Realtor Marketing Ideas – How To Vlog

By | August 29, 2019

13 thoughts on “Realtor Marketing Ideas – How To Vlog

  1. Trevor Jones Post author

    👉🏼Who’s your favorite YouTuber?😊

  2. Jesse Grathoff Post author

    Favorite YouTuber is probably Potato Jet but you are definitely in the top 5! I'm about to kick off a channel. Wish me luck!

  3. Shane Cato Post author

    My favorite is probably Casey Neistat as well but you have definitely helped with ideas for real estate content.

  4. Shawn Bell Post author

    Awesome video as always Trevor! Amazing editing skills. Jealous!

  5. Claire Tansey's Kitchen Post author

    Love Casey and Peter McKinnon (who is Canadian yay!). I love your intro piece. So great!

  6. Barbara Heffernan Post author

    Great tips re vlogging! Very helpful, and you have awesome editing!

  7. Epic Real Estate Investing Post author

    Cool intro! Very useful tips, too! Thanks for sharing

  8. SimplyGottaSoar Post author

    Wow. Lots of great info. Just bought the Canon M50 a few days ago. I am inspired to learn about its features thanks to this video.


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