Regency Cafe Full English Breakfast at London’s Best Greasy Spoon

By | August 14, 2019

HI! Guys welcome back to London it is Saturday
morning the morning after the night before so I am headed to get a Full English breakfast
the prison looking fortress behind me is MI5 British military inelegance section 5 if your
thinking that’s how it looks in the movies your thinking of James Bond behind that building
is the river Thames on the other side of the river is MI6 in a rather grand looking Art-Deco
inspired office building complex it looks amazing up lit at night but yeah the reason
I’am starting there that building is pretty easy to find where we are heading is not necessarily
one of London’s hidden gems but it is at the other end of this street and it is in a sort
of maze of back streets in between the rive Thames and MI5 there and Victoria Station
I am heading to a cafe called the Regency cafe it is a greasy spoon what we call a greasy
spoon style cafe I’am not sure why they are called greasy spoons I guess because everything
is greasy including the spoons I looked it up a minute ago on my phone and I googled
it and the first thing that came up was Wikipedia and I clicked on the link and the first thing
that came up was a picture of this cafe apparently it is a term we borrowed from Americans but
yeah I guess we call them greasy spoons they sell British food you get a full English as
opposed to your French style cafe that sells patisserie or your American coffee shop I’am
going to get a full English defining what a full English is all Brits disagree people
have done various polls and stuff they all come out with different results they are also
called the fry up I would say the key ingredients are sausage, bacon and eggs people even argue
about the way each one of those is cooked as the name would suggest fry up I think when
a lot of people are cooking them at home they they will use one frying pan throw all the
ingredients in whatever their personal preference is cafes like this your greasy spoons which
they are the length and breadth of the country they will generally have a series of set menus
hope you can hear me it is super windy what can I do they generally have a series of set
menus sometimes they are named often they will just simply be numbered but then also
you can create your own it is a bit like asking an Italian what is a pizza they will all argue
about the perfect pizza or American what is a burger again you can argue endlessly not
only about the ingredients but also how each one of them is prepared and cooked I would
say in these yeah in these style cafes the core is sausage, bacon and eggs they normally
come with a side of bread or often toast sometimes bread and butter sometimes fried and a hot
drink we call it builder tea it is like the traditional hot drink I mean I normally drink
coffee but if I’am having one of these I’ll drink builders tea I don’t know what we call
it builders tea but it is basically tea with too much milk far too much milk it looks like
Taiwanese bubble tea if you know what that is but yeah super weak brewed tea with too
much milk yeah beyond the core of sausage, bacon and eggs I think if you go to a lot
of hotels they never do a decent well I’am generalising here a few do a decent breakfast
but it always sort of tastes like its been poached rather than fried it is too clean
it is not greasy enough so yeah beyond the sausage,bacon and eggs you have often got
sides the list is pretty endless but black pudding, white pudding, beans, tomatoes, sometimes
chips, french fries, hash browns yeah the list goes on there are also regional variations
so Ireland Wales Scotland they have their own they are all great I love I love breakfast
in Scotland and Ireland and Wales slight variations if you go to hotels they are generally a lot
of them will have like two the English breakfast then the full English breakfast it basically
just different size the basic one will be like one sausage, bacon and eggs maybe toast
and tea but that is often in hotels that’s optional and then the full English which will
have a couple of additional sides but right we are here at the end of page street lets
go and get some breakfast Regency cafe the Regency cafe is here on the corner of regency
street and page street in Westminster its on back streets half way nearly half way between
Victoria station and the river Thames it has been established since 1946 so it is a bit
of an institution a firm favourite with locals Londoners and now it is firmly on the tourist
map for visitors to come and get a taste of a full English breakfast a proper full English
breakfast as you can see from the sign you have to queue up and place your order it is
cash only the queue always looks a bit daunting because it is often out the door but it right
now it is probably about ten or fifteen minutes long which is about how long it takes for
people to eat a breakfast so by the time you get to the front of the queue the people collecting
their breakfast now will most likely be leaving and the thing is with greasy spoon cafes like
this they have no customer facilities there are no customer toilets no WiFi no plug sockets
that sort of thing like coffee shops have they are not after you lingering and ordering
more you eat your breakfast and you go and because they turn over the covers like that
it is super great value for money the set breakfast deal there five pound fifty you
get egg, bacon, sausage a choice of beans or tomatoes bread or toast tea of coffee extras
on the board there hash browns bubble and squeak black pudding full breakfast menu there
they open in the afternoons for lunch and dinner service as well but it is a favourite
for breakfast here got on the tables all the traditional British condiments you could want
salt, pepper, malt vinegar, tomato ketchup and HP or daddy sauce as some people call
it I’ve got myself an orange juice to start with which comes in an old school milk bottle
the kind the milk man used to deliver it has been used for numerous films movies and loads
of adverts and photo shoots pretty good they use the ordering system here that you think
Starbucks invented when you get to the front of the queue they take your order they take
your name or give you a number when parts of your breakfast are ready they call you
out first up was my toast now I’ve ordered a side of Marmite this is not part of a traditional
full English breakfast but I thought I would do it today really for visitors to London
who are not British if your coming to London your visiting London and you have never tried
Marmite or Vegemite which they have in Australia and New Zealand well we have them here as
well they sell them in supermarkets it tastes very very similar but yeah if you’ve never
tried Marmite this is the place to give it a go because they do these little pots which
you can put on your toast that comes with breakfast little heart shaped pots now the
key to Marmite you’ve got to butter the bread first it doesn’t work so well without butter
and the other thing use it very sparingly it is a very strong taste people either love
this or hate this I like it if but if you put that whole pot on one piece of bread it
is too much it is overpowering it is no fun so yeah very thinly spread on toast that pot
will do two pieces of bread so yeah if you come in especially if you are in a group Marmite
