Rank 1 Agency Review Plus My Custom Rank 1 Agency Bonuses

By | August 12, 2019

what up IMers it’s Ike pas and
this is my Rank1 Agency review I’m gonna break down this SEO agency done-for-you themed
for you I’m gonna go over the videos the training videos the upload videos for
your a SEO agency theme I’m also gonna go over my custom bonuses and the
upgrades I’m gonna let you know everything there is to know about Rank1 Agency first off it’s go over the sales page to let you know I want to let you know if
this is accurate or not if it’s realistic if they’re not building up
some crazy expectation for you ok so you can make the right choice if you want to
get Rank1 Agency or not ok let’s let’s break it down you’re on your own online
business with a few clicks one hundred percent done for you online business
starts with your own client getting a profit generating marking marketing
agency today yes this is true you get a done-for-you SEO theme you just smack it
on to your domain and it takes three three minutes or less to create this
theme okay so you can have an actual SEO agency getting clients and get and get
those clients results they want so they can pay you on a residual recurring
basis let’s go over the actual actually let’s go over my custom bonuses before
we actually get in to the video training and through to the actual pro SEO agency
theme okay so this is my custom bonus page there’s a link below to it you want
to scroll down okay and I actually I do this this training course has to do the
training course within rank one has to do with YouTube ranking and it has to do
with providing that service YouTube ranking to your clients you don’t have
to make your own videos but actually providing that service to your clients
now Vic Vic is a product creator for rank one and he does YouTube SEO very
well but I’m better chances are if you found this video because I’m out ranking
most people who are trying to who are trying to rank for the actual term rank
one so you’re gonna want my rank one special
bonus at YouTube rank boosts you’re gonna get my number one ranking factor
you’re gonna get the ranking software I use for free you can get the video guide
plus case case study I’m gonna show you exactly the the traffic I got and how I
profited with that traffic in that case that is my very first special Rank1 Agency
bonus okay and also you’re gonna get my Pinterest rank boost you’re gonna find
out how to rank on Pinterest for your clients the same thing you can use the
same tactics and sell them to your clients your SEO clients okay really
important okay if you get my exact pin template you can use as much as you want
to get that traffic I’ve tested this is tried and true my Pinterest pin converts
very well it gets traffic it gets people to click on over to the page to your
page to your landing page to your squeeze page or to your sales page
whatever it whatever it may be you also get my custom software this
little piece of software here this little cruel Google Chrome extension
will actually get targeted keywords that people are searching for on Pinterest
really important Pinterest works differently from other search engines
okay they don’t have the exact same words that Google does these for example
are the keywords people are searching for on Pinterest for the term blog
traffic you get this piece of software I had this piece of software created for
myself I’m giving it to you you also get my video training plus Mike
again my case study showing you how I profited use using Pinterest
outside of the internet marketing niche how I profited in the baby shower niche
you get that as well okay on top of that you get my facebook traffic boost now
this isn’t ranking this is an SEO there’s no SEO on facebook this is more
about engagement again I’ve profited with Facebook you
get my case studies showing you how I made money off of Facebook you also get
my template script the exact words I use for up for maximum engagement
you also get my custom software and video guide okay now my custom software
again I had this created for myself I get traffic off of Facebook two
different ways one of the ways is using face
groups this this little tool here will organize the Facebook groups you belong
to it’ll let you know when you’re allowed to promote on those Facebook
groups it will keep your content and then it’s gonna notify you when you can
promote you just click send me there and it’s gonna send you to that Facebook
group all you got to do is copy paste your content on that Facebook group
getting that traffic really good stuff okay on top of that you get my different
cases you get my large launch Jackson case study okay launch jacking what that
is is you are you are ranking for a particular keyword that has to do with a
product that’s coming out or has come out recently you get that traffic you
turn that traffic into sales okay that’s my launch jacking case so you get
that I’m gonna show you the ins and out of lodge launch jacking you’re also
gonna learn how I profited with retargeted traffic how I made over five
hundred bucks with retarded traffic we targeted traffic basically is when
people get on your site but they don’t do anything they just leave they don’t
they don’t they don’t sign up for any of your lead magnets they don’t purchase
anything they just leave okay I actually got that lost traffic brought them back
to my site and convert it I’m gonna show you exactly how I did that with this
case study you’re also going to find out my Fiverr case study now this has to do
a lot with this particular course rank one because I just provide back in the
day before I get into it before I got into this niche for example I used to
provide services to local businesses really important I have actual
experience doing this you’re gonna get that case study as well on top of that
you’re gonna get my t-shirt case today I also make money online of selling
t-shirts okay and it’s this is passive income ok passive income I couldn’t be
