Real Estate SEO Content creation. A step by step tutorial.

By | August 27, 2019

Okay welcome to the third segment of my
real estate SEO training series. The object of this series again is to take
somebody that does not know that much or knows next to nothing at all about real
estate SEO and give you enough information that if you follow my
tutorials you have a very good chance of getting a a real estate
website to rank for terms that are relevant to real estate on the first
page of Google. Alright so this segment is very, a really important segment,
this segment is about content and pretty much every professional SEO in the world
right now agrees that about thirty to forty percent of what Google is looking
at is the quality of the content. Content just so that you understand the term
terminology is a page, it’s information on the website.
Okay that’s content. This is content. Okay, there’s a lot going on on this page but
Google considers the entire page a piece of content. You should get a pen
and a piece of paper and you should keep it close by for the entirety of this
tutorial. Again, this segment is going to be on creating amazing content for your
real estate website. So that it ranks on the first page of Google. Now there are
some other things that I’m going to cover that need to happen for a page to
rank but absolutely positively the first step is making sure that you have a
great page of content. So our last series we covered keyword research but now
there are some information that goes into creating a page of content that
relates to keywords that’s more content driven. All right now when you’re in the
process of creating a page of content the first thing that you do as the last
segment, you find a keyword. You stay between the difficulty score, you’re
using Ahrefs. This tool that I’m using, it’s the only tool
I’m gonna train on in this basic series and you’re gonna say whatever your
keyword is. In this case Bethesda real estate and you’re gonna see that the parent
topic which is Bethesda Maryland. So that means that some of these pages like this
one if you google Bethesda Maryland you’re gonna hit this Zillow page. Zillow
you can tell by the URL here that they targeted Bethesda Maryland, they wanted
that anybody that searches for the city they wanted to get in front of and
basically own that entire search and they’ve done a very good job of doing
that but here’s something important for you to understand. Google uses something
called semantic keyword recognition that just means that they take the target or
primary phrase and then they, that being Google decides what other keywords are
going to be associated with the keyword that you selected. So if we do a
very good job, we build a very good page. Google is actually gonna decide with a
little help from us about what other things the page might be related to and
I’m gonna teach you in this segment how to send signals to Google that relate to
some of the other things that you might want your page to rank to that pertain
to the primary topic. So if we look here, this is keyword. So this page
ranks somewhere from 1 to 100 for 232 keywords that’s what this stands for. It
generates 2486 people roughly these are all estimates back to this particular
page and if you look down here pretty much every page on the first page ranks
for certain keyword terms. Now I want to be really clear with you with you as an
audience the example that I’m going to teach on is actually targeting real
estate Bethesda Maryland that keyword. I am NOT trying to target Bethesda
Maryland. The reason is simple as I’ve said in my last segment every now and
again you do run across something that you just, it’s not worth it
try to compete for at least not as a real estate agent. These two top spots
are a waste of your time. Now I haven’t explained this to you yet but the rest
of these signals and the page strength is very low. This is not
competitive and I’m going to explain to you how you can just an average real
estate agent can catch up and get on this first page. So having said that what
we’re trying to get on the first page for is real estate in Bethesda or real
estate Bethesda Maryland stuff like that. Okay so hopefully you understand to
some degree keyword selection and how that relates to content and if you don’t
here’s another way to look at it. When we do find a good keyword instead of trying
to confuse you with a whole bunch of gobbledygook I’m now going to move into
another important category of my training I am going to be teaching you
using two tools that you as a real estate agent should definitely be using.
