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By | August 10, 2019

Okay so you’re probably wondering what is RankPay? Well, we’re a very unique results-based SEO service. Yeah, we help you find the right keywords so your website ranks. Whoa! What a concept! See, look here’s the thing we believe that search engine optimization shouldn’t be difficult, expensive, or risky I know, right? Most SEO services charge you even if your site never ranks. Seriously. Well guess what? We don’t do that. Most SEO services require you to pay upfront, sign long-term contracts and charge set up fees. Nope we don’t do that either. See, we think the SEO process should be easy, leaving you to focus on what matters most, your business. Alright, so you might be thinking hey this all sounds great but can RankPay still get my site top rankings in the search engines? Hey, listen our success is tied to your success. RankPay has helped hundreds of websites get ranked for thousands of keywords. Okay, so let me break it down for you. Here’s how it works: Enter your site’s domain name on the RankPay.com homepage, next enter keywords that your target market uses to find a site like yours. You’ll be given instant upfront pricing for each keyword, so go ahead and choose the keywords that match your budget. Now after you enter your contact and payment information, submit your keywords for approval. You know what – this is pretty easy. Then a RankPay representative will call to help make some quick changes to optimize your site. Wow! That’s it. Leave the rest to us. You’ll be able to login and track progress on your campaign. You’ll see your site’s current ranking for each keyword. You see wasn’t that simple? RankPay, the no-risk, results-based, smart, and easy way to do SEO.

4 thoughts on “RankPay Performance-based SEO Services

  1. MegaDeeble Post author

    A brilliant concept and smart forward thinking on todays world of seo, i'm sure you guys will do well indeed.

  2. Asda Smart Price Post author

    I wouldn't normally comment but I was genuinely impressed with the fact it's practically no win no fee SEO! Good video too!


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