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This show contains inappropriate language
and may not be suitable for all audiences. Pick up, honey. Hi, honey! -Hi, what’s up?
-Where you at today? Salvador… Oh, geez! I’m in Norway, man. -You’re missing it.
-I’ll enjoy Carnival from here. -You’re planning a Carnival party?
-The coldest one ever. Good one. Enjoy. Good luck. -See ya.
-Send my regards to everyone. OSLO
NORWAY -Oh, man!
-It’s so cold. What is that? Don’t know. It looks like a… -Looks like a house in the middle of…
-A floating house. Come, let’s ask about it. -What if I jump…
-Just ask. -Don’t be a pussy.
-Okay, let’s ask. Whindersson saw some people
in bathing suits jumping into the water. I was a bit worried because
we’re in Norway, it’s 2:00 p.m., and it’s 42.8 degrees Fahrenheit. I can’t believe he’ll want us
to jump into this water. No. -So? Let’s go into this s…
-Where’s… How do we do it? Is it paid?
Do we to talk to someone or just jump? F…man, it’s 42.8 degrees Fahrenheit. How are you? His hand is super cold. -And then you die, right?
-Do you die? Ask him if someone with our build
has died here in this place. Not even like… Like this? You think it will burn my collar? Shouldn’t I stay? Let’s go, man. Let’s jump into this s… Where’s the sauna? Is it here? -Let’s go?
-With your shirt on? No, I’ll take it off. -Man…
-It won’t be good. I’m more nervous than cold. -Who’s coming up first?
-Pay attention. -Look…
-Stairs, -stairs.
-Just stay here, okay? Man, I’m so nervous. @joaonetomoreira, you’re crazy. I have to be here,
’cause I’m the main guy here. Then I’ll jump on you and die. Let’s do it. One, two, three and… Come, Japa! Come, Japa! Come, Japa! Come, Japa! Come, Japa! Come, come, come. Go, go, go. It’s not fun. They’re not okay. Man, this is crazy! Only crazy people do this! This water here is crazy! Oh, my dear God. F… I got really scared. Man, I thought my balls would shut down. -I told you.
-I think it did. -Mine did, man.
-Mine too. -My body did like this. And woke up.
-And I heard… I was like, go out, out, out. Go out, bitch, go out. I needed to bring you up. Up, up, damn it. -My hand didn’t work.
-Mine too! F… I tried to grab the thing, but it seems like
our body wants to just do this… -Yeah, man.
-And you can’t grab it. You can see the rail, your brain sent the information,
but your arm just goes… F…man. People would say, “How did he die?” “He was just chilling
and then jumped into a freezing lake.” My dick was like those Roman statues. Let’s go now. Now we have the energy for the whole tour. Japan, USA, everywhere. TOKYO
JAPAN Japan is f…big. We’re arriving at Tokyo in great style. In news chopper style. I’m here in its rear, okay? I know. -I see everything, man.
-Cool. It’s Mount Fuji, guys! Holy s… Wow, it has snow on it. -So huge.
-Awesome. Oh, my God. Landing in Tokyo in grand style. ‘Cause it’s serious s… Right? We’re approaching. Aren’t we important? We are, man. We’re in Tokyo and the tickets
are sold out. Hamamato, Saitama… We’re here. Let’s get to know Tokyo. Come on. Not come on. What is it? TOKYO Hey, man. Watch out for that woman. -Man, I’m confused here. I was lost.
-Where were you? So, what are we going to do here? I saw some cool shops I think you’d like. -Let’s go, then.
-A lot of different s… Let’s go. I love different s… You’ll love it. Google, what’s the name
of the biggest crossroad in the world? Shibuya. We’re in Shibuya. I know “fubuya”. “Fubuya”? What’s that? A drink only alcoholics have. Shibuya, man. Oh, my God. So many people. Look at that, man. -F…man.
-The shop is over there. It seems like they’re just crossing
because they like it. They cross and then wait to cross again. So they’ll keep the title
of the biggest crossroad on Earth. It seems like -three million people walk here every day.
-Three million? -But who counted?
-Three million. I know. I don’t know if it’s true. Someone was in that building
just counting. One, two, three, four… -I don’t doubt it.
-Where’s the shop? -Where’s the shop?
-There. -Let’s go.
-Yep. You’ll love this backpack. You know that this thing here -means trouble in the plane.
-That’s right. There, 10 grand. 10,000 Yen. -Go.
-Here. Okay? Another sightseeing spot in Japan. Here in Tokyo. Is it where we find cosplayers? Cosplay? Harajuku. It’s what he said. Harajuku. Let’s find it. Thank you. Bye, arigato. We’re here in Aracaju. -Aracaju looks so different.
-Harajuku. -Harajuku.
-We’re in Harajuku. Harajuku up your… Geez! What the… Watch out for the bicycle! F…man! We almost had
an accident here in Japan. How much is it? -How much?
