Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with Baby Black Bears

By | January 26, 2020

-Robert Irwin.
How you doing, buddy? -Oh, I am beaut bonza.
Thank you. How are you? -I’m good. Are you —
What? You’re a beaut bonza? -I’m beaut bonza, yeah. -Now, you always
teach me some new word. And what does that mean? -Yeah, well, beaut bonza
just means amazing. -Just terrific.
-Okay. -It’s the best you can be.
-The best you can be? -Beaut bonza.
-So I’m beaut bonza. -Yeah. Exactly.
-Yeah, me too. Yeah, me too! -Well done!
-Thank you very much. -You’re getting the hang of it.
-I appreciate that. -Yeah.
-Last time we had you on, man, oh, man, it was — It went — spread like
wildfire on Facebook. 54 million people
watched you on — -I know. That was incredible. [ Cheers and applause ]
Thank you. -I mean —
-Yeah, it was such an honor to be on the show, but then one of the friends
that was traveling with us at the time, he kept going,
“Look! It’s up to 10 million! Look! It’s at 20 million!” And it was just an incredible
experience for me. -That’s fun, right? -Thank you so much
for having me back. -Oh, no, yeah, people love you.
They love you. I love you. [ Cheers and applause ] And you’re smart. You know
what you’re talking about. -[ Laughs ] Thank you! -Which is great,
but, also, you look — A lot of the viewers said how
much you look like your dad. -Oh, thank you so much.
-And you really do. -You’re a spitting image.
-Aw, thanks. -He’d be so proud.
-Thank you so much. -But your mom posted a photo of
your dad when he was your age and you. Look at this.
You won’t believe this. -Yeah, it’s a bit wild. [ Laughs ] -I mean, that’s — That’s wild.
-Yeah. -I mean, do you — do you even realize how much
you look like your dad or…? -Yeah, well, when — when
my mum first showed this to me, I thought it was me. -I-I can’t tell them apart.
-Yeah. -And I said, “It’s me.
What’s the big deal?” And until you look
at Dad’s shirt, you don’t even realize
that it’s two different people. -You’re like,
“I wouldn’t wear that.” -[ Laughs ] Yeah. -“That’s too psychedelic
for me, man.” Yeah. All right. So, you brought some animals
and creatures here tonight. -Yes, we have.
-Let’s bring them out. -What did you bring? What did you bring
to scare me with tonight? -All right.
So, first up, we have Jane. -Is that a man?
Oh, no, okay, okay. -And Jane…
-Okay. Oh, no, no, no. -…is a dictator scorpion. -See? Nah, nah, nah.
-And Jane is absolutely amazing. And you’re welcome
to come close. She’s very calm.
She’s really nice. She’s actually quite friendly. -No, that’s impossible.
It’s a scorpion. How could a scorpion
be friendly? Well, she’s curling her tail.
That means something, right? -Yeah. Well, that tail
actually contains her venom. She’s got quite a bit of venom. And they actually inject
that venom to kill their prey. And isn’t she just magnificent? -She’s curling it up.
She’s getting it — She’s, like, balling her fist,
ready to go. -Yeah, but if you look closely, see those little hairs along
her little little pinchers? -Yeah.
-And it’s interesting ’cause the bigger the pinchers,
the less venomous they are, but if they have
smaller pinchers, that means they pack
a lot of venom. [ Laughs ] It’s pretty
interesting, isn’t it? -I don’t know how you’re that
calm. I mean, it’s real, right? That’s really moving.
I don’t like that. -Yeah. Oh, yeah, definitely.
-That thing frightens me. -Absolutely.
-They’re so cool. They’re actually nocturnal,
as well. -They hunt at night.
-Oh, perfect. -Yeah.
-Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I run into that thing at night. Get this thing
out of here, please. -It’s beautiful.
-Okay. No worries. -Thank you.
What a beautiful creature. -Yeah, they’re gorgeous. Thank you. -Ahh.
Don’t you have anything cute? -Well, this — this animal
is a little bit more cute. So, how about you come around
in front of the desk? -Okay. Okay.
-All right. Okay. So, let’s bring out
our next animal. -I want you to sit down.
-Okay. -All right. Ready?
-Yeah. These — [ Laughs ]
These are baby black bears. -Oh, my God.
-Aren’t they beautiful? Oh, don’t — don’t —
don’t do that. -Don’t do that.
-Ah! Ooh! Ow! -You can — You can let —
You can let him go. You can let her go.
There you go. -All right.
This is a baby bear? -I think she’s kind
of just chewing on — She’s chewing on your thumb
a little bit. -Yeah, she definitely
was chewing on my thumb. -Absolutely.
-They’re so funny. So, these baby bears are kind of
hyperactive when they’re little. They love exploring.
-How old are they? -Well, these ones actually
are only a couple months old. They will get quite a bit larger
than this, though. Oh, sorry, sorry.
Sorry about that. -Let’s not get them angry.
