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By | December 3, 2019

well up did you know that you’re losing a lot of
visitors and potential customers if your website is not mobile friendly a study commissioned by Google shows
that 52 percent of users are unlikely to engage with the business that has a non
mobile friendly website having a responsive webdesign means that
your website response or adjust accordingly to the size of the screen whatever device people are using to view
it you need a response website right now as more and more people are using mobile
devices to visit Web sites let’s look at the stats there were 120
million owners a smart phones and $50 million owners have habits in 2012 there will be one point four billion
smartphone by the end of 2013 by 2014 there will be more mobile
internet users and desktop internet users one in three minutes spent online is now
spent beyond the PC you can’t avoid people will check your
website using a mobile device and more so if you’re a local business
as of December 2012 27 percent of total web traffic came
from mobile devices accessing directories and other local left
resource this is a major increase from only six
percent the previous year so if you do not have a mobile-friendly
website a growing number of mobile users who are
your potential customers will simply balance of a website a Google study shows that
sixty-two percent of companies reported in increase in sales after designing a
mobile responsive website yes people are buying products and
services online with their mobile devices mobile
e-commerce accounts for 11 percent of US retail
e-commerce in the fourth quarter 2012 at 7.2 billion dollars this is from a mere three percent in the
fourth quarter 2010 1.6 billion dollars m-commerce is
estimated to reach 30 8.4 billion at the end of 2013 and 101 eight billion dollars at the end
of 2017 if you want a piece in this expanding hi
do the smart thing and get a mobile responsive web site
today your competitors are probably investing on a mobile responsive website right now or have probably implemented
one already if your website is not mobile responsive dislikes and your customers to your
competitors google recommends responsive web design is it gives their robots in easier time when crawling indexing your
website as you only have one version of your
website to crawl yes responsive web design is good for SEO what are the problems you probably have
as you don’t know where to start what design is probably too technical
for you and no one is explaining the technicalities to you in relation to how
it will benefit your business or maybe your current provider is a
performing or the price if your web design provider you were talking to is
too high well it is high time for you to go with
the right provider we want your business to become more
successful we can build your website based on a responsive web design architecture that automatically adjust
to the signs have your viewers screens so it looks perfectly on all devices
leading to a great user experience we use were press the world’s leading
content management system in SEO friendly platform in which we set up
your content ready and content driven block we want to get to know you and guide you
into the future we first go through an in-depth
consultation with our clients we want to thoroughly understand what
your business is your target customers are and how we can help meet their needs
through the planning and execution of your website we’re here to help you attract more
visitors both for mobile and desktop devices so you can turn them into leads and
customers with your beautiful mobile responsive website this is what it was heading and will
build the last website you’ll ever need give us a call to learn more about how
we can help you build a cutting-edge mobile responsive web design which is content-driven SEO friendly web site
that is customer-friendly and ready for the future today

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