-You speak English. Oh, 390. All right. One second. Please. Google Translate. We don’t know your language. I’m so funny, right? Is this cartoon also famous here? Here in Japan? Oh, yes? Yes? Yes. All right. What’s his name here in Japan? Its name. Here. Damn. Japanese is super hard. Even for them. -Cool!
-Cool! Here’s the sign. Cotton candy here. Everything is so colorful. -I want one of those.
-Two. -Two.
-Two. -Look at the size of this thing.
-Wow. -Oh, holy s… man!
-Damn. -Wow.
-I’ll do mine. Can I? I put it here. Okay? Look! Damn it! Wait. Looks awesome. This is my first time, okay? -Wait.
-Abstract art. Man, I’m a unique artist. -People don’t get me.
-People don’t understand art. Looks like a flat tire. Take yours. It looks totally the same, man. Identical. -Give her a bite.
-No way. No. She’ll hit you. They’re cosplayers. Hello. -How are you?
-She’s Brazilian. -Can I take a picture? Oh, God.
-Is she Brazilian? She’s Brazilian. -I’m Brazilian.
-Yep. I lived in Bragança Paulista,
country side of São Paulo. Now I’m here. -You’re a cosplayer, right?
-Yep. I’ll show you around. For those who don’t know, this is a place
for young people with different styles, also for people that like different food. And the public here is pretty varied. Look. Another cosplayer. How are you? What costume is this? He’s just happy and… Oh, I got it. I got it. So, cosplay doesn’t have
to be a character, or cosplay means that you have to
be a specific character? The main thing about cosplay is to play, have fun and interpret the character. I got it. Happiness. Whindersson is in that phase
where he wants to be a wrestler. He wants to be a ninja.
All his videos now have punches and kicks. I’ve been through that phase also.
I was nine. I found a wrestler here in Japan.
His name is Vander. Let’s see.
Whindersson wants to fight, right? Vander was a five-time world champion. So, if he wants to fight.
Now he has an opponent. I’m starving. -So good.
-It’s delicious. So do you live here? Yes. It’s been… -It’s been 28 years already.
-Wow, man. I wasn’t even born yet. -Were you a wrestler?
-Yes. I wrestled for 15 years as a professional. -Wow.
-15 years doing sumo. And how do you do it? Can I do it? Yes, you can. If you want, later, -you can be my assistant for a day.
-Yeah, sure. Can you get hurt fighting sumo? -A lot. As weird as it sounds.
-‘Cause you think it’s just… Because of the wrestlers’ weight,
you think they’re not agile. But they crash against each other, right? Yeah. To give you an idea, in this crash, normally, sometimes, when they hit their heads, it’s a ton and a half of impact. Holy s… -It’s about that.
-Wow, man. Were you a champion? -Five times.
-Holy s… See? He’s no joke. How did you fight sumo -without the funny haircut?
-I had it. -Did you? And the beard?
-You can’t have a beard. -You can’t?
-Nope. You can’t have a beard and tattoos. In soccer, usually there are women
that only date players. We call them jersey chasers. Is there a sumo chaser? Yeah, there are a lot. The fans. Fans that… -They stalk the wrestlers.
-Stalkers? Yeah. Follow us around the country.
That belt we use, it’s called mawashi, right? Where we’re going? -Let’s see it.
-Mawashi. -You’re gonna do it?
-Yep. Can’t wait to see Whindersson being
Vander’s personal assistant. Help me fold this. You should be the one helping. But that’s fine. Can you buy a folded one? No. Can you lie down like this? -Not really, right?
-Actually, no. I’m helping Whindersson out. Yep. You’re annoyed with him
’cause this is a tradition. -Yeah. He has to kneel.
-Can I stand up and watch? Even worse. You’ll hit me with this bottle, right? After you wear it, you get beaten. Got it. He’ll know what it is like
to be a personal assistant. I’ll let him suffer a little. -Afterwards is what matters.
-Exactly. -I’ll let you think all is fine.
-I’m talking too much. What about a wrestler who eats a lot and goes to a fight,
does he fart and s… himself? It can happen. -Has it already happened?
-He comes strong and then… And then he… Skid mark. People say, “He got a brown belt.” -It happens?
-No. If it happens, you can’t be in public. And the guy hits the floor…
Beating with the bottle… -Punch, punch.
-Might hurt. Oh, stop. Then you tie it like this. And you put a weight on it. Did any assistant drop it
and have to fold it again? No, no. “Bring me my thing.”
And then he drops it and it unfolds. -A straight cloth.
-Let’s put it on. -Let’s go.
-Geez. Look what he’ll put on you. I want to see them wrestle. Priceless. He’s brave to wrestle
a guy that size. I wouldn’t even get close. Again. What the hell is that? Damn it. Jesus Christ. Right there. Done. Daddy’s putting on my diaper. Jesus Christ. Looks good. Looks great. Looks cool. You do the other way. Right. Keep staring at me. My butt crack is like… -You know how.
-Exactly. -Is it right?
