Rainbow Six Siege: The Hammer and the Scalpel | CGI Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

By | January 22, 2020

Attention, all operators. 30 seconds remaining
District 2 participants, please report to [INAUDIBLE]
floor for hot wash. [DOOR SLAMS] Don’t worry, maybe we’ll
get it right next time. Two more seconds and we would
have had eyes in the room. They were already on cameras. That’s two seconds too slow. [DOOR SLAMS] [FOREBODING MUSIC] FEMALE ANNOUNCER:
Blue Group, 10-4. Report to [INAUDIBLE]. Piece of advice. No lag then. [FOREBODING MUSIC] He has no respect
for anything. If it doesn’t fire a bullet
or explode, he dismisses it. Look at this! No lag. Oh, careful! My wife has a strict policy
about knives in the house, and I have a strict policy
about not pissing off my wife. I know Thatcher is
supposed to be the best, but he’s a hammer and I’m– I’m just a nail to him! Sit. Sit, it won’t bite. You’re angry, that’s good. Anger– anger can
be a powerful tool, but we’re terrified of losing
control, of embracing it. And that’s why I envy Mike. [WATER SPLASHING] Mike faced his demons. He knows how to
channel his anger. [HAMMERING] Mike? Your retirement
plans come to shite? Who beat ya? Come on, leave it alone. It was a misunderstanding. Who beat ya, Paulie? It was Nick and his boys. It’s just them bending
me elbow a bit. How much this time? Five large. [SIGHING] Oh, now, come on, Mike. Don’t do this. DEALER: This isn’t your
Dad’s online poker, boys. Big blind is 10 quid, but
if you wanna piss off, your money stays on the table. [FOREBODING MUSIC] Here’s the money
me brother owes ya. But what comes next, my good
sons, is from God’s mouth to your ears, and
I will make it hurt for the rest of your
miserable fucking lives. [MUSIC – TAME IMPALA,
“ELEPHANT”] (SINGING) Bet he feels
like an elephant, shaking his big grey
trunk for the hell of it. You know that you’re dreaming
about being loved by him. Come on. (SINGING) Too bad
your chances are slim. That’s how it is til the end. [GRUNTING] Hello, Nick. How’s your mom? [NICK SHRIEKING] [DOOR BELL RINGING, DOOR
SLAMMING] HARRY: This isn’t about how
Thatcher’s been treating you, is it? It’s– I’m just tired
of trying to prove myself. It’ll take time for some,
but you are nobody’s nail. You’re much too sharp for that. Rainbow needs people
who will challenge the future of the unit, and– and those who remind
it of its roots. It needs people who can be
the scalpel and the hammer. Thank you, Six. Six. [CHUCKLING] She left some very large
shoes to fill, didn’t she? I’ll tell you what. For now, please call me Harry. [FOREBODING MUSIC] [EERIE TONES, WIND BLOWING]

100 thoughts on “Rainbow Six Siege: The Hammer and the Scalpel | CGI Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. DreAdedHarrt Post author

    YouTube Recommends this video to me
    Me: So you do have good taste after all

  2. Abd Hill Post author

    He attacc
    He protecc
    but most importantly
    He has no respecc

  3. Gavin Lopez Post author

    Dokkebi has gone to swelter skelter which is from Watchdogs 2 so I’m guessing Dokkebi is a former member of DEDSEC but this is just a theory a game theory

  4. Mark Arellano Post author

    Why can't we get an actual movie instead of this bullshit

  5. Overlord Grizzaka Post author

    Hammer should have been Sledge and we all fuckin know it.

  6. Dark Hunter Post author

    Btw way guys if u want to know what the songs is, the song is Elephant By Tame Impala

  7. From Dreams To Despair Post author

    When is the Grenade and the Nail coming up?

  8. primo1st1 Post author

    Fake Doors doesnt exist in Rainbow six siege universe

  9. Sergio Rodriguez Post author

    I want to see a full story mode for the game with certain characters

  10. Azam Hakimi Nasarudin Post author

    anyone notices there is a picture of cole d walker (frank castle) on the right side on the board behind harry at the end????? ubisoft subtle leaks if this came out before breakpoint trailer

  11. Anurag RB26 Post author

    2:56 Thatchers ship is called "Iron Maggie" tribute to Margaret Thatcher.

