Real Expectations for SEO Marketing

By | August 30, 2019

I want to take this time to talk about
the real expectations that you should have as a business owner when you’re
doing a specific marketing called SEO which is essentially making sure your
business shows up in front of the right people on Google so when people go on
Google they search their problems essentially maybe they have questions
about their symptoms maybe they don’t know chip they’re tooth or something
they’re looking for a dentist near them we want to make sure you show up when
those people are actively searching for you because they’re ready to make a
decision right there and then but the reality is that no matter what you’ve
heard in other places about SEO about search marketing and things of that
nature this is not something that happens overnight you know kind of like
how your business was not built overnight especially if you’re in
profession where you’re required to take you know numerous tests and exams and
board exams and such that takes years and years and years
similarly this type of marketing will take months to get established and bring
consistent real business results for your business as long as it’s done right
all right that’s another thing so you want to make sure you’re spending you
know quality time to make sure you find the right agency that’s gonna handle
this for you and so some of the things that you want to look for is you know
not only a track record but just based on how they you know feed you to
information the data that they get from the work that they’re doing because you
know they everyone can give you all these big numbers on the number of
impressions the number of clicks some of those can be fabricated can be a little
bit you know overdone without really touching on what’s really important
right as a small business what’s really important is the amount of people that
came into your website first of all people need to come there to have any
type of interaction if you’re not doing any type of social media type of stuff
how many people hold your business from getting to your website from the Google
my business profile that you have out there how many customers are you
getting from those marketing like those are real stats that you need to keep
track of as you’re doing any type of marketing because at the end of the day
it’s not just a random expense that you want to put it’s an investment that you
put so that your business can continue to grow the way you want it to grow so
then those are some of the real expectations so going even further just
keep just to give you some tangible numbers to handle you can expect for
real SEO projects especially if there had been nothing done if it’s a brand
new website you can expect it to take several months six to nine months is a
is the about just to wrap right around the time point that I tell my clients
when I take them on board and start working with them it also matters on the
competition and so there are different factors but six to nine months is a
pretty fair time period for a lot of local businesses especially in smaller
cities or medium sized cities where it’s not super competitive like Miami New
York City and things of you know cities like those and so those are some of the
real expectations that you should have but along the way you should see a
continual progression of how your website is performing for those keywords
right it should be continual increase now sometimes there’s like jumps you
know in some months you might have a pretty straight line and then the next
months do you have a huge jump so you go from like the fifth page of Google
search results and then you jump up to like a second page this can definitely
happen it’s all case-by-case kind of like how whatever project or patient or
customer you’re dealing with it’s very different in each scenario
similarly in marketing that’s the same case but I just want to make sure you
have the real expectations set no matter what these people are telling because
you know there’s a lot of I’ve made a quick video previously kind of like as a
satire of ridiculous things that digital marketers can tell you about how they
can you know get you insane results in very short limited period of time which
you know would be lovely but in this day and age that’s not you
know it’s just not something that’s realistic for your business your
business is not going to triple overnight it’s not going to triple in
three months even if it worked going back to the point of making sure you
have real expectations I hope this you found this video helpful
and you found value in it to help you understand what you’re getting into what
decisions that you’re making and to understand if this is the right decision
for your business it may not be if you don’t have a six to nine month runway if
it’s something more urgent of course you’re gonna have to do something
but SEO may not be the first option and so if you found this helpful and if
you’re actually looking to get your business in front of more people on
search like Google go to Isaac fix my site come to get your free guide Isaac
fix my site calm my name is Isaac John owner of IJ media I’ll see you on the
next video

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