Ranking Factory Part 7

By | August 26, 2019

Ranking Factory Part 7 ranking Factory is a very unique software that allows us to post to many
different Google properties and in part 7 we’re going to take a look at drive
photos in our drive photos module we can name a folder select our account select
the photos we want to pull into the situation we can check them all and
check them clear and we can put some description about the folder you know
file come in and if you’re like most of us you have metadata on your images and
that metadata is retained on the Google Drive once we have everything ready we
simply hit the Go button to upload it and your images with the metadata and
the comments on the folder are all uploaded to new again you can translate
this and upload your information to that account or another one and once you get
the links here you can send those two sheets so you can actually upload one or
many photos all at the same time to your Google Drive and that’s the Google Drive
photos module thanks for watching Ranking Factory Part 7 if you want to
find out more click the link below in the description or we’ll catch you in
the next video

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