[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] [EP 362-2] | Park Seo-joon vs. Kang Ha-neul who wins!? (ENG SUB)

By | August 14, 2019

All right. I want expression. – It’s power.
– Power. It’s about power. – Jong Kook has the upper hand.
– He’s at an advantage. (Let me properly show you my charm.) (Which one of them will get
to show off their power?) – He’s so handsome.
– He’s right here. Seo Joon just picked
himself. It’s him. (This is an era where everyone
promotes themselves.) (The last member who defeats
Seo Joon will receive the hint.) – Who is that?
– You should’ve practiced first. Seo Joon spun the roulette
and chose himself. Since all of you said that you were
undercover officers, – you will let him win, won’t you?
– That’s right. Wait, no. The undercover officer
should let him win. Ha Neul, you are sharp. He is indeed. This time, you will play
Leg Wrestling to show your charm. (The 2nd round: Leg Wrestling) (I will teach you a lesson
with this game.) I think Se Chan will win. The undercover officer will… – tire us out in this round.
– Se Chan will win. (I have to help Team Police
win this round.) Get ready. – Set.
– Go easy on me. – I can just make them split, right?
– Right. (We are both villains.
Let’s go easy on each other.) Start. (In pain) (I won’t go easy on you.) It’s over. (The game ended
in less than a second.) I won’t let you off, Haha. Next challenger, come forward. Whoever is next, come. – Se Chan is good.
– Who’s next? (I will beat everyone and get
the hint for the money bag.) – He’s that powerful?
– Seok Jin. – He’s no joke.
– Come here. He’s really strong. Start. (Screaming) (Se Chan shows off his manly side.) – I’m not lying.
– Who’s next? I’m telling the truth. – Who are you?
– I’m serious. – I wasn’t trying to be funny.
– What is this? Seok Jin, you didn’t try
to be funny, did you? – He’s really strong.
– Goodness, Se Chan. – Gosh.
– Look at you, Se Chan. – You’re that strong?
– Kwang Soo. Kwang Soo, you should go next. Through this game, I will show you that I am
the undercover officer. Get ready. Start. (Screaming) (You have to better than that,
undercover officer.) Stop. That’s enough. Se Chan is really strong. – It wasn’t even close.
– Se Chan is… – Se Chan is the strongest.
– Kwang Soo. Who’s next? Who’s next? Jong Kook. Se Chan. Hey. Goodness, Se Chan. Look at Jong Kook. (His legs are as thick
as a mammoth’s.) You’re going to try
to widen the gap first? Or do you want to go first? – He must be tired by now.
– Get ready. – That’s true.
– Set. If you want this game to be fair… (Punching) (The undercover officer
makes the game more fair.) I should punch them.
I did it to make the game fair. – It’s only fair. Se Chan is tired.
– Good job. – Se Chan used up a lot of energy.
– Kwang Soo. – Hold on.
– That hurt. He used up a lot of his energy. – He caught me off guard.
– I was trying to make this fair. – It should be a fair game.
– Okay. – You’re amazing.
– Hey, Kwang Soo. (“A fair society is not far
away from us.” Lee Kwang Soo) – Get ready.
– That was amazing. Set. Goodness. Wait. Hold on, Jong Kook. (Wait. We didn’t even start yet.) You’re hurting me. Give me a second. – We didn’t start yet.
– Okay, fine. Start. (As soon as it begins,
he starts laughing.) – Jong Kook wins.
– It’s over. (As expected, Se Chan’s
unexpected charm stops here.) – Ha Neul, you should try it.
– Did you see that? Ha Neul’s lower body is strong too. – By the way, Team Police…
– Goodness, Jong Kook. You’re the undercover
officer, aren’t you? (I have a feeling Jong Kook is
the undercover officer.) Are you the undercover officer? Well… Later… – The undercover officer…
– Seo Joon… – Seo Joon and I are the police.
– Yes. (If Jong Kook is an officer,
he’ll try to help the police.) Wait. I’m scared. It hurts. It really hurts. Strong Sky, don’t be like that. – All right.
– Ha Neul, you have strong legs. All right. Eliminate him
as soon as the game starts. – Take it easy.
– All right. Start. Ha Neul is holding out. He’s strong. (Surprised) – You’re strong.
– He’s strong. (Both are determined to win.) (Who will win the hint?) (I’m the passionate police,
Kang Ha Neul.) (Screaming) (You can see
how much pain he is in.) Wait. – Good job.
– Good job. Good job. (You can go now.) Good job, Ha Neul. – Ha Neul.
– It’s not because you’re weak. Jong Kook won, right? (It’s hard to be the police.) It hurts. – Is it my turn now?
– It is. Let’s give him a big hand. (Will Seo Joon be able to
beat Jong Kook?) Jong Kook is impossible to beat. (Will he be able to
win the hint about the boss?) How am I supposed to beat Jong Kook? (The police have to win.) (But it’s the wrong match.) Ready. One more time. Here you go. Gosh. I mean, it’s to be fair. It’s to be fair. You need to lose a bit of energy. Jong Kook. Is this okay? Can he do that? – Why isn’t anyone stopping him?
– This is the finals. – This is the finals.
– He hit me three times. He hit me three times. Three times. – Three times is okay.
– Didn’t you see that? Three times is okay. Calm down. (It feels like
the police have just won.) – Ready.
– Goodness. Ready. – I don’t know what to do.
– Seo Joon works out a lot too. (The king has become weak.
I’ll show you a miracle.) (His body has been trained
through action scenes.) (When it comes to strength,
I’m confident.) Warm up your body. His legs feel strong. (Will the police miraculously win?) – Start.
– Nice. (Will the police miraculously win?) – Start.
– Nice. (His legs spread.) (His legs are forced to spread.) (Jong Kook is amazing.) This is Jong Kook. I’m sorry. Jong Kook is the power boss. (Jong Kook is the power boss.) This was pointless. (Jong Kook is the power boss.)

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