through and they wound up
filling out by looking at houses they registered to look at houses look at the
photos we contacted them and they they ended up buying and all from the one
blog post so this is cool I have some best practices here on how to get this
feature and snippet I’ll tell you really quick because it is one of the items on
the list one of the ways is you’ve got to get your your page ranking at the top
of Google now there are some exceptions to that but the o from all of the
studies that I’ve seen the correlation is that we are all ranking already on
the top pages of top spots of Google okay
so to earn this spot you’ve got a really answer a question in depth it’s got to
be really informative Google has to determined you have the best answer and
you’re gonna want to be ranking high and then there’s something called schema and
you can mark up your page with schema which is really just a simple plugin if
you’re using WordPress it’s it’s not sounds complicated but it’s not and it
kind of tells Google a little bit more this is an image this is an article this
is a review gives them a little more information as to what the article is
about so can’t improve your chances although I don’t know that we’re really
seeing a direct correlation a lot of a lot of websites have no schema markup
and they’re earning this spot up here so pretty cool pretty cool up here all
right the next awesome section here is people also ask the people also ask
boxes another great place to land in and another great place to get ideas in so
again just like the featured snippet the goal is to write as many blogs and
create as many videos as you can around questions and then answer the questions
and the better you do that the more likely you are to rank here and you’re
going to get it get a get a link here and that every time you click on the
people all people also ask box it grows and it keeps giving you more and more
suggestions of you you get your content team together or your admin or your
writing content and you say boy I have no idea what to write about this is huge
just go hit that people also ask box and you can get a lot of ideas so this is
another huge thing that’s happening now on Google at the bottom of Google you’re
gonna see ads again and then you’re also going to see more searches related to
what I need to buy a house I’m going to come back to that in a couple minutes
when I talk about semantically related keywords this is gold this is going to
be really important and then we also have things like um where to let me see
if it’ll pop up here by roses so we have these ads showing up on the right you
see this here the right column on Google is essentially gone however they are
these sponsored searches are either showing up here on the side with images
or they’re showing up in the top in a carousel ad and I gotta tell you you
guys that are real estate agents me too well I think we’re gonna be seeing a
selection when you type in homes for sale it’s only a matter of time before
it a carousel shows up here on top that they can slide through and let me tell
you a Zillo owns that oh right I mean it’s gonna be painful and so we
got to really be focused on these longtail keywords and a long tail is you
know several keywords used together that better target a smaller audience so for
example a head term might be real estate and then to drill down a little bit
further we might say Las Vegas real estate I’m gonna drill down a little
further we might say Las Vegas real estate with a Las Vegas real estate
agent and then to drill down farther we say best Las Vegas real estate agent and
then to drill down farther best Las Vegas real estate agent at Keller
Williams right and so each one of those long tails buy a house buy a
three-bedroom house buy a three-bedroom house under 400,000 buy a three-bedroom
house under 400,000 with a pool you see how that goes
those are where we can still compete in the SEO landscape and the pay-per-click
landscape even though Zillow and all them are up there all right all right so
that’s kind of a look at the search engines one of the things that’s
happening this year it’s been coming and and has already taken place a little bit
is ranked brain and rank brain is Google’s artificial intelligence it’s
machine learning and essentially what rank brain does is it measures
interaction with the response okay so if I were to go up here and I’m to type in
Seattle homes for sale from right here ranked brain has kicked in and is
measuring now what happens next so now this user is looking here at Seattle
Homes for Sale look how many ads one two three four five men Google’s cleaning up
now right and they start looking at what we do and then they notice okay I click
on this one and now it starts measuring clicks on the page how long do I spend
on the page you know what am i clicking how am i engaging and this then tells
rank brain really where our page fits on the search engines results page and
they’ll change the rankings accordingly okay so this ranked brains really
important so it’s going to come into play again here in a minute when I talk
about click-through rate in fact I’ll do that one now so click-through rate is
how many times your page shows up here on the on the search engine results page
which is called a SERP and how many times it shows up that’s called an
impression so each time your page your website is listed here
that’s an impression and your click-through rate is going to be how