One, is WordPress you should be doing your, like if you’re building a site
if you’re gonna do SEO to start with it should be on a WordPress website that
you own. Most of the big website developers still use WordPress. You just
won’t recognize it and when I say that I mean Placester, I mean pretty much
everybody that’s popular except for Real Geeks recognize the dashboard and they
will have locked down your ability to add a lot of once again for
the nine thousandth time you need to own your own website but here we go. I’m
going to be using WordPress and I’m also going to be using a plug-in on WordPress
called Yoast. Okay, this is Yoast. I’m using these because it makes SEO a
little bit more understandable and Yoast in particular kind of points you in the
right direction. They’re always, they’re scoring
each thing that you’re doing and they’re giving you a road map on the website to
kind of tell you what you should be doing and it’s this road map this down
here. So this is the Yoast plugin anything right below where it says Yoast
SEO premium this is the plug-in and it’s telling you right here what you’re
supposed to be doing. I’ve used this plug-in extensively
including on my own website and it works extremely well. Your objective is to get
your primary keyword and this is called a focus keyword okay so you’ve
identified your keyword if you followed my last tutorial. Now you place the
keyword right here where it says focus keyword. There’s a few things that you
need to understand, it’s called on-page SEO it used to be really big vast complicated topic and
it still has a lot of factors but fortunately Google who is trying
desperately to give amateurs that are not SEO experts kind of like a leg up
has simplified the major signals that they require when they start
reading a page. A huge part of SEO is what is called the title, the URL and
what’s called the Meta Description now the Meta Description
is the description that you’re going to see. See this is a Meta Description when
I say edit snippet this is the description that you’re going to see
when you do a search. Okay so this is the Meta Description I did the search real
estate slogans. This is the Meta Description. Google must be playing
around with the algorithm because normally a Meta Description is not this
long this is mine but they’ve increased the length. So I think that if people
spend a certain amount of time on your article, if you engage them Google does
things like this. They creates snippets, they do things to call out your
particular listing even if you technically haven’t sent enough signals
to get all the up. I know for sure that my page engages
longer than any other page. So people spend more time on it and that’s a huge
important signal to Google these days when it comes to content but we’ll get
to that later. So this right here is the Meta Description in this Meta
Description you need to have the primary keyword that you’re targeting. So this
one I’m targeting real estate slogans and tag lines. So here’s real-estate
slogans and you’ll see I actually, probably and then real estate tagline,
right there. It’s just not bold and I should probably go and change that to be
honest. So for some reason I did this real estate bold and I messed it up a
little bit but I’ll go change that at some point here. So this right here
Bethesda real estate is my primary keyword, okay. That’s what you want your
primary, you want your title, your meta description and your URL to all contain
the primary keyword and if at all possible you want it to be the first
three letters of the title. In other words, you’ll note that a lot of my
content that I produce is the first three words are my primary keyword. Okay
for the first segment is my primary keyword and then I’m throwing in a
home buyers guide at the end of this because obviously the word home or buyer
or any of that might actually semantically get me in front of some
some additional keywords. So that’s the reason that I selected this title but
the sure fast rule for you as a novice is I want my keyword set in the
beginning of the article. Your article like whatever you’re gonna write
there is absolutely, positively since Google now is making an effort to
understand what you’re writing about. That means
that you need to give them data to look at which means that you must have a blog
post that is somewhere between 900 and 1500 words, that’s the sweet spot don’t
break your brain about going over that but you must have 900 to 1500 words and
900 to 1500 works best if you are taking advantage of kind of like the extra
credit ways that Google gives you to rank your content. I’m going to explain
that in a moment but there are things that Google does
that they have changed dramatically that literally give you massive amounts of
extra SEO power inside every single article that you create and
just knowing these things makes a vast difference in your SEO efforts
and can take somebody like you who may never have done this before and give you
a very good chance about ranking with other people. So hopefully you understand
what a title is hopefully you understand what a URL is. So URL in the world of
WordPress is also called a permalink. You can edit it. This is a beginner’s guide,
I suggest very strongly you stick with a simple title and you leave your
permalink alone just let Yoast and WordPress decide what
your your permalink is. If you want to take an advanced class and kind of learn
a lot about primary URLs and how that relates to permalinks and all that
different stuff you’re welcome to do it I’m not going to cover it in this
particular tutorial. So we’ve got, hopefully you understand what your url
is. You need just your primary keyword inside the URL and now we go down here a
little bit okay so we’re looking at content optimization is this whole
section that we’re looking at. All right, you’ll notice that most of my little
dots are green and I’m gonna cover with you why that is. So this page
has zero no followed outbound links and eight normal outbound
outbound links. Okay so what is an outbound link? okay that sounds like a
very confusing fancy kind of terminology. So an outbound link is this you see in
the green right here. I’m going to open this up and a link takes you to,
so we’re in this article we’re talking about the micro communities of the Bethesda Maryland. Okay these are very small groups of
homes inside the larger city of Bethesda itself in this particular case we’re
talking about you know like a luxury condominium building. Alright so why did
we link to this luxury condominium building? Well there used to be this
thought that Google was penalizing you for linking, doing what was called
followed links to other websites and they would take, they would steal a
little of your credit. So pretend you have a score of 100 and then every time
you vote for somebody, you take a little of your score and you give it to them.
