Ranking Factory Part 9

By | August 27, 2019

ranking Factory part 9 ranking Factory is one of the most unique software’s available on the market today it allows you to post to many different Google properties all from one software and in part 9 we’re going to take a look at the sheets module sheets module allows you to select a title get your account and fill in a main keyword and a secondary keyword drop in your links put in the description if you choose for the comments then come over here and take a look at preview and as you can see we’ve got our main link our main keyword our secondary keyword if we come back over here to setup and click on anchor text and go back and look at preview and there we go now each side where our keywords are our anchor texted to the link here so we’re basically tripling our linking power and getting relevance to different keywords your sheets module is basically a next tier your backlinks when your backlinks and so once we have this then we can actually save it if we choose and we can upload it we can also run this through the multiple run translation multiplier which is allowing you to select different languages and then you’re keeping your anchor text scores will be translated into those languages and again we would post one for each language that’s it for the sheets module thanks for watching ranking Factory part 9 click the link below for more information or we’ll catch you in the next video

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