Red and Blue velvet cake recipe by tuntuni ranna ghor | How to make red blue velvet cake 2018

By | October 19, 2019

Assalamualaikum,Welcome to Tuntuni Ranna Ghor Red and Blue Velvet cakes are in today’s episode This cake has a lot of taste, I hope you like it Many thanks to my channel’s old subscribe to see this video And those who are new, one intro of 5 seconds will be subscribed and then press the Next Vell icon Let’s make the cake Have a bowl and sieve/ strainer All-purpose flour: 01 cup Milk Powder: 01 cup. Chocolate powder: 01 tbsp. Salt: 1/4 tsp. Strain the mixture with strainer. So, there is no thick grain. Mix well Egg: 04 pieces I will bit better Salted Butter: 25 gm My daughter is helping me to take butter Sugar: 1 cup I bit the sugar until melting Bit 5 minutes. Vegetable Oil: ½ cup Bit 10 minutes. Meanwhile, add flour mixture and whisk gently until thick and fluffy Bit 10 minutes. Baking powder: 03 tsp Cider vinegar (Bicarbonate of soda): 01 and ½ tbsp Mix it well This mixture is a mixture of two cakes. Vanilla extract: 01 tsp I am sharing the mix in two bowls Red food color: 01 tbsp. Mix it well Keep in mind that there is no other color in the biter. Otherwise, the color will change. Blue food color: 01 tbsp. Keep 2 mixtures aside for 1 hour Lightly mix oil cake pans being careful not to leave any uncoated and fill parchment paper into the pan I’ll shake twice. Then the bubble inside will come out. Now put a stand in a pressure cooker and put the cake pan in it Take a little warmer in the pressure cooker. Must sure pull off the pressure cooker valve Over low flame cooks for 50-55 minutes a toothpick inserted in the cake center comes out clean Beautiful red color coming There is no problem when the green color on the side, if you cut it on the side, then the blue color will come out. I’ll cut the cake with a yarn. If you want you can cut it with a knife. I’m laying a cake with swiss meringue buttercream on the cake I have 4 layers of cake. 2 blues and 2 reds I used Mixed Fruit Jam in the top layer. It increases the taste of cake. You can make a decoration as you wish. Our Red Blue Velvet Cake was made. Please follow our social network. Thanks for watching the whole video.

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