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By | August 11, 2019

Search engine optimization
is complicated. Popular search
engines like Google are always changing
their algorithms. And unlike making a sale,
that has a final result, SEO has no clear-cut
finish line. That’s because search
engine optimization isn’t like crossing a finish line. It’s more like tending a garden. You plant the seeds,
which is your content, and you hope that
something grows. If you’re lucky, all
elements, like the soil, the weather, sunlight, the
timing, is all in your favor, and your garden
flourishes beautifully. However, more often
than not, there’s something that is stopping your
crops from yielding that return that you really desire. Think of SEO as your fertilizer. You nourish your crops with
all these wonderful nutrients like keywords and metadata. And gosh, let’s hope it’s
that good organic stuff. [LAUGHS] SEO puns. But let’s not forget
that sunshine, like link building and asking people
to share your content. Stuff that shines light on that
masterpiece that you’ve grown. Just like managing a garden
takes many patients steps, search engine optimization takes
a lot of work and knowledge. But how can you
solve your problems without truly knowing
what they are? Lucky for you, we
know what your website needs to really rank and bloom. That’s why we’re offering
you customized SEO audit just for your website. We’ll tell you what’s
slowing your load speed. We’ll point out where you’re
missing important back-end data and tell you how you can
improve your content. We’ll see who’s linking to
you and check your website for lead capturing, blogging,
social activity, and more. Once completed, we’ll
touch base with you to schedule a 15 minute
call to go over your audit. We’ll walk you through
our SEO scoring and show you what you can
do to improve your website. If this is something
that your business needs, request your free
SEO audit today.

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