many times people click divided by those number of impressions and what we know
is ranked green is measuring this click-through rate and the moat bet the
more your website shows up here and gets clicks higher click-through rate is
going to help you in the rankings now one of the ways that you can find out
how you rank what your click-through rate is is this search console so I’ve
clicked over here to this tab this is Google search console another free tool
so so far everything I’ve showed you is free which is really cool I do use some
paid tools but this this F is all free and what search console does is it
gathers keywords that people are using to find your website see we don’t get
that data released to us automatically Google locks all that up and so you’re
only seeing a very small percentage of what your website ranks for when you’re
looking at keywords like on your on your clicky site that’s something a lot of my
students are using as clicky analytics you only see a small percentage so this
is nice to be able to go reference and when you look at this you look at the
click-through rate over here so every time somebody types in the keyword
phrase retire to Las Vegas I’m in the number one position
technically the number zero position with the rich snippet but this only only
tracks one it doesn’t say zero I have a twenty eight point five seven percent
click-through so that’s that’s really high now when you start looking at
keyword at your click-through rate and they’re low you can actually sort this
low to high that tells you you know maybe I need to go in here and optimize
my snippet so this is a snippet it’s when your page shows up and you have
your title your URL your description that’s a snippet okay well you can
actually change that title and you can change that description and you can put
in a call to action you can put in emojis you can earn these site links
that are showing up right here which is something that I teach so the better
your snippet looks the higher your click-through rate and the higher your
click-through rate you’re more likely to rank better see how that works because
rankbrain is measuring that click-through rate so
that’s how that all kind of works together there next thing you need to
know about 2018 SEO is long-form content let me tell you what this means
okay long-form content means you are going to cover a topic in depth you’re
gonna cover as much as you can on that topic you’re not gonna cheat you’re not
gonna go short you’re gonna cover it so if your topic is how to find the best
waterfront property in Seattle I think I saw I saw my friend Melina Wilson on
here so and I keep going back up to Seattle in my brain if you’re if you’re
how to how to buy the how to choose the best waterfront property in Seattle you
need to really dive down and talk about what are all of the important factors
about buying waterfront property and which neighborhoods offer what’s and
what the average sales prices are for a waterfront property maybe per
neighborhood maybe pros if code however that works for you and you’re really
going to cover this in depth long form typically is a couple thousand words or
more okay now what you need to do is right here is not get scared because one
you can hire this out my company at Balan brands we do content you can also
use a ghostwriter from a company like crowd content Sabrina can send out the
link there for you to crowd content and you know you’re gonna pay 4% you’re
gonna pay per word a certain number sense based on the quality of the writer
but then you have to optimize it and you know put in the images and linking and
kind of learn some of those on-page SEO tactics okay all right so long form con
the good news is the less competitive the topic is you’re going after the the
less in depth it has to be so if I’m just writing a little critique on a
restaurant down the street that just opened in Summerlin Las Vegas where I
live it could be a hundred and fifty words and it could rank if there’s no
competition so don’t get caught up in counting the words on the page and
saying oh good I have two thousand I’m good now that really isn’t correct now
here I have a tool this one’s not free but this is a really cool tool this is
called SEM rush and I have a link for a trial on that – Sabrina can send you all
of the software that I use is at all of the links if you say
oh what was that thing she said on the webinar go to and you
can see a list this is called SEMrush and it’s by far my favorite SEO tool and
I use it for everything well there’s something here called the SEO content
template and what you’re able to do is you can go here and say I want to write
a house I want to write a house I want to write an article on retiring in Las
Vegas and I want to compare with all of the United States or I want to compare
with just Nevada okay so mine’s already set for just Las Vegas so that’s one way
to do it or you can get rid of the city and say you know what I’m trying to
really make this global most of us are really going to focus on local I hope
and then you can say I want to compare phone or desktop now watch what happens
when we click create SEO template what SEO content does is it scans the web and
it pulls in the top ten competitors for that term in your marketer wherever you
chose just now in your settings then it’s going to take the collective
averages and give us some information so what it tells us here is the average
recommended text length is 973 words so if I wanted to come on and and rank for
