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By | August 12, 2019

Hello, this is John Locke for Lockedown
Design and SEO, and if you’re on this page, watching this video, you’re probably
looking for a SEO company within Sacramento. I’d like to take a
minute or two to explain why we’re different than some of the other
companies that you might be looking at. For one, a lot of the companies that you
see on page 1 of Google for “Sacramento SEO”, some of them are out of town. And some of
them are based right here in Sacramento. But definitely some of them
are not from around here. If you need to talk to somebody face-to-face and shake
their hand in person, that’s something you can do for you. But a lot of the
companies that you see, they specialize in a lot of different types of SEO. We’re not like that. We are not going to take anybody with a checkbook and a
pulse. We specialize in helping industrial and manufacturing companies,
and also a few blue collar companies with their SEO. So if that sounds like
you, if you are a more industrial, if you’re a more blue-collar, or
manufacturing type of company, that is somebody that we could definitely help
with SEO. Lastly, a lot of SEO companies, they specialize in more of the marketing
or content, and that’s something that we offer as well. But we also do things end to
end. Meaning we can handle the design, we can handle development, and we can handle
content creation, and that is something that a lot of SEO companies simply
cannot do at a high level. We have the development skills in-house, and we also
have a network of trusted friends who have legitimate expertise. We’re not just
hiring people off of Fiverr or Upwork and up charging you. If you have a big
project with challenging things, as far as development or design, that is
something that we can handle through our extended network. But all our work is
done in-house. We’re not outsourcing it to India. We’re not outsourcing it to
Eastern Europe, or anywhere else. We are handling all of it right here in the USA.
Everybody that we’re employing is right here in the United States. Like I
said, check out the rest of our site, we publish the videos every day on
YouTube. We publish on our blog; we appear on other people’s podcasts, and we teach
SEO as much as we possibly can. So if that’s what you’re looking for,
check us out. Lockedown Design and SEO, your company here in Sacramento, to help
you out with SEO.

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