Ruby Ring | 루비반지 EP.79 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2014.07.10]

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What is it? What is it, mom? You two… You two… You two… What is it? Do have something to tell us? Nevermind. Just go. We’re not going anywhere. You’re sick. We notified the office. Get out now. Both of you! Mom… Both of you, get out now! Both of you, get out right now! I don’t want to see either of you! Get out! What’s the matter, mom? Are you feeling better? Gyeongmin. What are we going to do? You two… You two… What are we going to do? You overexerted yourself, mother. If you get some rest, you’ll be just fine. I’m sorry, Gyeongmin. Gyeongmin, I’m sorry. You must try to understand everything. That’s all I can tell you right now. Mom, what’s the matter with you? I must be getting old. My heart’s getting softer. Episode 79 Runa, are you worried about your mother? No. She was just exhausted. She’ll be fine. Gyeongmin, this is a great song. We listened to it a lot while we were dating. Right, hon? If I know everything, shouldn’t you be scared, Jeong Runa? You’re not afraid that I might expose you? Take good care of mother. She seems weary. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything. Wow. Look who we have here. You’re looking good. There’s something different about you. I heard you’re doing well for yourself. You’re working with Ms. Jeong Ruby in the marketing department, right? So? Why so cold? It’s better than being shameless like you. Take it easy, okay? Vice President Bae’s office, right? Please sit down, Mrs. Bae. What do you want? I guess you’re fearless, Mr. Gu. Fear? Me? I got rid of that a long time ago. Why? Are you going to call the cops? You’d better watch it, Mr. Gu. Do you know what the scariest thing in the world is? Cops? No way. Money. Money is beautiful and loving. But it’s also terrifying. So are you here to talk to me about money? I’m sorry, but that money you’re so scared of, I haven’t got any left. Come on, Mrs. Bae. Don’t be like that. Shut up! I lost my baby because of you. Did you know? I lost the future heir of JM Group. You killed someone and what? You want my money? The heir of JM Group? It’s a shame you lost your baby, but who knows who the father was? What? This is a headache for both of us. So let’s make it an even $100,000. Otherwise, I’ll sell it elsewhere. Which TV network would be best? You’ll drag me down with you? You’re lucky I’m not pressing murder charges. So get lost and don’t ever come back! Ruby. What are you doing with my wife? What brings you here? Hello, Vice President Bae. This is Eunji’s fiancee. I came to ask Ms. Jeong for advice on Eunji. I’m sure you’re busy. So… Wait. I’d like to have a word with you. Some urgent business came up. Mrs. Bae, I’ll call you later. Goodbye. Wait. Mr. Gu Yeonho! Mr. Gu! What brings you here? Who’d you come to see? What? You called me. My secretary said you called for me. I called you? Jeong Ruby, was this you? But what was that about? Pressing murder charges? You heard? It was nothing. I just got worked up. Tell me what that was about. Truth is, Eunji was pregnant with his baby. But after they got in a fight, she had a miscarriage. I was confronting him about it because I felt so bad for Eunji. Oh right! I have a meeting with the network director. You know? Let’s go. You’ll drag me down with you? You’re lucky I’m not pressing murder charges. So get lost and don’t ever come back! Murder? Drag me down with you? Why would she say that? Eunji, this is Bae Gyeongmin. Hello, Ms. Jeong. Hello. Oh, hello, Ms. Jeong. Come in. Am I early? Welcome, Ms. Jeong Ruby. What are you doing here? I’m sorry, Ms. Jeong. I was trying to surprise you. Did I catch you both off guard? I only found out after I got here. He’s quite the prankster. Why don’t you take a look at this? It’s the new talk show we’re planning. Draft Proposal for “Secret Garden”
Jeong Ruby & Jeong Runa’s Talk Show I thought we were doing “The Jeong Ruby Show” again. We considered that, but putting a failed show back on the air almost never results in success. Plus, Ms. Jeong Runa’s become quite a celebrity since her TV appearance. She’s an online sensation. Thank you. A talk show co-hosted by twin sisters Jeong Ruby and Jeong Runa should grab attention with its title alone. Isn’t it too risky to have someone host a talk show after a single TV appearance? Right, Runa? Let’s give it a shot. Okay. Great. So let’s get it started. I’m sorry. I’m not sure how you’ll take this, but I don’t work well with co-hosts. I’ll have to decline. Why should I? I’m much more famous and successful than you are. Why should I be lumped in with you? You think I’m that stupid or crazy? Come on, Ms. Jeong Ruby. Please reconsider… No. There’s nothing for me to reconsider. I’m sorry. Ms. Ruby. Ms. Jeong Ruby! What is this? I thought she’d be thrilled with the idea. Was I wrong? – Yeonho, over here! / – Okay. Who’s this mystery guest? It’s a surprise. Just be patient. In any case, he’ll help you with your business. If things go well, you’ll owe me. You can thank me by getting me a brand new purse. Got it? You and your handbags… Okay, fine. If things do go well, I’ll get you the very best. Really? You mean that, right? You have to get me the very best, okay? I’m sorry I’m late. What did you do? Why? I know you’re busy. I’m sorry to bother you. I’m sorry, but I have