that phrase I know that people that saw in-depth people have
covered it only about a thousand words okay so I’m gonna go in there and cover
it more in-depth and by doing so I’m likely to create 1,500 words or 2,000
words now listen how simple this is if you can write you could sit down front
for an hour every Saturday drinking your coffee you’re gonna sit down for an hour
you could easily write 500 words that hour or you could make a video and have
it transcribed for a buck a minute and then it turns into some some Burbidge
for you and you could do one blog a month that’s 2,000 words long and just
write one hour every Saturday so it doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as
you might think okay and as you can see here then as the
EM rush gives us the top 10 pages so that we can go look at each one of them
and see how sissy sorry I got a cat climate on my lap now to see where what
it is that we need to do so in my case I’m number one here which is fantastic
and that that would kind of give me a gauge for okay this is where I need to
go all right now the next thing you need to know about is LSI keywords or
semantically related keywords and I got to tell you there’s two things that I
believe are the most important things you need to know about SEO in 2018 and
even without doing any special technical optimization or any of this there’s two
things one is topical a topical website so what that means is the more on topic
you can write the better you’re gonna rank so for example here watch this if I
go over to my search engine and I type in Los Vegas homes for sale okay now
watch what happens we get ads and then we get Zillow Trulia redfin
brokers okay the norm now what happens let’s change Las Vegas homes the Las
Vegas condos okay so the first one was just all real estate all homes now the
second searches condos look what happens the ads changed and then we have Zillow
realtor back home but look at the number three position it’s a condo website it
is a website all he has done or she has done I’m not sure
which one this is has written about condos so their website is going to
naturally rank higher than condos and the rest of us that have
jack-of-all-trades real estate websites you see how that works now watch this
Las Vegas high-rise condos it’s gonna change again and so now the first
organic spot is no longer Zillow look at that
he beat Zillow it’s not even there the top one two three four five they’re all
high-rise websites so because they have specialized their content all using the
same semantically related keywords the same language around those buildings
they are able to rank higher so for example if I wanted to geographic farm
Summerlin which is where I live it’s a very very large area here I would
be better off building a website all about Summerlin that have a website that
also includes Henderson and Green Valley and this one and this one in this one
it’s probably gonna rank more powerfully for Summerlin
but then the challenge is how do you have enough time or energy energy to
build booked to build multiple websites most people don’t but what I would
suggest you is if you have a website that you’re jack-of-all-trades real
estate website that most of us have and you have the time energy money any of
the above to start another project you might want to build a second website
that is just so specifically for example 55-plus
that’s something I’m considering doing is building a whole website around
retirement 55-plus because it’s such a big community out here and I think I
could do really well with it and I’ve got senior designation agents and I
think it’d be cool another thing you’ve seen it with the
luxury websites right how people build only luxury websites because they look
and the color and the feel and the language so that’s all very very
important so the top the number one thing I said everybody should know an
SEO is on topic websites is on top because you can possibly be as focused
around a particular language I mean we killed it with short sales because it
was all we wrote about with short sales you know it’s
same idea it’s just growing and growing and the number two is semantically
related keywords and so what that means is if you scroll down here to the blog
you’ll be able to look at LSI keywords and you’ll be able to see here’s and
here’s an example and I didn’t one example might be if somebody types in
how to buy a house how to buy a house all right Google’s gonna look at that
and say well how to buy a house I also expect to see words like credit score
real estate home inspections loans down payments financing timelines
contingencies for Sale By Owner they’re looking for instead of taking the same
keyword and stuffing it in over and over and over again or instead of just
finding synonyms it’s it’s deeper than that
it’s what else in this topic would be related I’m gonna write about staging a
home they’re gonna expect to see words like design you know furniture items
decor aesthetically pleasing and how they do this is they take an aggregate
of top-ranking pages that have similar keywords and they set this sort of
expectation now SEMrush has something similar in this content template that we
use remember here we typed in retiring in Las Vegas
so here is what SEMrush says are semantically related keywords retirement
community moved to Las Vegas outdoor activities Mountain View’s Vegas strip
cost of living crime rate do you see you can you see how they’re that topic if