That’s the way that you Google used to work. Google doesn’t do that. This right
here, this link, this website address is what is called a backlink or link and
it’s a major, major, major part of SEO. For right now though all you need to know is
that a very strong way to signal to Google that you’ve created a very useful
piece of content is to make sure that you have somewhere between 5 and 25
outbound links to credible sources that relate directly to whatever you’re
talking about. So we’re talking about a micro community inside Bradley Hills and
we linked to a luxury condominium building that’s located within bradley
hills, it is very much related. So google who generally understands what each one
of these websites is about and is looking for authoritative links. In other
words does this site have Authority? and the answer is some. It’s not
enormously authoritative but it does have some Authority and you have to
take a look at it from the perspective of all of the other links within Maryland.
So in other words how authoritative are real estate sites in general inside
Bethesda Maryland and the answer is not very but this is the site that we
link to and it’s more authoritative than my site. So it’s pretty authoritative and
I’m looking at the UR and the DR to in order to establish that and the Ahrefs
rank which says that it’s 15 million. Now there’s many, many, many other measurement
tools many other types of analytics that you can look at. I’m not going to talk to
you about any of them. I’m only going to be using ahrefs as a reference just to
try to keep this super simple. So and by the way I use ahrefs 95% of the time.
My strong belief is if you follow this tutorial you use ahrefs, you use
WordPress, you use Yoast in the ways that I’m teaching you. You will rank and you
can skip the years worth of heartache and headaches that I’ve had to go
through in order to get to a point where I know this well enough to say you do
these basic things, with these basic tools and you’ll do great.
Don’t worry about the rest, good is good enough. All right so outbound links. This
article contains, drumroll please. Yoast counts them for us because they’re an
important signal. This has eight so it falls within the guideline I just gave
you the context contains sixteen hundred and thirty eight words. So again, Yoast is
tracking this for you. You don’t need to know for sure how long long your article
is what you’re gonna do, is you’re gonna go into WordPress, you’re gonna create a
new page or a new post. You’re gonna put your key word that is
part of your title and you’re gonna figure what the. The way that I do this
is I always just put my key word first and then I figure out what I want the
rest of the title to be. Okay no internal links appear on this
page which means that I have linked to no other pages on this website. Okay it
is typically a good idea to link from your content to other pages on your site.
