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By | September 24, 2019

Hey guys and welcome to this video on SEO
or Search Engine Optimization. The goal of this video is to give you the fundamentals
that you need to understand about SEO so that you can begin to build your strategy for how
to bring more traffic to your site and ultimately convert more business.
So SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization it is all about ranking better on Google,
Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. It is one of the only free forms of advertising
that can really be a driver to your business. There are 17 billion searches that currently
happen every single month on search engines around the world and about 92% of internet
users say that they use search engines as a primary means of finding information.
The yellow pages are dying, newspapers are going away and people are more and more looking
to search engines as a means to finding their businesses and finding their connections.
That is why it is important for you to be there. But in order to be there, you need
to rank for keywords that are important to your business.
So there are four factors that you are going to want to think about when you begin to think
about ranking for keywords you care about. The first one is keyword targeting. Keyword
targeting is a pretty simple concept, it is the concept of matching the language that
people are using on Google, Bing and Yahoo to the language that is used on your site.
So for example, if you have a donut shop and you want to find out if more people are searching
for chocolate donuts or sprinkled donuts, you can do that. Because Google makes that
kind of data publicly available. You can find all of that data at and
then once you have found the keyword you care about, you can actually target them on your
page through a couple of specific means and actually increase your chance of ranking for
those types of keywords. Check out the video below and I actually have some insights on
how to do keyword targeting the best way, how to kind of get started.
The second thing you will want to think about is building the authority to your website.
Now this is really a pretty simple concept. When you have 10 sites maybe in the same city,
maybe 10 donut shops and they are all targeting the same keyword, Google has to look for a
tiebreaker and that’s where they look at domain authority and they really build a site’s
domain authority or the trust metrics about a site by looking at the inbound links to
that site and the amount of times that that site has been shared on social media. So if
lots of blogs and sites are talking about you and actually linking to your site then
Google says, thes guys probably have something that is worth seeing. If nobody is talking
about you, then Google can assume that you might be brand new or maybe you’re not that
much worth seeing. The same thing is true of social media. So there are a couple of
things that you can do to get started, kind of begin to build your domain authority strategy.
I talk about those in the video below so check that out. The third thing you will want to
think about is technical SEO. Now a lot of people get a little scared off by the concept
of technical SEO. They feel like it is all about kind of these deep HTML concepts and
really it’s not. There are a couple of tools that you can use to make sure that Google
can view your site correctly and that you are not scaring Google off in any way and
that is what technical SEO is really all about. It is about inviting Google in so that it
can crawl your pages and return results about your pages. I talk about some of the key fundamentals
within SEO in the video below so check it out. The fourth thing that you will need to
understand is tools and tracking. Once you have gotten these first three things in order,
you are going to want to begin to track your success. Maybe this is for a manager, maybe
this is for yourself. But you will want to track thinks like your organic traffic, or
the total traffic that is being driven to your site from search engines. You will want
to track click through rate, the percentage of times that people actually click on your
listings from the other ones on Google’s page. You will want to track your conversion
rate. You will want to track your rankings. You will want to track your domain authority
metrics. All of those things can be done for free using tools that I will talk about in
the video below so check that out. Hopefully this gives you some idea of the fundamental
pieces that you will need to understand. If you are interested feel free to do more research
and check out the other videos that I have made available. If you have liked this video,
feel free to give me a thumbs up it helps a lot. Thanks a lot and happy SEO!

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