an appointment. Stay seated. We’ll have to meet eventually, won’t we? I might be able to manage this better than my wife can. Mr. Na Insu? So you’re saying you didn’t have a grudge against Mr. Na, but you roughed him up, framed him for accepting a bribe, and broke into his apartment following Ruby’s orders? You make it sound like I’m a petty criminal, but yes, that’s what happened. Listen, Mr. Gu. Do you expect me to believe that? Believe what you will, but I only did what was told to do. It pains me to say this, but I incurred major losses thanks to your wife. She said she’d return the favor, but she didn’t put our product on JM Homeshopping and she didn’t pay what she promised. I had to pay my associates and take them out for drinks. I spent a lot of money. I even went into debt because of her. That’s right. It’s all true. Yeonho only did what Ruby asked him to. Something happened to Jeong Ruby. She’s a totally different person now. Back when we were in school, she was a good student and a sweet friend. But now, she talks like a truck driver and she drinks like a fish. She thinks she’s all that and she stomps on everyone else. I don’t know what Mr. Na Insu did to Ruby, but does it make sense that she’d order someone to do that? Ruby’s gone completely mad. Lee Eunji. Oh… I’m sorry. I got worked up. But it’s true that something’s up with Ruby. It’s like Ruby and Runa switched bodies when they had that accident. It happens in movies and soap operas. That’s enough, Lee Eunji. I was just being honest. So what did my wife ask you to get from Mr. Na’s apartment? Can you make me an offer? What I have is truly remarkable. If it sees the light of day, it’ll devastate you, JM Group, but most of all, your wife. If you’re willing to pay, I’d be happy to hand it over to you. What do you think? Are you interested? How did the meeting go? Ruby refused to co-host with me. She probably didn’t want to share the spotlight. In any case, Runa’s the celebrity, not me. When will all this antagonism and hostility between you two end? Do you want us to make up? Are you hoping we can go back to the way we were? Don’t ever say that to me again. You’re partly to blame for this. Yes, I agree. And because it’s my fault, it pains me to see you two like this. So I have to relieve your pain? Wow, Insu. You really are selfish. It’s not that… I’m sure you want to make excuses. But you said it yourself. There’s no excuse for what you’ve done. Everyday, I get more and more apathetic about myself. When do you think this will end? What do you want to take back from Runa? Your name and face? Or Vice President Bae Gyeongmin? Mr. Na. Mr. Na. What were you thinking about? I’m sorry. What is it, Director Bae? What is it? I… uh… Do you like Wittgenstein? What? Wittgenstein? You don’t know who he is? I know. He specialized in the philosophy of language. He was a master of analytic philosophy. But what about Wittgenstein? Oh, I… Just… I thought I might lend you some of his books if you like. Books? I prefer Bertrand Russell. “To fear love is to fear life.” If you’re too afraid to love, then you’re too scared to live. Is the test over? Excuse me? It seemed like you were testing my intellect. Well then… Do you like Wittgenstein? What kind of a pickup line is that? Gyeongmin. Hey… Why the long face? Are you worried about your mother-in-law? When you trust someone, for how much, how long, until when to keep trusting that person? Me? You want me to be the face of JM? CEOs promote their products themselves. And consumers love it. Instead of hiring a celebrity, if we have you doing ads, it’d be a lot better. Yes. You’re back in the media’s favor. You’ve got a great image, and you’re beautiful. You’re also a great candidate because you’re the founder’s daughter-in-law. You’re a perfect fit. What do you think, Ms. Jeong? It’s not a bad idea. Okay. Then first, let’s make a proposal and see where it goes. Now tell me. What’s worrying you? You can’t fool me. It’s written all over your face. I see right through you. Is it Ruby? It’s whatever. Let’s just enjoy the tea. Gyeongmin, I’ve never been married, so I can’t tell you about married life. But from what little I do know, the foundation of love is trust. And if that’s true, man and wife have to trust one another. Yes? Come in. We were having tea. I better get going then. No. It’s better if you stay. Vice President Bae, this is the marketing department’s PR proposal. For our upcoming PR campaign, we plan to run TV ads and print posters. And they want me to be the model. Sera. I mean. Director Bae. Is that okay? You? I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but aren’t you doing that talk show? I turned them down. Our company’s image is more important. So you turned them down to become JM’s spokesperson? I guess so. In any case, JM’s public image is more important to me than my TV work. It’s almost like we aren’t getting customers because Mrs. Yu isn’t here. Chorim, is Mrs. Yu okay? Yeah. Runa called earlier. If Gilja rests today, she’ll be out by tomorrow. I’m closing up early today so I can see her. Huh? Oh, my goodness, Gilja. Mrs. Yu. Are you okay, Mrs. Yu? I’m fine. What happened, Gilja? I heard you were staying until tomorrow. They let you leave early? Who picked you up? Runa? I got released myself and came alone. It wasn’t serious. No need to be cooped up in that room. But still, Mrs. Yu… Chef Noh, are