up one piece of bread and all give it a go it is the best way to try Marmite without
you having to buy a whole pot so yeah this is the kind of thin layer your looking for
should be translucent not opaque brown the more butter you apply the Marmite you can
get away with or if your making cheese and Marmite sandwiches you can probably get away
with a bit more more but if it is your first time go easy like this breakfast is served
right what I have got here is the set breakfast deal the five pound fifty set breakfast deal
but with a number of additions so the set breakfast deal you get two bacon, sausage,
eggs the toast and the tea the additions that I have added are black pudding, hash browns,
the orange juice and the Marmite to put on the toast brings the grand total up to nine
pounds fifty which for London is good value for the five pound fifty deal it is amazing
value any one up north is going to be in the comments section saying wow I get that for
three quid in my local and while I’am eating it they valet my car, shine mt shoes and when
I’am finished eating the owners wife gives me a Thai massage with optional extras but
to put it in context I checked the prices of a local hotel The Savoy on the Strand in
room dining a full English or traditional breakfast today is thirty five pounds now
if your staying at the Savoy congratulations it is a fabulous hotel and breakfast is incredible
for the duration of your stay most days you should have the healthy option but one day
come here and experience the full English breakfast I’ve gone for both tomato sauce
and ketchup to save further arguments in the comments section I’am going to blend the two
together but yeah that is another fierce debate about what sauce to put on your full English
Daddy sauce or tomato ketchup that’s pretty good Black pudding is good sometimes it can
be a bit weak it is pretty good in here hash brown lets try the beans they are pretty good
cheap beans taste they never have they taste sweet rather than salty it is all about the
Heinz Builders style tea not as weak as I thought it would be it is good Marmite is
an acquired taste you either love it or hate it spread it thinly or you’ll hate it either
way right I’am going to tuck in to this and speak to you guys in a moment I’ve got an
audience from the queue that’s building as well The walls of Regency cafe have pictures hanging of movie stars, sports stars but also some
of the press clippings where they’ve been mentioned or been given awards and some of
the adverts from magazines like vogue and adverts for companies like Volkswagen which
they have featured in so yeah they are very good at what they do which is English breakfast
so if your in London and you want an English breakfast this is the place to come that was
amazing lets go and free up the table and seats for the never ending queue of eager
customers OK that was breakfast at The Regency cafe The full English I’ve walked out it is
raining it is super windy so I hope you can hear me you will have to put up with a little
bit of wind and maybe some spots of water on the one the screen I’am going to head back
to the station and I’am not walking home it puts you in a food comer the only people that
eat that every day are British builders and they don’t do any work until the afternoons
they basically sit in there put themselves in a food comer go to screw-fix, go to the
job tell the tell them they have to go to screw fix because the parts they need are
pretty rare they disappear come back after lunch do a bit of work from two until three
and then it is home time I’ll pay for that if I ever hire a British builder where as
the Eastern Europeans they have energy drinks for breakfast fake ones like Red bull and
Monster knock offs sometimes it cracks them out so bad you see them full strength polish
larger like Tyskie trying to take the edge off now I’am in trouble wherever I get my
builders from yeah if your if your going there if you know what you like order what you like
if your if your not from London England your here for your first time and you’ve never
had a full English I would recommend I would recommend the combo I went for it will give
you the full English breakfast experience you can get the basic one it is five fifty
and included a drink its a bargain for where we are I went all in it cost me nine pounds
fifty with all the extras I got but yeah the basics I’am going this way the basic is great
value for money but they rely on turnover so unlike you know like coffee shops there
is no customer facilities there is no customer toilets no WiFi plug sockets you know they
don’t want you to linger like coffee shops they sell you your food you eat it and you
go and that so the queue looks quite off putting but people only stay as long as it takes to
eat their breakfast so pretty much by the time you the queue is basically pretty much
about as long as it takes someone to eat breakfast so about ten minutes maybe your waiting yeah
they turn over they turn over the covers pretty rapidly normally I probably wouldn’t actually
order what I got there I just thought I would show you the full English I would probably
be more inclined to go for bread and butter because you get something to mop up the bean
juice and the egg yolk but yeah I think toast is probably the traditional the traditional
look topping it with Marmite is not the is not a regular is not a normal thing but I
thought I would show you Marmite because that is a great if your not from the UK even if
your from Australia where you have Vegemite it is like the British equivalent of Vegemite
so yeah it is definitely worth a try again go sparingly they give you two so you will
probably be inclined to stick one on each slice don’t do that I’ve got the spare one
to enjoy at home you can too you paid for it take away so yeah go easy on the Marmite
if you try the Marmite and yeah no doubt comments below will be full of people telling you what
their ideal Full English is or from where ever you are in the UK because every one has
a different opinion a different personal preference there is no real set menu for it so yeah either
free style or try what I just had that will give you a pretty good idea so anyway I hope
you enjoyed this trip to Regency cafe a little insight into what makes a full English breakfast
and I’am going to head home and have a lie down after all that fat and all those calories
so until next time Toodles! OK lets talk about today’s weather I get asked about the weather
all the time various questions about what will it be like in a week two weeks a month
what should I wear it is an impossible question to answer it is September right now it should
be transitioning well we should be well into Autumn if you look out the window today it
would look cold completely grey and overcast it is raining intermittently it is warm it
is T-shirt and shorts weather you see people getting off the trains in a coat and very
quickly taking it off yeah the weather is completely unpredictable and it is impossible
to plan for what do you wear when it is T-shirt and shorts weather but raining who knows that
is why the British have a European wide reputation for dressing like eccentric well at best eccentric
nutters worst ways just badly we have some of the best British fashion designers British
fashion designers are the best but even they can’t come up with a collection for this

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