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By | August 24, 2019

This video contains a greetings message
from Amit sana Indian Idol 1 runners up Hi this is Amit Sana and I would like to wish Ganpati Zone a very happy new year especially to my friend Pankaj Verma and I must say you
guys Rock and I wish you all a very happy fun-filled amazing and wonderful
2017 god bless you all take care and now the tips for the online
reputation management reputation management for the small business and
the local business has become a real headache and to manage and maintain
there are three processes one is monitoring what is going on prevention
and then the controlling but you should also take care and encourage your all
customers to leave a positive review about your organization because if in
the coming years if you get some negative reviews these positive reviews
will definitely outrank the negative ones so now comes to the first point
which is monitor you should always see what’s going on what’s on the Google
search what is all over the internet because as a successful company as a
successful organization you might be having some competitors who might try to
use your branding name they try to sell products with your name on the YouTube
or it might get indexed in the Google with your brand name so such type of
your videos are like trend jacking videos you have to search them and you
have to find the ways to solve this position otherwise this type of videos
or this type of advertising will definitely have a bad effect on your
particular product or brand because the end user will be purchasing those goods
might be thinking that they are belong to your company but the other company is
using your name too their products and the Google reviews
over the years has become very very important if a company has more reviews
like for 4.5 something like this people are more likely to purchase from
that particular company and then if you which are used for to manage your
reputation is like Google Alerts you have to you should get yourself
registered with the Google Alerts with your personal name with your company’s
name because if Google index something with your name or with your company
company’s name it will fire an email to you you will come to know that your name
or your company’s name has been mentioned in the Google and then you can
take take steps to overcome them and other tools which are really important
are like social searcher dot com mentions dot com and brand mentions dot com as a small
business owner big business owner you can not interact with the end client
directly so you have to take the services of your so called employees and
these employees cannot always be really helpful to your end clients sometimes
because of these employees the clients can get very very disturbed or they
might not be able to get the services they require from your company and to
search for these types of unsatisfied customers search your brand on the
Google or like if you are having any travel business you can search on the
Trip Advisor on regular basis and if you find any unsatisfied clients talk to
them respectfully call them to your office shop or your showroom and try to
solve their problems and this create a really positive signal online and now
come to the second point which is prevention search your business name in
the Google and try to create assets for your business like
on Twitter Facebook Medium Quora because these sites have an authority in the
Google and if you mentioned something related to your business on these sites
like if you post something in the quora related to your business and try to
answer some questions in this community definitely Google will index
them try to interlink all these social media sites with each other which
creates an authority and when Google index them so all your company’s
branding will be on the first page of the Google and if sometimes there is
some negative reviews or comment these will outrank those negative reviews also
get to register with the Google business some negative reviews online it is
really very hard to remove them but once you get these reviews try to be
respectful talk to the person and call them to your showroom establishment to
give them some solutions be respectful and transparent and engage with them and
also always ask for the positive reviews from your existing clients because
definitely it creates a positive image for your company so basically try to
create more and more content for the negative reviews if you have received
any if you create such pages these pages if optimized with an SEO will outrank
the pages of the negative reviews which I mean the negative listings which is
already existing in the Google search index so more positive pages optimized
with SEO will outrank the negativity always try to be very very transparent
online about your business and your services
and engage with the people who are writing all these reviews this sends a
great signals online and always use the services of social mentions and
Google Alerts so that you should know what’s going around your business online
thank you have a great day

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