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By | August 20, 2019

We’re on the Search Appearance settings
for Yoast SEO. We’ll start with the General tab
of the Search Appearance settings. On the General tab there are
a couple of things that you can choose. First of all, you can choose
the title separator. The title separator determines what we use to separate different parts of your title
from each other in the search results. At Yoast, we tend to use this bullet between, for example, the site name
and the title of your page. But you can also use pipes,
or something else. What you choose depends mostly on taste, but if you choose a longer one,
like this em dash, the amount of space that you have
for your title shrinks by the space that the title separator
takes up in your title. So we usually recommend picking
a shorter one, like a dot, a mid dot or a pipe. The problem that we have with a pipe is
that it looks too much like the letter L. Your second option here is to change the SEO title and meta description
to your homepage. As we’ve seen in module two, you can use
snippet variables to determine the SEO title. In our case, the SEO title of the homepage
would say: “Yoast” (sitename),
“home” (page), our separator
(which in this case is a bullet) and “SEO for everyone”,
which is our site description. You can easily adjust the SEO title
by clicking insert snippet variable. And you can also edit
the meta description manually. The third block on the page
is the Knowledge Graph panel. This determines
what your site will look like when you show up
in Google’s Knowledge Graph. A Knowledge Graph panel
in Google’s search results appears when you search
for a brand name or a person name. In this case,
I’ve searched for Walt Disney Company and you see the Walt Disney Company
knowledge panel. Within the plugin you can change settings
that will determine what shows up here, which logo shows,
and which social profiles show in this panel. First of all, on this page, you can determine
the name and the logo. To do that, you first have to determine
whether you’re a company or a person. If you’re a company, you can set
your company name here, and your company logo here. If you’re a person, you can only put in
your name and that’s it. By setting this, we will automatically
generate so-called JSON-LD metadata, you don’t have to know
exactly what this is right now, but we show it
on the front page of your site. So you won’t see this
anywhere on the design of your site, this will just show in the code
and it might show up in the search results.

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