Rank YouTube Videos In 24 Hours

By | November 19, 2019

Today’s topic: How to rank YouTube videos
in 24 hours or less. Really? -Yeah. No joke. You got to watch this video because
after watching this video, you’ll implement the steps, your video ranked
today. -The topic is ranking YouTube videos in
24 hours. And may I just start by saying, as the resident clueless guy, I think I
know what you’re talking about. But what do you mean by ranking? That means that
it’s showing up high? And then the list of what people are searching… -What I’m going to discuss and what I’m going to show you are actually gonna
record my screen here and show you that as well is how you can take a video, give
it a specific title. Follow this strategy and your video will show up on YouTube
when people are searching. -And that’s called ranking? -Yeah.
-But I mean, what if your rank is 11,045? That’s not ranking? That’s
not what you mean, right? -You’ll show up on the front page. -So,
within 24 hours, front page, guaranteed. Which is nothing at this juncture. -You’ll
get all your money back for this episode. -I’m excited because I’m going to go home
and actually use this myself. -Okay. So, let’s talk concept and then then we’ll
show you examples that are really good example. Okay, first of all, just think
about the power of this: Getting your video to rank that quick and to stay
there for years is really powerful. Because as an expert, you have that
expertise that people are searching for. People want to hire you for that
expertise but they just don’t know how to find you. You can take a video,
make a video on a specific how-to type topic. And now people that have never
heard of you before are searching and they find you. -Right. -They see you as
their hero. -Okay. -And they want to hire you. -Good, I love it. -So, that’s why
this is so powerful. So, take a look at my screen here. This is actually from one of
my clients that we’re doing keyword research for. This list on the left was a
topic brainstorm that we did with my client. They just provided a lot of
different ideas of things. These are things that are my expertise. -This is
potential videos that they could shoot on these things? Okay. Right. -But instead
of just, “Okay. Let’s make the you know video 1 on this, video 2 on this,
video 3 on this.” We did our digging and we found… Okay,
here’s 2 columns here on the power of belief. And everything that’s listed here
has search volume. We don’t list it in this spreadsheet unless we’ve done a research
when we found that. Yes, people are searching
or this. And then we’ve grouped some at the top that we think are great or good.
And a lot of times, if it’s a long title, meaning this one has seven words in it,
it’s pretty specific. Or this one has 8 words in it. But they’re all unique. So, instead of just talking about
the power of belief, we’ve got 5 ideas here that we like. We’ve got 6 or 7
ideas over here that we really like. You could each make a specific video about.
So, let’s just go up here. This one’s really long: “How to believe in yourself
when no one else does?” That title by the way, it eliminates all the competition.
People are actually typing in that exact phrase. If people are that specific when
they’re typing in a search, you want them to come to your video. -Right. -And imagine
if that’s the exact title of your video, you’re going to get instant views. -Yeah.
That’s going to show up right away. And they’re going to click on
that because nothing else that they see underneath it it actually says that
those exams words. That make sense. So, you eliminated all the competition because
of the long phrase. And because you’re providing people exactly what they’re
searching for, they’re going to watch the whole video. The YouTube analytics
algorithm machine’s going to see, “Ooh! People like this video. They click on it, they
didn’t leave. They’re actually watching the whole thing.”
And so YouTube’s then going to start showing your video to more and more
people. Now, in the spirit of transparency, and your secret-giving-away-ness, this is
obviously a service that you’re providing for a paying client. But how
did you do it? What if I want to find that myself? So, we use a couple of tools.
And I actually will demonstrate them in other episodes but not not today.
Let’s just I’ll scroll over to the right and destroy some other examples. So, how
culture affects the communication is kind of the category here. You’ll see
that we picked several. It’s like, “How does your culture affect your
communication with others?” Or in the workplace? Or “How does culture and gender
influence your communication with others?” So, if we wanted to make a… We wanted to
rank for culture_affecting communication, we’ve got a whole bunch of ideas but
that we’ve highlighted these 5 at the top. Because we can actually make 5
different videos that each have a different spin. Each one will rank
instantly. And because now we have 5 videos that
rank on YouTube for this topic, people can then start typing in anything
about culture and communication and we’ll rank. -And so this informs what your
client is in fact going to make his video more specifically about. -Yeah. -Right.
This is done before, not after. -Right. So, he suggested, we could make a
video on how belief and behavior are connected. And we just happen to find
some videos about culture in communication. That wasn’t the only one
that we found. You know, there’s a few that have a 3 at the top. We call
them all 3. But we just happened to find culture. So, if he happens to have
some advice that he wants to share on each of these, we found, “Hey, here’s
potential videos that we could film that could get you talking about that.”
-Very cool. -More specific to culture and behavior. How does culture influence
behavior? Or how does it affect socially? -So, your stat… You basically are stacking
the deck way in your favor long before you even roll the camera? -Yeah. -I mean,
these are videos with a specific focus based on pre research
done on the statistical probability that more people are going to… Or that
specific people will find it based on what they’re searching for. -It’s so
valuable. It’s so valuable and yet people skip this step. They think, “Oh, I’ll just…
I’ll tweak it or I’ll give it a good title afterwards.” But if you do this in
advance, it makes a world of difference. It pulls in the right people. It
eliminates your competition. It makes you rank immediately, it makes a huge
difference. -It narrows the focus of your content as well. So, that it’s actually
based on what people are searching for. So, that… It’s not a bait-and-switch.
“Oh, we just came up with a great title because we know you’re looking for it.
Now, we’re going to talk about something else.” I mean, it literally informs what it
is that you’re talking about. -So, this step right here will make or break the success of your
channel, honestly. It’s that big. For somebody who has an expertise
who has a product or service that they are selling, they want to generate leads
from their YouTube channel, it is crazy to skip this step. -Well, hopefully that
was a few minutes well-spent. I know was for me every time, It is. I’m learning
more and more every day. -Yeah. It’ll make a world of difference. If you’ve been
filming YouTube videos, putting out episodes and not having any trouble,
chances are this is the one piece that you’ve been missing. So, hopefully that’s
helpful. Be sure to subscribe. Let us know where you if you did it. If you took the
challenge in your act within 24 hours. We’d love to hear. -We’ll see you tomorrow.

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