Yeah, yeah. -They’re really special. Now, these guys
are actually omnivores. So they’ll eat meat,
and they’ll also eat vegetables. -[ Laughs ]
-Don’t chew on the wire. -No, don’t chew that.
-Do they eat — No. They’re omnivores,
so they eat both vegetables -and meat, as well?
-Yeah, yeah, they do. They love flowers and little
berries and things like that. -No, don’t do —
-He’s very cute. How big will they get? -Well, this one
could actually get maybe up to about 300 pounds. So they can get quite large. -Please remember me, okay?
Please. Yeah. When you get older.
Oh, that is fantastic. -Oh, look at this one
climbing on my back. -They’re really cute.
Come here. What is that one called? -This one is — [ Laughs ]
This one is D-9. -Kind of sounds like a rapper.
-D-9? Yeah, it does. [ Laughs ] -D-9. Oh, hi, D-9.
-Yeah. -All right.
And what’s this guy’s name? -And, so, this one here —
No, don’t chew Jimmy. -It’s all right. It’s okay. -All she wants to do
is just chew you. -Aww.
-And this one is Flo. Flo is really cute.
She’s got a great name. [ Laughs ]
Oh, aren’t they gorgeous? -That was the closest I ever
came to a bear. This is so cool. All right. I’m going to —
Yeah, I want to — -So, do you want to —
-I survived this. So I’m happy about this.
-All right, okay, okay. I think it’s time
for you guys to head off. -Bye, guys. Thank you.
-What nice bears. -Have fun. Bye, D-9.
-Bye! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughs ] Thank you. -Whew!
-Aren’t they hilarious? -That was a big step for me.
Yeah, they are cute. -They’re so funny.
-All right. I love the cute animals.
-Yeah, well, next up, we — we — [ Laughs ] We have another
cute animal for you. -Okay, good. -And they have very cute names,
as well. -This is Lulu and Fluffy.
-Fluffy and Lulu, good. -Now, the — I know what you’re
thinking. They’re not snakes. Don’t worry.
They’re — They’re all good. They’re actually
legless lizards. So, these legless lizards — -That’s not Lulu and Fluffy
at all. -Yeah, Lulu and Fluffy.
-I think that’s D-9. -You want to hold Fluffy?
-Oh, my gosh. -You’re welcome to hold him.
He loves being held. -I really don’t want
to hold these things. -There you go. Oh, good job!
-Oh, gosh! What are these things?
They’re not — They’re snakes. -No, they’re legless lizards.
[ Laughter ] And you can tell
the difference… [ Laughter and applause ] -I’m an idiot. -You can tell the —
Whoa. [ Chuckles ] You can tell the difference — -Legless lizards?
This one’s not moving. -You can see
those little ears there. He actually has ears.
Snakes don’t have ears. So that’s one of the biggest
reasons why — how you can actually tell
the difference. They’re really special. -He — Why — It feels like
he’s gonna strike or something. Why is he staring at me?
-He won’t strike. It’s all good. I think he’s just trying
to work out what you’re doing. It’s okay.
You’ll be fine. -What — What should I be doing?
-Uh. [ Laughter ] -What — I mean,
I’m holding him. -Just hold still.
He’s actually quite calm. -Well, I’m —
-And you’ll be fine. -We’re both stiff as a board. We’re, like,
freaked out right now. [ Laughter and applause ] The heck?
The heck is — -You want me
to take him off you? -Yes! I want you
to take him away from me. -There you go.
-Gosh, that was awkward. Don’t make me do that —
Don’t make me do that again. -They’re so cool, aren’t they? -No, these are
the creepiest things — -They’re so much fun.
They actually — -Where do they live? -They —
[ Chuckles ] These ones live — -In the water.
They surprise you in the pool. -No, no, they live in Europe. These are
the European legless Lizards. -Oh, well. [ Chuckles ]
-And they can grow quite large. They can get up to about 3 feet
in length. -Oh, God! -And they’ll —
they’ll eat little insects and little eggs
and things like that. -Little insects? Yeah. -Yeah, so they’re kind of
just like a lizard, but obviously don’t have
any legs. -This is cool.
-All right. -I had my good experience
with these guys. -Awesome.
-Bye, Fluffy. Fluffy and Lulu.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah, Fluffy and Lulu. Thank you. -Fluffy and Lulu.
-Yeah, they’re very special. -All right, already,
I’m, like, freaking out. This is — This is like
a stress test for me. Yeah. All right. -So, we — we’ve got another
special animal coming up. [ Audience awws ]
-Okay. -This — Oh!
This is actually a binturong. This is Orville,
and he is so cute. Now come on your hands
and knees, just like this, and then let him smell
your head, because the way…
[ Laughter ] …the way that they get
introduced to other things… [ Laughter and applause ] …they smell your head. Just — Just put your head down
like this. -This is now — This is insane. -That’s how they recognize
who you are. -For me, this is like
sky diving, for me. -It’s all good.
-I don’t — I don’t like this. Oh, no!
-You’ll be fine. -Oh, no. Oh, no.