doing all of these different things if I if I if you know if it’s me spending
time each and every day providing content for all these different ways i
little systems I set up and I let them do their own thing and my t-shirt
business is another example of this okay in my t-shirt business I still teach
you’re someone passively I’ll show you how it’s done
and again I give you proof it’s a case study okay on top of all that you get
all the regular bonuses that with Rank1 there are semi exclusive
bonuses that the product vendor has given me access to that I can give to you
those are included plus the regular bonuses that are offered with Rank1 Agency if you want details and I go check out someone else’s video but you really want
to focus on these bonuses these are the best bonuses that you’ll see anywhere
else I’m not only gonna teach you how to rank on YouTube like the like the
product creator Viki does within within the Rank1 Agency training method but I’m also going to teach you how to how to rank and bring on traffic and on Pinterest
and on Facebook okay on top of that and get my case studies and the methods on
how I profit and different ways online okay using either on Fiverr with
t-shirts with we targeted traffic you get all of it now you get this again
check that check down below for the link and you’re gonna want to get ranked one
via this page really important ok so here I am inside of the members area for
rank one I’m gonna break down the videos the first video you see here is Vick
explaining and welcoming you to rank one and explaining what to do next okay you
can scroll down here and this is a very important link this link will take you
to this page where you can download your free SEO agency theme this is basically
a store online that you that’s completely done for you and you just
download these these three different parts to the to the theme and then you
put them together on your site okay and it’s very simple to do the tutorial is
very straightforward if you know how to drag-and-drop copy and paste then you
know how to set up this thing it’s not difficult trust me again you can do it
in less than three minutes also how to set up your Rank1 Agency theme how to subtract and add different services that you can offer to your SEO clientele let me give
you a little rundown I’ll show you the actual theme here it is ok it’s
professionally done it’s not it’s not older or janky or clunky and by it by
any means and all this is not for you this is a Content that will
convert for you that your traffic can land on your your potential clients can
land on and contact you with and also they can pay you okay they can pay you
they’re gonna show you how to connect your your PayPal your your different
payment gateways so you they can order from you and you can you can offer them
the services that you want now there’s some services already listed here you
don’t have to offer all these services or any of these services or that matter
you can add your own online services I highly recommend you use the three rank
one cut the first three rank one custom bonuses I created for you and offer them
as services that YouTube ranking the Pinterest and Facebook engagement those
who will do very well plus you should watch my Fiverr case study and I’ll show
you exactly how I profited selling to local businesses myself again it’s very
easy to do so that’s what I told that are newbies if it’s just starting out a
very relatively fast way to start profiting online is to work and offer
services to to to companies local companies small companies online like
Fiverr or offer your own site just like this again this is a very well designed
template and theme and usually you pay 70 bucks for this but you get this for a
very very low price plus the training within a rank one and my custom bonuses
it’s a sweet deal now you scroll down here and the step 3
is where you begin the actual training for the service you’re gonna provide now
the services that you’re taught or the service I should say that you’re taught
within rank one is all about YouTube ranking ok
now you know like I said earlier Vic knows his stuff but he’s not as good as
I the fact that you found this video that people are competing for this
keyword rank one whatever rank one review rank one bonus and you’re on my
video let’s you know I know what I’m talking about and you can check out all
of my youtube videos all my other YouTube channels and you you see that I
rank high for keywords I get that traffic I convert that traffic so you
want my custom bonuses nevertheless Vic does know what he’s talking about
unfortunately there’s some aspects to this training that could have been
better or maybe he just doesn’t know as much but you definitely want my custom
bonuses definitely if if you if you want rank one go after the the rank one
through my page for those bonuses so step three like I said it’s all about
ranking for specific service and location right service on location that
is what the what’s that’s what the main serves you’ll be providing basically
dentistry Plus Albany New York practice people in Albury New York are looking to
get their teeth fixed right or they’re looking for dog hotels so they can put
their dog in the hotel while they’re off on vacation they’re looking for plumbing
services they’re looking for the keyword diversity is immense
I don’t care where you live you got pounds you got cities you got suburbs
and you got a plethora of services that local companies they’re dying for
traffic their brick and mortar they can’t move but people are looking for
these these services all the time and there you are providing it okay with the
information you’re taught within Rank1 you will be able to rank for them
plus my custom bonuses you’ll be unstoppable in my opinion
ok so video to talks about for example the all these videos actually are about
SEO on YouTube off page and on page on top of that the really cool one here is
video whore where you’re where you’re given a template for the video you
