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By | October 8, 2019

Search engine optimization is
critical to any business Consumers are making their buying
decisions two ways, either through referrals, or through the
Internet. And when they receive a referral that’s actually validating that referral by
doing a search on Google to figure out if they want to do business with that
company. How your business, your brand, your products, your service, as well as your sales professionals and
executives names are positioned on the Internet, it’s critical even when
it comes to referral business. If you think of Google as this huge filing
system. Every page you put on your website
allows you to get placed in a different drawer. There are millions
and millions of people trying to get to the same 10 spots from many different
search engines. Making sure that you have the proper
strategy for content generation Making sure that on-page SEO,
which is the labeling of the content, and off page SEO, which is how to gain rank
and trust that that content is credible. It’s
critical to how your web site is performing on the most powerful search engine in
the world. By leveraging Google’s three simple, simple requests, making sure your relevant, that is, do you have the right pages on
your site that are probably going to put you inside the right drawer. Are you current? Which is are you consistently publishing
content? Are you relevant and current? as well as, most importantly, are you
trusted? Comes from third-party validations. That
is back links, that is also peoples integration with your site,
your web pages, your individual blogs. Are people sharing,
commenting, reposing those blog articles. Are they being syndicated, spun, reused on other sites. Do you have other web sites that are referring to
your blog, and referring to you and the content you put on there, as an expert. Your social integration is
critical when it comes to your overall search engine marketing and
optimization strategy. But no matter what, making sure that you
have a specific amount of time and resources allocated to properly placing your
website on the most powerful engine in the world, is
critical to the success of any marketing. The cool thing is, you can
leverage the Internet, you can leverage Google, and you can
leverage your website’s placement on google, or your social site’s placement
on google, to help you decrease costs related to customer service questions. If you find yourself answering the same
questions over and over and over again, whether it’s
customer service or sales, it’s critical to make that a digital asset. Put it on Google and allow people, who
are not in front of you, to find it on their own. This is going to help you reduce the
amount of labor and effort you have going towards overall operational expenses and
resources, as well as, put you in a position, to be in front
people who are are you looking for answers to their problems. It’s also critical to consider adding a pay-per-click or retargeting
program. This is temporary, but it’s fast. It allows you to be
able to put in a specific dollar amount and be able to
pay when you receive new leads or new conversions to your website. Pay-per-click in retargeting, whether it on
Google or on Facebook, gives you an additional piece of equipment to be able to better
position your company, to have more eyeballs looking at it. Literally we have one
customer that owns the top five positions on Google
in an organic listing. And also has two paid ad spots. By owning seven different positions on Google
they’re able to increase the odds of converting new business every time
somebody looking for their service.

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