you’re gonna talk about baseball you’re probably going to talk about hot dogs
and and and and pie and American oak I shouldn’t use baseball as an example
because I don’t do sports but you get the idea there right those are those are
some really important things another important thing you should know
about is mobile first index so mobile first index is going to be crushing for
some business mobile-first essentially says now we are
no longer accepting your app your forced app with somebody Google’s your name
we’re no longer gonna accept your mobile-friendly version that’s not
necessarily mobile responsive you have to be mobile responsive and we’re
actually going to look at your mobile site as your real site and your desktop
site as your secondary sites this is so scary I mean for those of us I’m a
desktop girl I design I build I live I work on my desktop so I’m constantly
having to go over to my mobile device to take a look at how does this website
perform is it you know interacting with it hands-on touching buttons touching
menus did this go where I want it to go in fact almost every night as I’m
drifting off to sleep that’s what I’m doing I pull up a search on the random
search on on on my mobile phone and find my website start clicking around and
then I make notes then I make changes accordingly so mobile first index is
going to be huge you got to make sure it’s it’s it’s up to date video SEO guys
you’re not doing it already video is absolutely huge 55 percent of
the results that show up on the search engine results page include video so
over half of the result pages based on a search query based on query include
video so I started a very very aggressive video campaign for my
marketing company this year Vallon brands and I said you know what we are
gonna make a training video on everything that we do we are gonna be
the go-to resource and we’re gonna rank for everything you can imagine from
broken links to SEO to Facebook Ads to lead ads we’re gonna go interview a
bunch of real estate agents and let me tell you this it’s just going wild and
what another thing I did is I created a culture video with my team so I told
everybody hey it’s not just me that’s gonna create video all of us are gonna
create video so they all have a day that they have to submit a video and for real
estate or whatever your business is it should be no different I have a little
bit different model my real estate team is a it’s a physical team but it’s a
little more referral based so I don’t I don’t really manage them but if if I
were consulting a real estate team a big team that has agents at all I’d say guys
go get your video on get everybody doing it once a week have them go out and view
new construction have them go out to the parade whatever get on video open houses
Facebook live listing appointments role-playing video video video video
video I think it’s just absolutely huge and it’s just going to grow and grow and
grow and if you have a brew that’s those are the websites I develop they’re
called balan real estate websites they’re ITX powered they’re their
wordpress powered idx driven lead generation systems and our content
blocks allow you to embed video quite simply where you don’t have to worry
about the measurements and the mobile responsive and all of that so if you
need a real estate website make sure you contact us at
you can check out those websites now before we go I want to tell you about
this video these videos really quick something really important you want to
make sure that you’re titling them with keywords you want to put a call to
action and sometimes I put little portions of the transcripts in this box
you can put 5,000 characters in this box and the more you put in there that’s
like an article or description or tutorial anything like that the better
the more likely you are to rank for that video then there’s a tags and keywords
you can put in I use a fantastic tool go to Lori’s tools calm and take a look at
tube buddy tube buddy allow it will actually allow you to do this quick
little explore and you can type in the keywords you want to rank for they are
that your videos about and it will suggest to you the best keywords to you
but use based on searches based on competition and then it’ll track them
look here I ranked number 13 for this keyword 9 for this keyword 9 for this
queue or 10 for this keyword I put this video up this morning I put that video
up an hour before we we all went live I guess it was what time does that say it
was 712 this morning so that’s how cool too buddy is all
right so I have to let you guys go because I promised I’d respect your time
there’s more to learn check out this blog here I did cover what I wanted you
to know about 2018 everything else there is going to be standard SEO that still
very much applies there’s a sale today for you guys
Sabrina is gonna send you out an email where you’re gonna be able to get the video course and expansion pack for a discounted price so
she’s sending that out to you guys and again if you need any marketing services
check us out at and for your real estate referrals Las Vegas
Henderson North Las Vegas there’s only one BALLEN to remember LORI BALLEN TEAM
I would love love love you referrals ba llen
and I got a team here that’s gonna work them like crazy alright thanks guys I
appreciate you all have a fantastic powerful lead generating day talk to you
soon []

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