Ranking Factory Part 3

By | September 2, 2019

ranking Factory part three ranking Factory is a unique software that allows you to post to many different Google properties all from one place in part three of this series we’re going to take a look at our slides module in the slides module and you simply open it up put in your title select whatever account you want to post to since we use an API there’s no login using the closed select account and it will be posted very quickly once you’re ready to post we simply click on the number of slides you want to use right here we use up to five we simply name those slides we can put in a presentation comment here put in your target URL YouTube video URL if you’re going to use one put an image folder and presentation description here and then start selecting what each slide is going to do in case a title page YouTube video text you would fill in your text here then you’re going to use this for a text slide and we can have images by putting them up here you can also drop in comments or slide notes on each page right over here once you have everything set up and ready to go you may want to save it so that at a later time you can pull it up load it and make any changes or post it to a different account or whatever you would like to do with it once everything is ready all you have to do is click the green Go button and your slide presentation will be posted to your Google Drive and you can you’ve selected then you can always translate this and post to that account in a different language or change to another account that’s the slides module thanks for watching ranking Factory part 3 we will see you in the next part for video or click the link below to find out more now

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