SCHEMA MARKUP: Search Engine Optimization

By | August 24, 2019

Good thing I’m short like Kendra Tall, like Kendra Search engines can figure out exactly everything
about your business I’m gonna do it again (laughs) Let’s talk about search engine optimization And more specifically, schema markup Search engines are on a mission to match searchers intent With the best content that they can find on the web In order to do that they crawl websites and try to figure out what it’s about So from the crawl they can figure out about 80% But that last 20% is really hard And so to figure it out, they’ve created their
own search engine language Called From this language search engines can figure out exactly who you are What your business is about Who works there What services you offer What products you have Anything you want to tell them, they can figure out Here’s the best part! Companies who adopt language on
their websites get rewarded You know those stars and extra information Pictures, videos that show up in search Those are the direct result of adding
markup to your website Other benefits include up to 30% high click-through
rates An increase in search rank And higher organic traffic This is a new area of search engine optimization In fact only 30% of websites do it today So it’s a great way for you to differentiate
yourself in search In fact, Google recommends you do this To get started identify the most important aspects of your business And where they show up on your website You can get the most basic translation by
finding a plugin So start there Next, you can dive into Google’s recommendations Or just call an SEO expert The SEO expert can then truly translate your business and all the important aspects of it To be understood explicitly by search engines So you might think you’re killing it with your content marketing strategy With blogs, and video, and link building But without schema markup you’re not getting
the results you could be

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