QlikView & Google Maps – Logistics demo

By | March 11, 2020

Hi, my name is Lucian Cotea and I am a Certified
QlikView Developer. In this video I am going to show you how QlikView
and Google Maps can be used together in a Logistics application. In this application, we have a map where we
plotted the GPS history of our fleet. Thats how we can observe in one glance all the places where our drivers have been. We see that there are heavily used roads,
like the one between Birmingham and London… and roads used only ocasionally, like this
one. We can hover the mouse over and see Walace was here… on the third of september at 8:30. We can see in the right a chart that compares
drivers by quantity and mileage. Of course, in a logistics application we should
bring also contextual information like transported quantities, costs, mileage, oil consumptions,
hours and revenue to perform a true analisys of the fleet. For that we can use specific charts to compare
different metrics. For example, we can see how much the vehicles
carried and the used percentage of total capacity. Anyway, lets go back to the Google Map. Now, if we switch to the Animated version,
we can actually play the GPS history. We can pause, fast-foward or rewind to see
the position of all cars at a specific point in time. The trick in showing all the cars at once
and have a smooth play is to synchronise the time axis of the GPS transactions. Otherwise
the dots on the map would just pop up and dissapear randomly. I hope this presentation was helpful. Thank
you for watching.

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