we all set for the group with the reservation for tomorrow? Yes. Of course… Look at those bowls. Soyeong, what are you doing? Go get that area cleaned. I’m on it, Mrs. Yu. I’m home. Hi, Gyeongmin. So we heard Gilja left the hospital. Yes. She made a speedy recovery. She pushed herself too hard while she had a cold. Good heavens. It’s crucial that you don’t overexert yourself as you age. You should be careful too, mom. Don’t worry about me. You just take good care of yourself. Gyeongmin, do you like this color? Oh? The color’s nice. I’m knitting this gorgeous scarf for my darling grandson. A scarf? Thank you, grandma. Where’s Ruby? She had some work to finish up. Oh, and she turned down the talk show offer. Thank goodness. I was really worried about that. The marketing department submitted a proposal for the upcoming PR campaign, and they want Ruby to be their spokesperson. Ruby? Will she be the sole spokesperson or… There were some celebrity candidates, but no one really fit the bill. What about having Runa do it? Her TV appearance went really well, plus she’s a JM employee. That’ll keep the cost low. That’s not a bad idea, dad. Give it some thought. I actually think Runa is better than Ruby for the job. Okay. I’m going upstairs. Alright. Gyeongmin, do you like this color? I’m knitting this gorgeous scarf for my darling grandson. You’re giving me a leash so I won’t run away? Yeah. Of course. You’re mine now. Forever. What’s this? Why do you ask? Why was this in the trash can? I threw it out. It’s so old. It’s just collecting dust. Something happened to Jeong Ruby. She’s a totally different person now. Back when we were in school, she was a good student and a sweet friend. But now, she talks like a truck driver and she drinks like a fish. She thinks she’s all that and she stomps on everyone else. Ruby’s gone completely mad. What I have is truly remarkable. If it sees the light of day. it’ll devastate you, JM Group, but most of all, your wife. What could that be? How much of what Gu Yeonho said should I actually believe? If everything he said is true… No. There’s no way. Ruby may have changed, but she’s not that bad. There’s no way. Is it yummy, Dongpal? Yup. Because you fed it to me. Hello? Hi, Jihyeok. It’s me. Your mom and dad are so annoying. I think I might have to move out. They’re making me gag. I have to watch them do this all day at work and there’s more waiting for me at home. It’s driving me nuts. Hey! It’s too unbearable, Jihyeok. Let me see that. Jihyeok? Hello? This little… Hey. Ko Soyeong. Cut us some slack. We’re newlyweds. I don’t care. Do it in private. I ought to… Runa? Hi, everyone. – Aunt Chorim. / – Yeah? I heard mom’s home. She actually came straight to the restaurant and worked until late. She just went straight to bed. Oh… Mom, you should’ve stayed one more day. Why’d you leave the hospital so early? I’m fine. What would I do there? It just made me feel cooped up. Are you all better now? Really? Runa. Yes, mom. You know I love you, right? And you love me too, right? Of course I do. You know that. Runa, as life gets longer, crazy things will happen. Crazy things that you never imagined. That’s life. When that happens, and you don’t think you can carry on, think of me. I will always support you. I will always be on your side. So… I know, mom. Don’t worry. I’m doing just fine. Of course. You’re a gifted person. Ruby, please forgive me. Forgive me. – Good morning. / – Hello. Welcome, Ms. Seo. Why aren’t the Jeong sisters here yet? My goodness, Ms. Seo. They have their photoshoot today. Oh, silly me. That’s right. Are you happy? What? That you at least got to do this? I’m happy, but I bet you’re not. I gave up the talk show because of you. Because of me? Why? Why didn’t you push for doing it alone? What’s the great Jeong Runa so afraid of? What do you intend to do? You were never interested in being on TV. You don’t like being in the spotlight. So why’d you want to do the talk show and this photoshoot? You already know why. Right now, I’m Jeong Runa. I’m desperate for fame and attention. I’m the stupid airhead, Jeong Runa. Enjoy my name and face while you still can. I’ll let you borrow them for now. But keep this in mind. Nothing comes for free. You… What? Do you want to know their price? You’ll find out soon enough. The price is terrifying and horrible. A little closer together. Come on. You two look like two women fighting over the same man. Let’s try again. Step it up. Haven’t you put me through enough already? You step it up. Do you know how ridiculous you look with that greedy glint in your eyes? It doesn’t fit Jeong Ruby. But then again, that greedy glint is the only part of your face that’s authentic. That jealous, greedy, dirty… Do you want to die? Didn’t I tell you I’m already dead? Listen close. The truth hurts. That’s good. That’s a wrap for today. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Great job. Should I point out your biggest mistake so far? Waking me up from the coma. Why didn’t you stop me? Why didn’t you just tell them everything? Why did you have Gu Yeonho assault Insu? I told you I was going to change. How much longer do I have to wait, Mrs. Bae? Do I have to sell this to someone else? Whether Bae Gyeongmin will finds out or Jeong Ruby exposes you, you’ll have to prepare for the worst. I need to find out the truth that everyone’s hiding from me. See you next time…

