[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] [EP 362-4] | Park Seo-joon & Kang Ha-neul ‘3 Answering Game’ (ENG SUB)

By | August 20, 2019

The answer has to make sense. It has to make some sense. – Are you ready?
– Yes. Who are three female celebrities
you’ve dated? Jun Ji Hyun. Jung Yu Mi and… – Gosh, I’m sorry.
– Okay. (Kwang Soo wins
with his smart question.) Gosh, I’m so sorry. (Splash) (The losing team member
falls into the water automatically.) (That must feel refreshing.) You get thrown immediately. (It’s rather humiliating.) Are you okay? Isn’t it cold? (Haha stays with Team Boss.) Come to the front, Seo Joon. – Have a seat.
– Please sit. Get ready. – Do I question him first?
– 3 answers in 5 seconds. (Recruiting Ji Hyo is advantageous
to Team Police.) Ask him a hard question. Who are the women
who’ve visited your home? (He names three random women.) What did you say? (What has Kwang Soo done?) (Who is she?) May I do it again? What did you say? (He was blinded by
his desire to win.) – May I do it again?
– Are you okay? (Names of 3 female celebrities
whom he’s dated) (He names three women out of anger.) (He gave the same, exact names.) (Pretend that you didn’t hear me.) What’s wrong with him? – Come on.
– He lost his mind. (Kwang Soo gives up,
and Team Police recruits Ji Hyo.) She’s recruited. She’ll join your team, – so I did a good job.
– They recruited Ji Hyo. (Team Police doesn’t know
that Ji Hyo is a villain.) (I wanted to recruit her.) – I wanted to recruit her.
– Trust me. – That’s true.
– Do you want to try, So Min? Well… (I need to get recruited as well.) It’s this team’s turn to answer. – Is it?
– Yes. – It’s So Min’s turn.
– So Min, try. – Me?
– Try. – Our magnetic girl.
– Okay. – Our hero.
– Our magnetic girl. Show him. All right. Seo Joon will sit there. – I’m the police.
– You’re not. Try. (Ji Hyo tells him what to ask.) – Try.
– All right. Start. Give me three reasons
why you like me. (Give me 3 reasons why you like me.) (Tell me why you like me
in 5 seconds.) I just like you. Everything.
Everything. – What’s that?
– That’s not okay. This is not truth or dare. – That’s not okay.
– This is not truth or dare. (Reality hits.) What is she doing? Is she shooting a drama? (I’m sorry.) (I have somewhere to go.) – Where are you going?
– Where are you going? She’s crazy. You said I could say anything. Still… (They’ll play the game
one more time.) “I just like you.
Everything. Everything?” All right.
Ha Neul will attack again. I can’t look him in the face. I can’t look him in the eye. You’re so girly. Here we go. Tell me three of
Kwang Soo’s strengths. (That’s an easy one.) He’s tall, handsome, and cool. That was so hard. (He’s tall, handsome, and cool.) (She had to lie for the game.) She just said whatever. (Look at you.) Kwang Soo is happy. Why do you look so happy? He’s so ugly. I’ll start. Give me three reasons
why you don’t like me. (That can’t be too hard to answer.) (Laughing) You’re so pretty
that I feel uncomfortable. And… Gosh. And… Is it that hard? I can’t believe him. You just don’t want me, do you? (Kwang Soo can’t transfer to
Team Police.) Hey! You can’t win like this. – I’m the police!
– Go back to your place. This is so frustrating. – I’m sorry.
– I mean it. – Goodness.
– I’m the undercover officer! Pull yourself together! I’m sorry! (Seo Joon goes into the water,
and Kwang Soo stays on Team Boss.) – Why are you sorry?
– Why? (Seo Joon gets to play
in the water thanks to Running Man.) It’s better for me to do it. Everyone stays. – Seok Jin, why don’t you try?
– Me? – Okay.
– Seok Jin, try. – Seok Jin.
– Okay. Here we go. – Let’s do this.
– Here we go. Who want to try? This is crazy. (Team Police has to pick