An easy way to explain that as Google again has changed a lot of the rules and
at the simplest level again just using ahrefs as my tool to show you. So Google
scores every page right and you might end up with a lot of pages on your
website. You may even have a lot of pages now. So I’m just gonna do top pages and
this is gonna cause them to take forever. Alright so here’s my pages right, here’s
my top pages. The amount of keywords each page has, the amount of traffic that is
being driven but here’s another thing I hit that drop-down and you see a URL
rating. Okay so Google pretty much used every page to some degree as an
independent website. So if you link from a page internally and it has a score of
12 and it’s topically relevant to the page that you’re sending the link to
guess what Google gives that significant, pays a lot of attention to that. So
internal links are important but this is a brand new website and I only have a
couple pages on it right now. So I’m gonna come back and do. Okay. Moving on to
the focus keyword appears in 2 out of 15 subheadings in your copy. Okay
what’s the subheading these are subheadings. Okay do you see where it
says heading 4. So there’s a tool that is important, that is part in your
like WordPress and SEO and Yoast will set this up for you. So again if you’re
using, if you’re going ahead and and doing what I’m telling you to do
this is going to be present. WordPress doesn’t come out of
the box like this but if you’ve used the plugins that I told you to use it
will be here and here’s the headings. So a subheading is a slightly larger
version of the text and google adds a little bit more authority or importance
to these subheadings. So it’s telling me hey you should have your primary keyword
in more than two of these 15 subheadings. I have decided that it doesn’t
make sense, it doesn’t flow with the article to do it more than twice because
these are all sub communities and the only way that I could build out
Bethesda real estate. So what I did do was I added the keyword in another way
and I’m gonna show you that next. So subheadings it says hey the focus
keyword only appears in 2 out of 15 subheadings in your copy, try to use it
in one more subheading. I want to be clear with you the reason I’m teaching
you to use Yoast is you know honestly you could follow Yoast’s advice to the
letter and be doing yourself a great service. So I had been doing SEO for 10
years decided to ignore this one clue and I made up for it in another way. You
as an amateur I’m assuming could go ahead and follow it letter for letter
and you’re not going to be doing yourself any harm. You’re probably gonna,
just going to be increasing your chances to rank. So what’s the next one? The
images on this pane page contain alt attributes with the focus keyword. Sounds
super confusing and it took me a while to understand this but this is one
of the two extra-credit ways that Google gives you to rank a page. So Google is
not smart enough yet to understand entirely what a page is supposed to be
about. So even though it can read the page and it does use groups of keywords,
groups of text to kind of relate to the primary keyword.
It uses groups, it uses, it understands language well enough to understand if
you’re using language in here that is close, that relates to Bethesda real
estate. So it can understand relevance it also can see user signals. How long
people are staying on the page, how many other pages that people visit. to kind of
understand if the page is relevant to the topic that you’re saying that it’s
relevant about. but you know what, when you start getting a long article which
is what Google needs. You still actually need to use keywords. It’s a
mistake to think that you don’t need to use keywords but one of the things that
the engineers Google realized is that trying to use a keyword too much inside
the content just makes it shitty content. People don’t want to read it, so
one of the ways that they gave us to address that is by using something
called alt attribution tags inside images. Let’s take a look okay
alt attribution means alternative text. Alternative text is for hearing impaired
or sight impaired people and there are special tools that they can use that
basically will make this readable for them. So what we want, is we want
something that is kind of descriptive of the image and we also want to use our
primary keyword and that is what Yoast is looking at when it’s saying down
here: the images on this page contain all attributes with the focus
keyword it basically loves them. Now the second part of extra credit is video my
most recent blog post contains no less than nine videos in less than week it
was already ranking for its primary keyword which is real estate lead
generation websites I shouldn’t say ranking it’s not on the first page yet
it is ranking number fourteen okay so I’m on the second page in under a week
which is incredible. I know those of you watching won’t understand a lot about
SEO but it’s not uncommon for a page to take the year to rank for a keyword term
so if somebody’s able to do it in 60 to 180 days they really know they’re
doing and if you follow this tutorial I’m gonna make you one of those people.
