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By | November 2, 2019

So I’m trying to nurse this awning along a little bit. I’d left it open one day and we had a big storm and it made a zipper all the way up the top here. So what I did was I put little crossways bits of tuck tape in on them bottom, and they’re about 3 inches or 4 inches long, to sort of sew it together but I left spaces in between them. Then I went over with the long ways with extra bits of tape and I did the same thing on top. But I left it open slightly so that tape would, would actually stick to itself, which is the, a good thing about tuck tape, it really sticks to itself. Then on top I used a waterproofer along the sides. You can see the, the residue from that waterproofer, so that the fabric couldn’t suck it into the glue on the tape, just from the top. And it’s been holding reasonably well for that. And the waterproofer that I would recommend would likely be 303 or…. What I used here was a, a bricklaying, a bricklayers waterproofer, water-based it’s called. But I think the 303 would be the, the ideal choice. I use it on boat, on boat tops and stuff and it seems to work on it. Anyway this is on here and it’s a cheap fix. I had the tuck tape, used about a quarter of the roll. It’s about two bucks. We don’t care too much what this looks like at the moment. It’s all faded out so we are going to put, retarp it at one point, but I wanted to try it and see if it was a, a workable fix for an awning. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

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    Update This patch went through some big rains and wind storms and held up ok for 3.5 weeks now


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