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By | September 6, 2019

We’re on the RSS settings of the Search
Appearance settings of Yoast SEO. These RSS settings have a very simple reason to
exist. There are a lot of people on the web who have nefarious things to do
apparently, and think that they can scrape other people’s websites and
republish their content without permission. The problem is that when they
do, they usually don’t link back to your site. And when they don’t link back to
your site, they will rank for the content and you will not. What the RSS feed
settings do, is add a bit of content to the end of each blog post, that they
cannot easily remove automatically. And that will link back to your website, so
that each of these websites that scrapes your site, links back to you and
you show up as the first result for your own content, just like you want to.
You can play a bit with the text that appears here. If you have a lot
of people scraping your website you can even put some content before
the blog post, because that’s even harder to edit, and then by doing that, you can
defend yourself from these scrapers. If you have no problems with this that you
know of, you probably should leave the default values, and leave it as it is.

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