  12. Dee dog ninja XbOx Post author

    Does anyone notice at 2:03 that’s Harry from the little pass and his recorder is in that pass too

    Maybe he just looks like him

  13. Douglas Dolphin Post author

    look, if she insults my bowler hat wearing old man ONCE more… she will… suffer

  14. Go Away Propane Post author

    Gotta feel sad when Dokkaebi looked sad when thatcher said FOOKIN HELL

  15. Abd Hill Post author

    It's funny how thatcher says FoOkiN hEll and the caption makes it smoking hell .

  16. Alex Warnke Post author

    Thatcher: technology hating boomer.
    Also Thatcher: wholesome brother.

  17. tempsinger Post author

    4:28 For the people that play For Honor there is a Warden helmet,Kensie (I think I spelt that right) helmet, and a Valkyrie helmet/Mask

  18. Justin Skelding Post author

    There’s got to be some kinda sequel to this Ubisoft posts this out of the blue I want to see more rainbow six trailers like this

  19. SneakyEnchalada Post author

    Me and my friend memes so hard when the “call me harry” challenges came out but neither of us had seen any of these yet. I’m not memeing anymore. He’s a cool dude. Also, thatcher is a great guy. This makes me happy.

    – a random thatcher main

  20. Sgt.HoweDee Post author

    bloody hell he's 56? my back hurts when i was in my 30's

  21. Miguel Chavez Post author

    Make a rainbow six siege show already damn itll be lit

  22. Alexander Walker Post author

    Did anyone else notice at 3:50 when nick or whatever his name is goes for the charge/tackle on thatcher that he is too old to move out the way so instead jumps up and stretches himself out and braces for the impact. That’s how it looks to me and it’s done very well in showing his knowledge on the fly

  23. Anh Quan HOANG Post author

    hes a hammer and shes the nail, he gonna hammer her "h a r d"

  24. Templar 226 Post author

    IMF : Scalpel
    CIA : Hammer
    Rainbow Six : Hammer and the Scalpel

    Mission Impossible Fallout brought me back here

  25. Random Ryan Post author

    0:15 The TF2 Pyro is in this movie! What an awesome crossover!

  26. Niiphox Post author

    So when playing the game, is it like a training match, or an actual siege? As in the video the speaker said 'sequence ends in 30 seconds' so it must be practice right?

  27. GamingGuru 579 Post author

    I know she isn’t real but I’d like to hammer Dokkabi

  28. Adrian! Post author

    who's this guy?
    I only started playing during 2019's April fools event.

  29. Rawlster Man Post author

    Ubisoft PLEASE Make a Rainbow SIX: Siege Series On Netflix or something, These Characters are sooo interesting and Deserve to be Shown

  30. Alex's Youtube Post author

    For anyone wondering the song in the bar fight is “Elephant” by Tame Impala, it’s an absolute tune

  31. Solotvhead99 Post author

    Apparently thatcher was the first team rainbow operator besides bishop from Vegas

  32. Arnamo Post author

    "He's a hammer and I'm a nail to him" – OK Doki we see what you want 😏

  33. Revan Post author

    When I first saw the title I thought it would be about Sledge and Doc

  34. Snarky Comment Here Post author

    Subtitles: [FOREBODING MUSIC]
    Deaf people: O_O

  35. Jacob Tanchez Post author

    I only realize now he has the for honor helmets on his desk by the window

  36. marvin hamilton Post author

    little fun fact. In the book, Hereford is also the base of operations for rainbow. And its the home of the SAS. Who dares wins.(SAS motto)

  37. Alexander Chon Post author

    Thatcher despite being old fashioned, is a good brother.

  38. Nina a Post author

    So like wtf happened to this? Is an actual film coming or was this just a short?

  39. Fede A Post author

    Wait if Harrys wife has a strict policy about knives in the house then how does she cook? with a fork?

  40. rishov mukher Post author

    Well Thatcher just beats them bad… But I wonder what Sledge would have done to them…break their bones and toss them into the river ? 🤔

  41. Light's Blade Post author

    They're really trying to make Dokkaebi waifu material with that outfit

  42. Dallacorte Post author

    be a scalpel and hammer at the same time? you guys know the braching hammer from hardline? UBI PLS

  43. Timmy Tortoise Post author

    They nail every british operator. Thatcher is just the classic "No bullshit" SAS guy.

    Just one thing…

    He never says "Happy days" once.

  44. Aeternak Post author

    @ 1:52 Can anyone find me that kind of audio recorder for me to buy? Or one close to it.


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