So video has a lot of different ways inside of it, YouTube specifically that
you optimize video and I literally don’t have the time to turn this into a
YouTube optimization tutorial. I will say this the title is very important and the
tags that you use are very important and there’s a way that you can
put what’s called your your latitude or longitude into the video itself and
showing where the video was made is also very important. So video is extremely
powerful which is why I use it on my site. I will probably end up doing
another separate video that covers video optimization for SEO by itself. Suffice
it to say if you can find the time to create a one-minute YouTube video and
add the primary keywords in this case it would be Bethesda real estate and then
talk briefly about the real estate market and use tags that are related to
Bethesda like Bethesda real estate, Bethesda homes for sale,
Bethesda real estate information, Bethesda tutorial. Keywords that just
relate directly to your area and then you post the video as part of
everything else I’m teaching you that is also a very strong signal to Google and
is one of those extra-credit ways that you can basically do keyword targeting
inside your post. I’m going to tell you one thing that I found out from
one of the top Youtubers in the entire world okay so here’s a really deep
hidden piece of knowledge for YouTube optimization. There is the ability when
you’re doing a YouTube video to hand-tight
closed-captioning. So what is closed captionon, that’s this right here. okay. You have the ability to hand type your
words because Google doesn’t translate them perfectly and it knows it. So if you
take the time and type them one of the things that Google does is it completely
100% gives you credit as if you’ve written an entire page of content and
then installed it on this page. So this blog post is only nine hundred
words but Google is most likely going to give me credit for more like five or six
thousand words because I’ve used video and I had a virtual assistant code
through and closed caption all the text. So for Google I’ve got six videos worth
of language on here that all relate to doing a comparison between between two
real estate lead generation websites. I anticipate that this article is going to
do quite well in the search rankings. So keyword density okay. This is important
look for great it needs to be somewhere between half a percent and 1 percent and
if you go over like 1.2 percent it’s too much. So keyword density is super
important. You want to use the keyword enough to send the signal clearly to
Google and again Yoast tracks it for you. Don’t break your brain about it just
simply look and wait until your light goes green use the alt attribution. Use
both, put your keyword in the captions and put it in the alt attribution.
Google reads it in both places. So you if you do this correctly
images are a really heavy-duty keyword topic enhancing element to your content
because it looks perfectly natural for me to have an image that’s titled
Bethesda real estate, beverly hills grove, Bethesda Maryland community. That’s
natural when connected to an image, it’s not natural when
connected to text inside the body content. Google knows that but I’ve sent
really strong keyword targets to Google and I promise you this article in
probably under 30 days is going to be ranking for its primary keyword. That
just means it’s gonna be somewhere in the top 100 but how quickly you get
recognized once you’ve posted something is very important and all the things
I’m teaching you are going to be really important to you getting ranked. The
focus keyword appears in the first paragraph the copy. I covered this at the
opening of the tutorial. The Meta Description contains a focus to focus
keyword in I covered this in the beginning of the tutorial the length of
the Meta Description is sufficient. So let’s take a look at that real quick.
Okay. So a meta description, so this description is, there’s two ways that
Google grabs it. They either take it from from the first paragraph of
your copy. Okay, so just what you’ve written naturally or you get to tell them what
it is and the two can be different. So in other words I can put in a different
Meta Description and not have it be the first paragraph which is really
important for things like click-through rates but that’s kind of an advanced
thing suffice to say just in terms of SEO it’s really great that you can get
credit doubly for keywords. Now what do I mean by that? So Google does understand
that you’ve got a Meta Description that contains the keyword and then you also
have the keyword in the copy itself. This gives you credit for the keyword twice
without you having to use it twice which again when it comes to good
writing and trying to have it be a pure natural is an extremely important thing
to know and Yoast does it for you automatically. You just click edit
snippet and bang here you are. A couple of other tips about using Yoast. Okay,
because we are happy at the end so the focus keyword appears in the URL
which again I’ve already covered that and you’ve never used this
focus keyword before which is good because if you
try to do something called cornerstone content. So if you’re spending a lot of
time and effort writing a page about real estate you want to make one primary
page that’s associated to your primary keyword. For better for worse you’re
locked into this piece of content. So you should be spending lots of time to make
it good, you can write a lot of other lifestyle pieces on your blog, like
what’s the best restaurant in Bethesda, what’s a great thing to do on a Friday
night in Bethesda and then link those posts to this post and that’s how you
should be building up a real estate blog in terms of lifestyle. Now I’m going to
be covering how you promote these content pages a lot more this tutorial
is about how you should be creating the content and again I’m trying to keep it
super simple. Posting it on on a wordpress website making sure that
you’re using Yoast and now the last part of Yoast which you’ve seen me use here I
use a pro version of Yoast which allows me to check other keywords. Now it’s very
unlikely that a single post will get you multiple green dots however if you’ve
written a good post, you can check other keywords like Bethesda Maryland real
estate, buying a home in Bethesda Maryland and I’m getting oranges on
these which means that. why am I checking that? because I want to
understand if semantically if I’m choosing keywords that are close to my
primary keyword is there enough keywords in common that Yoast is picking them up
because if the answer is yes in my experience from ranking content on my
site this is a great, great signal to send. Now there is one part of the
Yoast plug-in that I don’t really use and I want to cover it really quickly
the readability so trying to understand passive voice and trying to and by the
way I have a professional writer who is a PhD English Lit student who
understands SEO and he doesn’t get the stuff right.
