Remember These SpongeBob Song Lyrics? | SpongeBob SmartyPants Ep. 4

By | January 19, 2020

All right Krusty crew. It’s time for the greatest
game show under the sea. This… is… SpongeBob SmartyPants! [SpongeBob laughing] I’m your host, Roy, a.k.a. Guava
Juice, and I’m joined by my contestants Katie and Christian. How you doing? All right, we’re gonna splash
right over to round number one… called the Jellyfish Jam Challenge. It’s really easy. The person who can catch the most
jellyfish in their net wins the round. Are you ready, kids? – Aye-aye captain!
– Aye-aye captain! All right, on my mark, get set, go! There you go, all right. Oh, that was a good one from Katie. Four, three, two, one. Time’s up! Jellyfishes have been caught. [buzzing] Oh well. Guess it’s just
catch and release for now. The winner goes to Katie
for round number one. [crowd cheering] That means Katie,
you get 50 points on the board. Christian, you are not in the lead. You
have some time to catch up, don’t worry. Great job, now do me a favor,
get ready for round number two. The Bikini Bottom Blitz. Here’s how it’s gonna work. Each of these locations feature
a SpongeBob trivia question worth 100 points. Buzz in first, answer it correctly,
and those 100 points are yours. Are you ready? – I’m ready!
– Aye-aye captain! Let’s begin. Krusty Carol, please move this
bunch to Sandy’s Tree Dome. Tree, dome. Question number one. SpongeBob creator Steven
Hillenburg had this job before creating this iconic series. – Katie.
– Marine Biologist. Marine biologist is correct. That was sheer beauty. [audience clapping] All right, 100 points to Katie,
moving on to question two. Please move it to Patrick’s Rock. SpongeBob’s pet Gary is a sea snail. But, what family of animals
do sea snails belong to? Katie. Mollusks? Mollusk is right. Moving on to Squidward’s house. Question number three, we’re gonna be
playing a game called Porous Chorus. I’m gonna sing a song,
and you’re gonna finish the lyric. Here we go. ♪ Who lives in a pineapple
Under the sea? ♪ ♪ SpongeBob SquarePants ♪ ♪ Absorbant and– ♪ [dinging] Katie. ♪ Yellow and porous is he ♪ Yellow and porous is he is correct. ♪ Absorbant and yellow
And porous is he ♪ ♪ SpongeBob SquarePants ♪ Moving on, SpongeBob’s Pineapple. Question number four. We’re gonna be playing a
game called Sea Star Power. You’re gonna have to identify the
celebrity guest star based on this clue. Here we go. This actress is always golden, especially when playing Pearl’s boss
in the episode “Mall Girl Pearl”. [dinging] – Katie.
– Betty White. Absolutely right. Betty White. There we go. Moving on to the Chum Bucket. What colorful concoction does
SpongeBob make and sell himself? [dinging] – Christian.
– Pretty patties. – Pretty patties is correct.
– Oh my goodness. Finally on the board, congratulations. All right, moving right along
to the Krusty krab. What is the name of Patrick’s sister? – Christian.
– Sam. Sam is right. [laughing] [audience clapping] [evil laughter] Whoa, you know what that sound means? It’s time for the Flying Dutchman’s wager. Things are about to get
a little serious because you’re gonna have a chance
to wager some of your points for the chance to make
it to the final round. Katie, you have 450 points.
Christian, you have 200 points. Oh yeah. Now, using your boards, write your wager.
But first, Krusty Carol! I’m back. Even though I could have
been walking my six dogs today, but instead, I’m here. There you go, thank you for blocking our
contestants from seeing each other’s work. Thank you. All right contestants
place your wagers now. [jazz music playing] While they’re placing their bets,
I’m gonna practice my bubble blowing. All right contestants. We’re done. Time’s up. Krusty Carol, goodbye,
we don’t need you anymore. There they go, excuse me,
don’t mean to hurt you. All right, moving on to the
Flying Dutchman’s wager. In 15 seconds, I want you to name as
many SpongeBob characters as you know. Katie. Since you’re in the lead, you have
the choice to go first or second. which will it be? – I’ll go first.
– All right. Krusty Carol,
I need your assistance again. Please? You got it. Krusty Carol has these sound cancelling
headphones she’s gonna put on Christian here so he can’t hear anything. All right Katie, ready? – Ready.
– Go. Plankton, SpongeBob, Patrick,
Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Pearl, Mrs. Puff, Fred, Shubie,
Evelyn, all the wretches– Stop! Oh Krusty Carol! All right,
please take those headphones off. – Pause. No, no more.
– But– But I was in the middle of the best part. – Bye, Carol.
– See ya. Go! SpongeBob, Patrick, Old Man Jenkins, Squidward, Mr. Krabs,
Plankton, Gary, Sandy, Larry The Lobster, The Mayor of Bikini
Bottom, Plankton, Mama Squidward. Stop! That’s it, no more. No more. Let’s see how much you guys wagered. Katie, you wagered 100 points. – Christian you wagered 199 points.
– Yeah. Christian, 199 points have been added to
your score which brings you to 399 points. Katie, you lose 100 points
bringing you down to 350 points. Katie, you said all the wretches
but we needed specific names. Meaning, Christian, you are making it
to the final round, congratulations. Yeah! Krusty Carol,
cleanup on aisle five please. Here we go, excuse me,
all right Katie I’m sorry, you gotta go. Yup, yup, yup, here you go. There they go. Christian, you are one step closer
to winning the golden pineapple. That’s all I was put on this Earth to do. But first… Can you survive… The Chum Bucket Challenge? This is it. Christian, you made it
through two rounds of the competition. And you’re one step closer
to the golden pineapple. But first… Can you survive the
Chum Bucket? Carol, bring out the chum. – Oh, wow.
– Here we go. All right Christian,
here’s how it’s gonna work, okay? I’m gonna ask you a series of
seven SpongeBob trivia questions. Answer five correctly and the
golden pineapple is yours. But, if you get three wrong,
well, you get chummed. [screaming] Question number one. When teaching Patrick
how to blow a bubble, what foot does SpongeBob say he
needs to stop on and not forget it. Stop on your right foot, don’t forget it. Right foot is right. [audience clapping] Ooh, question two. In the episode “The Secret Box”,
what is in Patrick’s secret box? It is a string that opens
a secret compartment that leads to a secret photo of
SpongeBob at the Christmas party. A string that leads to a secret photo of
SpongeBob at a Christmas party is correct. [audience clapping] That was very specific, see if you’ve
prepared for this next question. In the episode “SpongeBob
Meets A Strangler”, SpongeBob bumps into the Tattle
Tale Strangler who’s in disguise. What is the disguise and
how much did it cost? Ooh. The disguise was for sure a mustache
from the fake mustache emporium. I’m gonna guess $3. Is that your final
answer, Christian? $1.99. A fake mustache for $1.99. – Final answer? 1.99. Final answer.
– That’s the final answer. Yup. Let’s lock it in.
Fake mustache for $1.99… Is incorrect. Aw yes. All right! The correct answer is mustache, but… it was for five cents. – Ah, okay. Okay.
– Five cents. Question four. In the episode “The Great
Snail Race”, Squidward adopts a pet snail. What is the name of that snail? Snaily. She’s a pure bred. – Incorrect.
– Yes! Here we go. The correct answer is Snelly. – Oh.
– Alright. Question five. What is
the name of the virus SpongeBob gets and Patrick tries to heal him of? – The suds.
– The suds is correct. Question number six. Remember, one incorrect
answer, you get chummed. Mmm, okay. What does Patrick do when he has problems? Scream! Screams is correct! [audience clapping] All right, here it is. The final question. Question seven. What is the name of the actress
who voices Sandy Cheeks? Lilli Cooper in the SpongeBob
SquarePants musical, The correct answer is… Carolyn Lawrence. I knew the last name. You know what that means? Krusty Carol, release the chum! Here we go. – Yes. Wow.
– That’s ripe. I feel like a dog just threw up on me. Hey, you know what, you’re not
gonna be going home empty-handed. Because you’re gonna win this
one-of-a-kind SpongeBob prize. I have it right here.
It’s a Krabby Patty! [audience clapping] – Remember–
– My family is gonna be so proud of me. Buy one, get one full price. Remember that, okay? I’ll take advantage of that killer deal. Join us next time as two more SpongeBob
SquarePants fans battle it out to see who is the biggest SpongeBob fan. I’m your host Roy, a.k.a. Guava Juice,
and remember, I wumbo, you wumbo.
He, she, me, wumbo. See you next time.

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