create for your life for your local client right now you don’t have to put
your face on video you could you could offer that as an as an extra added
service that’s up to you bore or you can just have an overlay get images off a
pixabay go to pixabay.com go to pixabay.com
and get images that relate to your to your client and just
and just create a little slideshow create a little slideshow using a free
video using a free screen capture editor such as loom okay loom is a good option
it’s a couple hundred percent free and you don’t have to show your face if you
don’t want to loom video recording okay you can create put these images together
and use loom okay now if you don’t have a slide presenter let’s say for example
you have some some old PC or something to eat then you you’re gonna want to use
gonna want to use you’re gonna want to use slides Google slides this will allow
you to create a beautiful presentation for your clientele okay very easy and
all you got to do is record the template that Vic gives you on this video here
okay and of course you’re taught how to on page SEO off page SEO and video 6
video 7 video 8 all of these videos have to do with weight sorry video 9 has to
do it has to do with your mindset but all the other videos have to do with
YouTube SEO off page and on ok you also going to want to check out the bonuses
down below these are the bonuses that are inside of the members is members
area of rank one the first one is 5 rate income secrets now I know this method
works the method they lay out for you the same method I lay out for you my
custom bonus the only difference being I actually give you proof ok I show you my
own Fiverr account how much I’ve made I made over 800 bucks I believe on Fiverr
doing a lot of things they teach you within this bonus you’re gonna want to
get this bonus and compare with my video custom bonus ok we also get buzz
number-25 are our cash machine now I’ve seen the method I can’t say if it works
or not I haven’t tried out myself but there it is provided for you now bonus
number 3 is tube traffic avalanche this is basically getting youtube traffic and
profiting with affiliate marketing with YouTube traffic now I can say this works
most definitely I do it myself I still do it myself in my case the
video case studies with my custom bonuses you get the same
training or a similar training I should say plus you get you know you get proof
you get me they’re showing you my accounts and how much I make okay then
you have bonus number three targeted traffic cash surge and I hate the name
is overly high P I don’t know if it works not but this is one of the bonuses
that are offered inside a rank one now that we understand my custom bonuses
what the what the SEO agency theme is the training that you get okay
and the bonuses let’s go to my page again you want to check that link below
let’s go to the upgrade to see what the upgrades are about OTO number one is
that 37 bucks this up here when they were you to sell this seemed as as a
service as they are that the prior traders are including commercial
licenses okay so you can actually sell the SEO agency theme to other people who
are looking to do local marketing okay there you go
Oh to number two is a one dollar trial this is a Academy it’s an ongoing you’ll
be paying month by month but you get the first month for a buck and it’s a
biggest resource for anyone to become an online expert or entrepreneur I think
they want to say all to number three at 47 bucks is it in this upsell they’re
revealing the underground resources to find buyer leads plus customers also get
done for you proven email templates to close the deals fast okay alternate
number four twenty seven bucks this also includes their agency training where
they reveal the secrets to build six or seven figure agency hands-free ok and OH
– number five is that one 47 bucks is an upgrade they’re doing a live bootcamp
sharing underground secrets to close more clients and OTO number six at sixty
seven bucks I think there’s too many OTO is my opinion now the reason why I’m
sharing this with you this product is because I love this theme it’s a
beautiful this is a beautiful where is it oh I think I axed up but it’s a
beautiful theme and you know these types of premium themes are really expensive
you get training you get my custom bonuses crustose
for us Plus this SEO agency theme for pennies on the dollar for very very
cheap anyways let me finish this off with OTO number six it’s at 67 bucks in
ducts in this upsell they’re giving away the premium traffic academy had no
brainer price only for launch period at 67 bucks okay now if you’re serious and
I think I hope I hope you are about selling these SEO services or local
businesses then most definitely go with OTO number five you don’t need this okay
cuz I provide lots of custom bonuses my own personal case that is no PLR stuff
showing you how to rank and how to ski in basically how to sell that to local
business okay plus you get the beautiful theme that they’re providing you and the
training within the course but if you if you’re a complete newbie and you need a
lot of help go with all to a number five again you don’t need it but it’s there
for you okay as for the other OTO s I can’t say either or if they’re effective
in in in their methods I know that Vic’s partner art flair is is a reputable
marketer he profits online full-time like myself but other than that I can’t
I can’t say either I’m not saying they’re not I’m not saying they are but
you know I like to I like to get a hands-on again I’m sharing this because
I’m providing my custom bonuses that are top-notch and I think the theme they’re
giving you is very very well done for the price you’re getting it’s extremely
well done I hope you liked my Rank1 review if you have any questions let me
know down below and I’ll talk to you later don’t forget to Like and subscribe
it gets get more of these reviews get more of these tutorials be good and take
care bye bye

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