So please don’t hold yourself too accountable.
This right here passive voice which is, you know what I don’t want to get into
it it’s just to understand this try to make your content easy to read about 5th
to 6th grade level is what you’re aiming for.
Okay so simple, the readability score it can be important and if you end up
getting like into a really competitive marketplace you might want to start
trying to do the readability stuff. My experience in real estate is
that if you’re doing just this stuff well and you do 80% and get the little
green dots 9 times out of 10 if you sent the right signals to the page you’re
going to get it ranked. The only other factor is do people stay on your page
for a while? do they find it useful? and that can be a tricky thing because you
can read my entire tutorial and write a 1500 word piece of junk that nobody
wants to read and I can’t help you. So the last element of creating a great
piece of content is understanding what people want to read. Okay and I’m gonna
give you some tips and some tricks alright.
People love statistics every and they love facts. What do I mean by that? So
Bannockburn alright, Bannockburn is a subdivision of single-family homes. The
most affordable starts around 600k. Statistic, fact and put ranges into the
multi-millions. Homes feature a wide variety of architectural styles
and we have an image. Okay, I don’t know that it’s the directly related to a home
in there but since I’ve trained my writers to use these resources chances
are strong that it is and I’ll explain how we can get images from a local area
you would think that we couldn’t but we can’t. Okay including a state size
Colonials. So the average agent is 33- 42 residents. Again facts, figures, people
would even live in the area probably have never read Wikipedia. So even though
there is a Bannockburn Wikipedia page don’t make the assumption
that the facts that are located there are known by everybody even inside the
area. If you put facts and figures inside your content I promise you people will
read it and that’s what we want because if you stay on the page an extra ten
seconds past somebody else’s page guess what
Google really looks at that and decides that your page is being more useful and
we might even rank you even if your page, your page might get ranked even if you
aren’t sending as many other signals. If you’re just writing the page well and
using Yoast, using images and using facts and figures then you might very well
rank even if you don’t have as many signals coming into the page that say
that it’s great and I’m gonna explain signals in a moment but here’s some of
the hidden ways that you can write an amazing content page. I’m gonna give you
all my secrets get that pin up. TripAdvisor. So travelers when they are visiting an
area oftentimes leave reviews on TripAdvisor. So here are people and they’ve left
reviews. They’ve left 5000 reviews on lodging, four reviews on
rentals, they’ve talked about flights, they’ve talked about things to do and
this is usually where I go. I go into either the Forum or the things to
do. why? because it’s full of amazing information from people who are visiting
the area and then talking about it and now it segments it for me nightlife,
museum, outdoor activity, shopping, food and drink, tours. So let’s just do sites
and landmarks. Okay the fourth Presbyterian Church with six reviews,
let’s read those reviews. Okay so this is telling me like if I go
through all these reviews I’m learning from a tourist perspective about a
landmark inside the city that is being reviewed. I now know from the end users
like what they think of this amazing church that’s in the middle of
Bethesda. Now that’s not relevant for the piece of content that I actually
wrote but it’s easily relevant for a number of other kind of lifestyle pieces
that I could write to support the content that I wrote. So Wikipedia is
still a strong piece of content for an area, okay. Another thing that I do often
times is I use Google Maps, why do I use Google Maps? Google Maps will tell me
what communities are inside a community. what do I mean by that? You guys noticing
anything here? Did you see those the text that came up slightly Woodburn,
Bannockburn, South Bradley Hills, Kenwood. With links, photos and a map, okay. Now
this is incredibly relevant to a real estate agent, all right. You don’t need to
be a rocket scientist to understand what the borders of a
community are. Now I would assume that you live in the area you might know but
if you don’t know, you don’t need to know. Google Maps will actually show you the,
well not in every case obviously but they will show you in many cases what
the actual borders of a particular community are. You get to write about
