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By | August 15, 2019

Hey guys!
My name is Alex and I work as a digital marketing manager at Media Glance.
Today we’re going to talk about Hybrid Model, the model that combines SEO and
PPC. Let’s begin! The world of digital marketing services is changing rapidly,
and we are seeing innovation after innovation pops up. As part of this
innovation, digital marketing campaigns combining the techniques of
pay-per-click and SEO techniques are becoming popular. The shift in focus
towards PPC is because of the attention Google pays to paid searches online.
Search Engine Optimization, or SEO marketing online, has its own perks, but it
falls short when it comes to being the single best way for achieving more
conversion and better traffic. This is where PPC marketing comes. Pay-Per-Click,
or PPC, gives consumers a chance to augment SEO and generate results the
digital marketers crave. Before we get to mention the tips that
are required for maintaining and building a hybrid model, we would first
shed some light on what it takes to get started on such a campaign.
The first step to digital marketing glory in all cases is great content. Your
content marketing strategy is centered on your content which is why there is little
for you to achieve if your content isn’t compelling or readable. The
content should lure readers and should be relevant to whatever core service
you have to offer. Content generation is the first step of the process and
ultimately leads on to further glory. To put it in perspective,
it’s essential that you generate consistent content that is relevant to
your industry. To understand the type of content that should be going on your
website, you need to know your target audience.
All great content starts from knowing your target audience and how you can
serve them better. Get to know their interests and dislikes, and then create a
consistent strategy. All successful hybrid models, involving
PPC and SEO, require the amalgamation of keywords. Keywords aren’t just necessary
for setting the direction of your content, but they also set and form
relations with people further down your conversion funnel. So before you get to
maintaining the model and ensuring its consistency, you need to do your research
with keywords. Know your keywords and follow the SEO campaign with consistency. The first and most important way to
maintain and ensure results from hybrid campaign is to set shared goals
for both PPC and SEO. Running a successful hybrid campaign includes
analyzing the use of statistics, looking over bounce rates, and seeing the number
of visitors. So, to improve the synergy between both these models, you need to
ensure that the goals set are shared and similar for both. Once you set the
goals or aims to be the same, you will also start using the same KPI’s or key
performance indicators to define the success of the model. You can use the KPI’s from your PPC campaign into SEO and generate similar results. To start with,
you should stop treating your PPC and your SEO campaigns as two different
digital marketing initiatives. You have to place them on the same boat, and
gradually raft towards digital marketing glory. Considering the varied skill set required
for looking over both these forms of content marketing online, you should have
separate teams for that. However, it’s up to you to ensure that there is feasible
communication and coordination between both of these teams. Any lack of
communication or coordination might set at a distance from achieving your goals, and
might come and haunt you later. All great hybrid campaigns are made
successful through the coordination of teams for SEO and PPC, so you need to
realize the importance of having coordination between these two teams, and should ensure that there aren’t any barriers to communication, as part of the
organizational culture or something. Any digital marketing campaign focused
on PPC has to optimize the landing pages associated with the marketing method. The
landing pages associated with your PPC campaign need to be optimized, so that
the customer coming to them don’t just bounce away. Since you’re paying for
every click, it’s best for you to not lose on any customer. You can ensure
customer satisfaction and retention by having pertinent landing pages that
attract customer to whatever you offering through them.
However, since PPC teams aren’t well versed when it comes to understanding
behavior and running behavioral analysis, they often find themselves at a loss of
data on how to optimize the page. This is where the SEO team can come in handy, as
they can give critical information regarding consumer behavior to the PPC
team. This critical information will be centered on subjects such as how to reduce
the chances of a high bounce, increase the times customers spend on your page
and increase the click-through rate. The ultimate end goal of the desired
result of a hybrid approach is to achieved both organic rankings and PPC
traffic. While PPC traffic can be perfected and increased through page
optimization, it is best for you to focus on keywords to get your offerings to the
top. An ideal hybrid campaign would be something of the sorts that Sonos
achieved back in 2015. Their agency ran a PPC campaign for the
keywords that their organic SEO was already doing really good at. What this
meant was that Sonos was everywhere and had multiple entries on the first page
of Google searches for a specific keyword. This brought in massive revenue
generation for the agency, along with a healthy rapport. Your total expenditure on
PPC marketing and SEO can vary based on numerous factors, including the industry
you operate in, and the cost per click, set by Google. However, keep in mind how well
they perform along. Hey guys, if you liked our video, please subscribe to our
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