Ranking Factory Revolution Review Part 3

By | August 27, 2019

welcome to ranking factory revolution
review part 3 ranking factory revolution is a tool that combines a number of
individual tools we call them modules that basically will post your content
onto free Google properties and we have a number of these modules in ranking
Factory revolutions in part 1 we did the blogger in part 2 we did the G sides and
in part 3 we’re going to be covering the HTML crater and cloud stacker so let’s
take a look at this tool overall first one of the unique features of this tool
is we don’t have to log in to every account every time we use the tool
that’s not necessary because we set this tool up to use the Google API and by
doing that we’re staying within Google’s limits and we are being white hat and so
that allows us to add all the Google accounts we want into our API and then
we’ll be able to use them in each of the modules so let’s go over and take a look
at the HTML crater basically when we have an account we just pull the drop
down menu once we’ve added it the first time then it’s pretty easy to pull up
that account but in this particular module we’re actually going to have to
set up accounts outside of Google because we’re going to use cloud
accounts and so that allows us to go in and pick what cloud accounts like Amazon
s3 Google Cloud Missouri github PC or cloud and Alibaba cloud and so you can
get any or all of those that you want and basically once we create these and
have them all set up we just simply set up our content
which is pretty easy to do we put in a title in title variations which are not
going to be seen but they’re seen for SEO purposes we can use spin text in
here if we want to and that will allow us to have different content on each of
the cloud properties we put our main content in here and if you want to use
the HTML editor you can also put HTML code in there and set it up and then
basically once we’ve got all of that part set up we put in our target
keywords our target URLs and then we generate anchor text to those and we put
in a YouTube URL if you want to use one a map location or an embed code here and
this is all going to set everything up for you once you’ve got that done and
all set up if you want to use the HTML editor you click over here and once
you’ve got everything set up you may want to save this if you want to use it
again or make modifications then everything is ready to go and you can
just make your modifications because you pull it back up under load and you’re
ready to go and also if you want to translate this we have the feature in
here to translate into other languages so that it allows you to pick another
language and get the translate button and now your content is turned you into
another language so you can stack another cloud stack using a totally
different language and so here’s our content HTML editor and remember you
have to add your website title that’ll pop up will come in because we haven’t
set it up in and your cloud stacker once you get it all done you pick the order
that you want these put up in and then you’ll have to pick your buckets or
whatever they’re called sometimes they’re called blobs and other names but
you’ll pick those once you’ve got everything set up and then you just
simply hit go and it will post to those clouds in a matter of a few seconds it
will all be up there now you can stack them or you can not
stack them by clicking this little leak here and so once we’ve got it up there
you’re good to go and basically the nice feature about
this is all of these accounts have high authority from the clouds have extremely
high authority and there’s also all your Google properties have very high
authority so they’re passing on tremendous linkjuice to whatever
properties you’re trying to rank then also the nice feature is all of this is
free it doesn’t require any CAPTCHAs any
proxies none of the additional fees so it’s totally free backlinks to help rank
whatever you wanting to rank and basically it makes it pretty easy to
push your properties up higher in the search engines by using ranking factory
revolution and if you would like to learn more please click the link below
the video to learn more and pick up ranking factory revolution or follow
the video series and watch the next video ranking factory revolution part 4
thanks for watching ranking factory revolution part 3

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