that on your page and if somebody happens to be from outside the area
they’re gonna appreciate it and guess what, if somebody lives let’s say
in uhm, okay so this is Bethesda. Let’s say they live in Arlington and
they’re gonna move into Bethesda. They don’t know what the borders of a
particular neighborhood are but they could have been referred to South
Bradley Hill know that they want to live in it. So actually even somebody who
lives inside the state of Maryland might find that information useful. So don’t
assume that just because everybody lives like in Maryland or in the area that
they actually know the details that you’re writing about. That’s why I love
facts and figures. I promise you I’ve been doing this for ten years and you
just don’t know what people inside the community really know and what they
really don’t know but they might find it helpful at the point that they’re doing
a real estate search and anybody that stays on this page and they’re not gonna
read it a hundred times even if you do it really well. We don’t need them to
read it a hundred times we just need them to be impressed the first time they
read it and why is that because I don’t know what it is about people but they
probably won’t bookmark your site. They will however start their property search
if we capture them as a lead they might actually sit they’re going to be getting
drip email. So they will actually continue to use your site for doing
property searches and there you’re capturing them with these widgets
which is an IDX broker widget which is what I recommend for IDX which is a
different topic it’s not related to SEO but if you do SEO right they come to
this page. If you have a good reputation in other words you provide a great
information, they’re impressed by the information but they don’t sign up six
months later they do the same search see your site again maybe you’re not number
one maybe you’re number two or number three but guess what if they read the
page and you they were impressed by your knowledge I guarantee you they’re gonna
click. So much marketing is done based on really making an impression.
I don’t read, like I consume a lot of content on the web but I I am really
particularly if somebody writes something that’s interesting
even on a boring topic I remember them it’s really hard to do. I may be unique
but I don’t think that I am. The next tip is Flickr. Now Flickr is where you get
really insanely relevant images that are being
posted by people that live in the areas that you’re interested in. So an example
of this would be Bethesda. Okay. So here we got just a double tree that doesn’t
do me much good. So let’s do Bethesda, let’s skip the Marylands. Let’s do homes Oh, it would help if I was spelling it
correctly. Okay. yeah so now we get so these. There’s 4461 photos and guys most
of the time these are what are called there’s a common core license here
Creative Commons license which just means that most of these photos the
people have given up their rights to them. So we can use them on the web I
love Flickr not all of them, some people have these copyrighted but I’d say
85 to 90 percent are photos that can be used and you can see here. like these are
all theoretically photos in Bethesda. It still takes a while to find the right
photo of the photo that you want to use. You can see that not necessarily
all of these are Bethesda homes. There seems to be a lot of assorted things in
here but I promise you a certain number of them are and we could also
do another search because there’s four thousand homes. So
we can do Bethesda Maryland, we could change the search. Still searching
photos but we’ve added now it’s twenty thousand photos. We can do all Creative
Commons which just means that now you can use like any of these
photos that you find you can use and now we start to see a lot more. It does take
a little bit of time to find the perfect photo and unfortunately not everybody
tags their photos correctly so oftentimes you are digging through a big
general search like this one but I’m looking at Bethesda photos, I’m looking
at Maryland photos right now and I will eventually find some photos of some
houses that I can use specifically in these areas, specifically for the
blog post that I’m doing and obviously there’s a lot of tricks to using Flickr
but again this tutorial is basic. I’m not going to go through each and every
single filter that you can do or how all the searches can happen but Flickr is
the place that I go to get what I call boots-on-the-ground photos and
when I do find good ones everybody’s always very surprised. All right
here’s two sneaky sites to get great information. A lot of people don’t know
about these sites. So I’m gonna educate you real quick Neighborhood Scout Bethesda Maryland United States.