a person to recruit.) This is crazy. (Approaching) (Team Police should…) (Why is Haha doing that?) Jae Seok. Jae Seok. Stop it, Haha. We’re a team. It’s me. I’m staying quiet on purpose. – I mean it.
– Seriously… He said he was being quiet. – My goodness.
– I can’t say three things. Okay. Give me three reasons
why you don’t like Ha Neul. He’s handsome, pretty, and kind. – Then why do you not like him?
– I just don’t like him. Ji Hyo is so good at this game. Seok Jin. – Seok Jin looks so flustered.
– Ji Hyo is so good at this game. It’s too obvious. Give me three reasons
why your marriage life is great. She is a good cook,
wakes up late, and goes out often. She is a good cook,
wakes up late, and goes out often. – She goes out often?
– Where? Are they good things? – She’s busy?
– Are they good things? (Seok Jin spoke
on behalf of all married men.) What are you doing? He just said whatever. I don’t understand the game. He doesn’t understand the game. What are your three charms? I’m pretty, kind, and sexy. Amazing. (I’m pretty, kind, and sexy.) – She’s so good.
– You’re so shameless. She’s so calm. (It’s Ji Hyo’s turn.) What are three lies
you tell your wife? “I’ll be home early.” “The shooting is over.” There are so many. – “I love you.”
– “The shooting is over.” (There are too many to choose from.) – Am I going into the water?
– Yes. (Jae Seok is transferred to
Team Police.) We’ve already lost two. You look so ugly right now. – Don’t fix your hair.
– Okay. It’s perfect now. It’s perfect. Ji Hyo is too good. (What will happen to
the undercover officer, Kwang Soo?) – Okay.
– Seo Joon. – If So Min…
– With So Min. So Min, try again. – Just confess your feelings.
– Let’s do it. It’s So Min’s lucky day today. (So Min can’t look at Seo Joon.) Who will win? So Min. I don’t understand
why you’re doing this. – I don’t understand.
– We’re so confused. – She can’t help it.
– Which do you like better? It’s 100 percent Seo Joon. Which do you like better? (Seo Joon can come off cold,
but he is kind to me.) (Ha Neul always smiles to me.) (What am I supposed to do?) I don’t understand
why she’s torn between the two. Neither do I. (The police and the villain
are not meant to be together.) She’s so happy. I understand her. – I understand her.
– So Min. Kwang Soo must understand her. All right. Let’s go. (The fifth round starts.) Tell me three guys
you’ve kissed recently. – Say it.
– Say it. (Tell me 3 guys
you’ve kissed recently.) (She can say whatever names
in 5 seconds.) – Say it.
– Say it. – Say it.
– Say it. (Flustered) I’ll say people I like.
Ahn Jae Hong, Won Bin… Why? My goodness. You could have just said
whatever names. – You could have said our names.
– Don’t try to be girly. You’re a magnetic girl. Pull yourself together. You could have said just any names. Why did you do that? (Seok Jin is transferred to
Team Police.) We’ve played Find the Three. Ji Hyo, Jae Seok, and Seok Jin
have been… transferred to Team Police. Kwang Soo, Se Chan, Jong Kook,
and So Min are… Team Boss. – Let’s move to another place.
– Let’s go. – Let’s go.
– Let’s go. (They move
to their next destination.) Ha Neul. (It’s me.) This is so frustrating. (Haha can’t stop pretending
to be the police.) This is so frustrating. – Are you the police?
– Yes. You’ll see. – You’ll see.
– I’ll show you. You should trust me, not him. I can’t lie. Just watch me. I’ll show you. – Watch me.
– I’ll show you. – I’ll show you.
– Kwang Soo. Kwang Soo, I’m sorry,
but please be quiet. (Please let the police talk.) You shouldn’t do this. Give me a chance. – Give me a chance.
– Ha Neul. Watch me. (Will Kwang Soo win their trust?)

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  3. Seyæn Bliss Post author

    This ep seems like they took a confession scene in a kdrama HAHAHAHAHHAHA so blessed seojoon and haneul in one frame

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