17 thoughts on “Ruby Ring | 루비반지 EP.79 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2014.07.10]

  1. Celine Fiteiro Post author

    Finally GM is doing something to find out the truth. Can't wait for tomorrow!

  2. quandocuando prosecco Post author

    GM is starting his own investigation on his slutty wife, which is 20 episodes too late, but better late than never. Although I never like Yeonho but when he asked FRuby "The heir of JM Group? It’s a shame you lost your baby, but who knows who the father was?" I am so glad. Sera is now shamelessly chasing In Su. I enjoy seeing RRuby provoking Runa at the photoshots.

  3. Miike08 Pennia Post author

    Gyeongmin is now hearing the truth from Yeonho and his girlfriend about fake Ruby and now the USB drive that has the video recording that Mr Na mobile phone of her begging him and offering sex. i wonder will he buy it and save the company and learn the real truth about  fake Ruby and what she has done. 
    If I was Gyeongmin I would have nothing to do with those two girls since both lied and cause a few trouble to him and his family. Divorcing  fake Ruby would the right thing to do, She is greedy and has little care in what she does.

  4. My Violeta Post author

    Fake Ruby is going get shit thrown at her….soon

  5. Tony Davies Post author

    Here is a lesson in Life !! .. Never mess with a women scorned ! lol
    this drama is awesome ! lol

  6. Sally Berk Post author

    Legally, the marriage of GM and fake Ruby (Runa ) is based on fraud- (identity theft). Since that is the case, the marriage is not even legal. It was entered into under false pretenses. Once GM finds out the true identity of fake Ruby, he can petition the court for an annulment . This would mean that he was never married to fake Ruby in the eyes of the law.

  7. vallie Post author

    GM is so annoying. It took him this long to investigate his fake wife. I don't think he and the real Ruby should get together. I want Insu for fake Runa. Fake Ruby should disappear.

  8. vallie Post author

    GM is so annoying. It took him this long to investigate his fake wife. I don't think he and the real Ruby should get together. I want Insu for fake Runa. Fake Ruby should disappear.

  9. KBS World TV Post author

    Gyeongmin rushes to the hospital with Runa. When Gilja sees him, she feels guilty and cannot stop crying. Gyeongmin senses that something's odd about Gilja. Runa is flustered to see Yeonho when she goes to work. Yeonho says he has come for the remainder of his money.

    Ruby Ring | 红宝石戒指 | 루비반지 – Ep.79 (2014.07.10)


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