Scout it. Okay, notice something. You’ve got your city separated, you’ve got it
separated by price. So this is even better than Google Maps but this
doesn’t happen for each and every single neighborhood. So my Google’s Maps
tutorial is still good but this is happening for Bethesda probably because
it’s the most expensive neighborhood in the United States real estate and this
isn’t going to give us all the data it’s gonna give us some. Okay, it’s gonna
average home value, median home value, so on so forth. Number of homes and
apartments. Okay a lot of the information that we might is locked.
Okay but you do get good general data and we have demographics and we have
crime and we have schools and all of this is usually, they give you a little
snippet and then they cut you off the rest. okay but you do get some very good
data for free. The other thing that you can use is City Data. Now between these two sites you should
be able to get great information on an area that you’re researching statistical
information, stuff that’s not even on Wikipedia. The kind of stuff that I told
you, you should be writing about. Okay. You get median per capita, the population, the
ethnicity of the population. Another kind of map, races. See what I mean. White alone
and in a lot of these sites will talk about education, home sales. So there’s
all sorts of stuff that’s located inside this program or this site that
you can absolutely reference and use inside your blog posts. All right. Last
but not least and this is probably one of my, it’s a little hit and miss but I
love this one because I also oftentimes get data that people are just stunned
they don’t even know how I found it. So “Living in Bethesda”. Actually that’s
saying do I want to ask the question. I don’t oh wait no. Here we go.
What’s it like to live in Bethesda Maryland. So some of the time Quora is
it is a website where people get to ask questions and then other people answer
those questions. So look at all these questions that people have asked. What
are the hidden gems? What are the fun things to do? What is Bethesda?
How does Bethesda rank in wealth? So there’s all sorts of people, people that
work for the city, people. Quora is a very popular website and there’s a lot of
great reasons to build up a Quora profile which means you oftentimes have really
super qualified people answering these questions. So you can see here like these
are people that live there and now they’re talking about living in Bethesda.
I have found so many great tips from insiders like things to
you that only like people that live in the city know about. Like what are the
hidden gems in Bethesda Maryland? Let’s find out.
Louisiana expresses an awesome Cajun restaurant. Bethesda Crab Shack. Billy
goat trail and here’s some others. Okay and you can kind of dig through and
and look at other things but it’s like it is a great way even if you’re living
inside the city itself to write about the city itself because you may not have
ideas. So you may be sitting in front of your computer and have a blank little
cursor going at you and you just can’t think of something even though you live
there. Go to Quora, find out what questions people are asking about the area. If
you’re doing a lifestyle piece it’s extremely helpful. If you’re doing a real
estate speaking piece just use this URL right up here and and take pointers
from it and if you follow my blog and I start to talk about other clients
and other work that I’ve done just copy it. Don’t be prideful just
simply produce the same types of pages, with the same types of information.
Obviously not in the same area but still the same format you should do fine. So
this is my piece on creating content for a real estate website. I hope
that you find it very useful. If you follow this tutorial in terms of content
creation I have no doubt that you’ll be very successful. It might take a little
while for you to learn the ins and outs and how you learn to use so on and so forth but you’ll do very well if you stick to the
principles. Use these little hidden research tools that I told you about and
follow along with what Yoast says for you to do. You’ll do great.

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