Hi, Orville. -Hey there, you want
to smell Jimmy’s head? -Orville?
is everything cool? -Oh, wonderful.
He loves you. [ Audience awws ]
-He does? I mean — I —
-He loves you. -This toupee might be
one of Orville’s family. [ Laughter ] -Now, I’m gonna give you
a grape. -Okay.
-He loves grapes. -Oh, it’s for Orville.
-Yeah, no, not for you. -It’s like,
I’m on hands and knees, and he’s feeding me grapes.
[ Laughter and applause ] [ As Robert Irwin ]
This animal’s from Brooklyn, New York —
he’s a talk show host. [ Laughter and applause ]
-Look, there you go. Jimmy’s got a grape for you. -Here we go. Orville.
-There you go. -Hi, Orville.
Over here, buddy, look. Hi. -Oh, awesome.
[ Audience awws ] -Hi, buddy.
-Well done. -So he eats grapes?
Where does he hang out? -He does. So, this one’s
actually from Southeast Asia. And they love
those rainforest areas, but my favorite thing
about this — my favorite thing about them
is that they smell like popcorn. -It’s amazing.
-They do? -So if you smell him, he
actually smells like popcorn. [ Laughter ]
-He’s whispering — He’s whispering to me, “Please don’t tell anybody
I smell like popcorn.” He’s — He does smell —
-You want another grape? -He does smell like —
-There you go. -Yeah, he does smell like burnt
popcorn or Fritos or something. [ Laughter ]
Yeah, like Fritos, exactly. -Fritos, he does, yeah.
-Yeah, well done. -And does he — now —
you would — where does he — Like, does he burrow
in the ground? Does he climb in trees?
-No, he’s up in trees. And you see this tail there.
That’s called a prehensile tail. So that acts as sort of like
another limb to help him climb. It’s really amazing.
-Yeah, I was going to say — it looked like a —
a prehensile tail. -Yeah, you would have
been correct, yes. [ Laughter ]
-I was gonna guess that. -Well, thank you, Orville.
-Bye, Orville. -Thank you so much. -What a cute name for Orville,
yeah. -Bye, Orville. -Bye, does —
he know hows to get off? -See you later.
[ Cheers and applause ] Yep, there we go. -I love him.
-Oh. Awesome. -All right.
-All right, so… [chuckles]
for the next animal, we’ve got a really special bird
from the National Aviary. -Okay.
-And I’ve invited three of The Roots to come down
to give us a hand. So, how about we head down here?
-Yes, we’ll head over here. -We’ve — We’ve got Kathy here,
as well. -Oh, I do want to mention,
the — there’s a thing called
“Crikey Club” that you’re starting. It’s a channel.
-Yeah, exactly. It is. -And what do you see
when you go on that channel and you go on that website? -Well, you can see
some really incredible things, everything from behind the
scenes at the Australia Zoo. You can see some of the crazy
antics that we get up to. -Yeah.
-Some of the footage — never-before-seen footage
of my dad. So it’s a really, really fun
channel, definitely. -And it’s Crikey, C-r-i-k-e-y? -Yeah, “Crikey,” so…
-Crikey. Yeah. -So, just go to
and you can check it out. -All right, good.
All right, good. Now, what do we have here?
[ Cheers and applause ] -Now, this — I will —
I’m gonna do this. -Okay, so… -I’ve never seen
this bird before. Now, where does this bird
come from? -Oh, wow.
So, this… -Where did that —
How did that happen? That was awesome. -[ Laughs ]
Isn’t this incredible? So, this is actually
a green aracari. And the aracaris
are a species of toucan. So, aren’t they amazing?
-Oh, man. -They live in South America.
-Beautiful. -They’re one of
the smallest species of toucan. They’re very inquisitive.
-Yeah. -But they’re amazing
at picking fruit from trees. And I’m gonna display that
in one second. So, would you be able to put out
your hand for a second? -Do you have Froot Loops
in Australia? -Ready? We do, yeah.
-You do? -Look at that! Oh!
You’re doing so well. Isn’t that incredible? [ Laughter and applause ] That’s awesome. -[ Chuckles ] -Mark knows.
[ Laughter ] -Whoo! -Mark just summoned him.
-Okay. I’ve got
one more surprise for you. Can we quickly run up here
into audience? -Of course we can.
-All right, let’s go. [ Cheers and applause ] -Okay, so… -How you doing?
Nice to meet you. How are you? -Good.
[ Cheers and applause continue ] -I’m gonna give you
a bit of food. If you want to put out
your hand… Beatrice is gonna fly to you. Okay. Here she comes. [ Audience oohs ]
Oh, well done! [ Cheers and applause ]
[ Chuckles ] Whoo-hoo! -You got nervous.
You got ner– You should have seen your face.
Wait till you watch the rerun. Wow.
Beatrice, you are so smart. You are beautiful. Oh, hi.
You are beautiful. -Good job. -That is Robert Irwin,
everybody. Give it up for this guy.
[ Cheers and applause ] Thank you so much for coming on. -Thank you so much.
-I really appreciate it.

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