Rapid Fire #1 – Start with SEO/Social/PPC? How Hard is SEO? And more…

By | October 19, 2019

Bala: Hello. Hi today we have Sameer Panjwani, the CEO
and founder of Mondovo, for a very interesting rapid fire round, so Sameer are you ready
for this rapid fire round? Sameer : I am. Shoot your questions. Bala : Fantastic. I need the answers to be short, crisp and
to the point. Are you ready? Sameer : Done. Bala : Fantastic. So, things to focus when you start a new website. Would it be Social, SEO or PPC? Sameer : Hmm… Ok quickly if you are an information based
product SEO, If it’s an eCommerce based site then PPC. If it’s in entertainment space with a huge
following or if you wish to build a following then Social. Bala : Fantastic alright. So when do you start with link building? Sameer : First focus on offering value, validate
your business model if you are into SaaS, otherwise information based sites immediately,
eCommerce may be PPC first. Bala : Wow, I wish link building was that
easy. Alright, so how long does it take for SEO
to show results? Sameer : If you have an established site and
are smart, almost immediately. If you target the long tail, new site can
take time, I cannot give you a time frame. Bala : Atleast someone tell us the time for
SEO. How hard is SEO then. Sameer : Hard depending on industry and the
vertical that you are on. Bala : Ok. Sameer : Again if you are smart you target
the really really niche segments there is opportunity and can be easy but 95% hard. Bala : Cool that was short and sweet. So, apart from Mondovo which is your favorite
tool? Sameer : Hmm Mondovo is by far the best SEO
tool but I love Hotjar, we use a lot of Intercom and… ya I would say those two. Bala : Fantastic ah alright which is your
favorite Mondovo’s tool? Sameer : Mondovo’s tool I love the rank
tracker which is recent and new and the upcoming keyword research tool super fast super cool. Bala : Very good but we all love you at Mondovolytics. It’s pretty interesting and very addictive. Fantastic then. Thank you very much for this rapid fire and
we are gonna do some more like this so keep looking for this particular space and you
are going to have very interesting things coming up, until next time, Good Bye!

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