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By | September 4, 2019

Digital marketing in general is not a silver bullet for a business. SEO is the gateway and that’s what people know to look for when they are going online, they go to Google and they think they need SEO but they really don’t necessarily need SEO. What they’re looking for is a solution to their business and they think that SEO, based on the buzzwords and things that they hear, is what they need. But SEO is in and of itself not enough for a business to really engage in digital marketing. If you’re company and you’re in a bad position, this is not a silver bullet where you think, “hey, we’ll just do some of this, we’ll sprinkle some keywords on a website and now great will be number one for whatever keyword phrases were thinking of,” because you could rank well for all sorts of keyword phrases; it’s not going to change your business.

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