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By | August 24, 2019

We’re on the Breadcrumbs tab of the
Search Appearance settings of Yoast SEO. Here you can enable the use of Yoast
breadcrumbs that we have embedded into Yoast SEO. If your theme does
not support them, you can add them and we tell you how to do that in this knowledge-base
article, or you can pass this knowledge-base article onto your developer. A breadcrumb shows
on a site, like this. In this case I’m on the page for the multilingual SEO
training and you can see that I can go to Yoast courses and home. This is a very
useful thing for your users, but it also shows in the search results. As you can
see that particular page that I was just on, is shown like this here. This is the
homepage and this is the Yoast courses page with the exact same title that we
use in that breadcrumb. Now, if you enable them, there are a bunch of settings here
that you can determine. First of all, you can choose the separator; you can choose
what to call the homepage and there are a couple of prefixes that you might want
to have. If you for instance want to say “You are here:” before every breadcrumb,
then you can and this will reflect that. A couple of other settings that
basically speak for themselves. What’s important here, is that you can choose
for particular content types what type of taxonomy to show. For
posts, you’ll probably want to show the category in the breadcrumbs path, so that
the breadcrumbs path for a post becomes: “home>name of the category>name of the post”
because that looks the most useful to users and it will actually allow your
users to go to your category pages a bit more. You can do this for all the
different content types on your site. And then lastly, here is the link to the
knowledge-base article in our knowledge-base,
that explains how to embed breadcrumbs into your site.

2 thoughts on “Search Appearance – Breadcrumbs – Yoast SEO for WordPress training

  1. Salvatore Barrile Post author

    I have set up the bread crumb feature but after 3 weeks still is not showing on Google organic search results … Any suggestions thank you

  2. Sergeant Camacho Post author

    Does anyone know how to show ALL or certain breadrcrumbs? I'm creating a custom category for products as landing pages and I want the client to see that breadcrumb in the breadcrumb hierarchy…


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