Quality vs Quantity – Content Writing Tips for Blog Posts

By | August 14, 2019

If you’ve ever tried to start a blog for
you or your business, you’ve likely asked yourself this question. Is it better to publish a large number of
articles, or spend your time on writing one, large, quality-focused article. While you might have a good idea what the
answer might be, there’s a few things to consider that might blur the lines a bit. Let’s start from the very top. Why are you writing content? When it comes to writing good content that
people actually want to read, you should be focusing on writing for those people. At the very least you should be answering
the questions your customers are asking, and with enough depth to help them properly. So your first impression is quality, creating
well written, in-depth blog posts. That’s what’s going to get people to read
your articles after all. But from another viewpoint, you need to make
sure your making enough content to continue to be relevant and improve traffic, rankings
and more. Quality and Quantity are both important. Problem is sometimes you’ve got to choose. Do you make 10 small blog posts, or one, long
quality article? In 2015 Hubspot found that businesses that
published more than 16 blog posts a month saw a huge increase in traffic. “almost 3.5X more traffic than companies
that published between 0 – 4 monthly posts”. And when you think about it, it makes a lot
of sense. If all your articles get a hundred views,
there’s a lot more traffic coming through. And people are more likely to read other articles
you’ve written as well. But that doesn’t mean you can just push
out article after article as fast a you can. You’d be forgetting about the second half
of this puzzle. Quality. With recent updates to Google’s algorithms
and search rankings, there’s been a huge upwards trend in the push for quality content. Content that is longer and more informative,
specifically content longer than 1600 words, ranks far better than shorter content. Google prioritises content that is more helpful
for users, and content that it can easily understand. Long articles hit both these points. They provide a lot of information that’s
full of keywords that Google can use to understand exactly what your article is about and rank
it appropriately. People love long and informative content. In fact, looking at the average page length
today for the top 10 results in Google shows us that the highest-ranking pages have between
2300 and 2500 words. That’s a real testament to quality content. So that brings us back to our original question. Should you publish lots of short articles,
or one, long, quality article? It’s important to remember that long content
isn’t always higher quality than short content. And by that same token, short content can
be really high quality. What’s important is the value that people
get from your content. You need to be writing content that focuses
on your users first, and providing value in your writing that people care about. As it so happens, this is easier achieve with
long content, as you can go more in-depth on a topic, and help your users get more out
of the information you’re providing. Ultimately, when it comes to blog posts, it’s
up to you to decide what is a better fit for your business. While long content is arguably better, it’s
important that you write for your users, and not sacrifice quality for length or quantity. Schedule your content, plan what you write,
and focus on creating content that provides value first and foremost. That’s all for this video, thanks for watching. Stay tuned for more quality content, and hit
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