Real Estate Leads On Vacation – Travel Tips For Realtors

By | November 15, 2019

12 thoughts on “Real Estate Leads On Vacation – Travel Tips For Realtors

  1. Trevor Jones Post author

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  2. The L.A. Real Estate Agent Post author

    Women Are from Venus and Men Are from Mars… too funny!

  3. Chuck Johnson Post author

    Looks as if you guys had a fun and {mostly} relaxing vacation. Cheers, Chuck (a real estate broker in Jacksonville, FL) … and … I'm sure you made it so the vacation was tax deductible.

  4. Tomas Casarotti REMAX Courtier Immobilier Real Estate Broker Agent Post author

    Amazing vlog!!!!

  5. Car Confessions in Real Estate Post author

    You both were really fun to watch! Amazing footage too! Good Job Mrs Jones for taking the lead in planning your vacation.

  6. Mike Brown - Broker Post author

    Fun video guys…as Broker/Owner of my own Brokerage, I need to schedule more vacations.

  7. Christian Lamb Post author

    Looks like you guys had an amazing little adventure!! I love your banter!! 😁😁 You remind me of me an my wife. 🤙🤙

  8. Kate Murray • Vogue MEDIA Post author

    Scheduling is a game changer! Beautiful scenery, happy anniversary! We just celebrated our 15th by ordering a pizza and taking care of a sick kid! haha! I hear you though…even when you go out of state you're never "really" on vacation!

  9. Shawn Bell Post author

    Love technology and how we can schedule things so that we can still go on holidays when needed. Now if we can only invent a way to lose the phone and customers still get taken care of while we are away 🤔

  10. Rebecca Zung Post author

    Great video and very entertaining. Love finding waterfalls myself too!


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