-Push. Oh, Jesus. Oh, God. Oh, my dear Lord! He also has no underwear. Can’t lift him. -He retired 15 years ago.
-He’s naked. -Thank you.
-We have to… Right. That’s right. It was my first time stepping on a mat to wrestle sumo, and it was the first time
something got that close to my a… It was this outfit here.
‘Cause when you bow… My a… gets all… Wait a second, dude. I don’t use toilet paper, just water. Then suddenly… that thing goes… Holy s…
It was thrilling. I liked it. -Bro, thank you so much.
-Thank you. Nice to meet you. I heard you’re a YouTuber, and I know a Brazilian couple here -that are a hit in Japan.
-Really? I’ll introduce them to you. -Send me the link later.
-I will. Then we’ll meet them.
That’s what we’re here for. -All right then.
-It’s a date. -Once again, thanks.
-Thank you. -See ya, man.
-No, you’re not taking it off. You have to keep it on.
Aren’t you my assistant? -True.
-You have to obey. Let’s go. -Okay.
-Let’s go. -Here they are.
-Oh, I can’t believe! -How are you?
-How are you? I have to record you. Can I? -Of course.
-Why are you in Japan? To do my comedy shows and get to know
the city. I’d love to know more. Are you enjoying it? From the little I’ve seen,
a lot of lights and signs, I love it. I wanna know if you have the balls to use these eyedrops here.
It’s not a prank. It’s a different eyedrop. I wanna see if you’ll keep your eyes open
after you put it in. -Hi, I’m going.
-I wanna see if you have guts. -No, no.
-Hey, you too. -If you’re with him, you gotta do it.
-What’s in here? -It’s an eyedrop.
-Be a man. -Let’s do it.
-Go. -Can I do it? Are you serious?
-Yeah. It’s not a prank, seriously. -You can’t… Open you eye, man.
-Wait. So? It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t. But you can’t keep
your eye open. Like this, man. -Pay attention. I’m a real man.
-Put it. Let’s check if he has balls. Hi, yeah, we’re leaving. What about now? Go ahead, bro. -No?
-No, I won’t squirt it. Just a drop. -Go.
-Just a drop. -Go.
-Open it. Mix it with the rain… Motherf… I’m blind. Wait. The other. No, only in one. -You have to.
-The other. Holy s… man. Holy s… man. S… bro. Why do you use this, man? To refresh the eyes, man. Why did we do that? We jump into a freezing lake,
put weird eyedrops in that burn. -Thanks, guys.
-I’m hungry, man. “Do you have the balls to eat this?”
And we do it again. We’ll take you guys to a cool restaurant, different, and exists only in Japan. -Here it comes.
-I don’t wanna eat. -Let’s eat.
-You’ll eat. -He’ll make us eat something that burns.
-To see if we have balls. It’s in the mall? -It looks like a mall.
-Indeed. -Let’s get in.
-Let’s go. Look. A snake’s tongue comes out of his eyes. Holy cow. -Am I the show here?
-Lights out. Now, silence and focus. And attention. To be happy School of the Big Robot, -grade, 9.7.
-Look. Wow. What’s going to happen now? Holy s… man. It’s a battle, bro. It’s the Japanese Carnival. We have the Sapucaí, and Sapucahere. Look. I didn’t expect this ’cause I go to the circus in Brazil
and people say, “We’ll have a robot, “we’ll have a Bumblebee.”
And when you go see it, it’s a cheap robot that only
moves its head, and then it bugs out. And then the staff tries to fix it,
and we’re like, “Where is it?” But not here. Really cool, awesome.
I liked it a lot. Yeah, okay, just walk. That’s right. It was awesome. It was worth it. -Thanks.
-You think it’s over? -He could see some J-pop.
-J-pop? It’s the Japanese pop music.
That’s why it has a “J”. -“J” stands for Japan?
-Have you heard of it? -Not J-pop.
-Show him. There’s this girl that lives here,
she’s Brazilian and has a J-pop band. It’s called BananaLemon. If you’d like to meet her,
I’ll schedule a meeting for tomorrow. Good one. Do it, do it. -Hey.
-Hi! I had to come and meet you. -Cool.
-How are you? I’m Letícia of the J-pop band BananaLemon. I’ve lived here since I was six… -And…
-Six years old? Your Portuguese is great. My mom can’t speak Japanese, -only Portuguese.
-You came with your mom? Yes. How did this J-pop thing start? I always wanted to be a singer. In the beginning, I wanted to go to Korea
to start a K-pop band. But I came here to Japan… What’s J-pop? -J-pop it’s Japanese music with pop.
-Got it. Sort of. So, let’s meet the band? -Let’s go. They’re waiting.
-Done. Let’s go. …meet the other girls. -Yeah.
-There they are. -Hello.
-Hello. -Hi!
-How are you? Thank you. Let’s sit down. This is Saarah. She’s half black from LA. From Los Angeles. This is Nadia, she’s… -Philippines.
-Philippines. And she’s a great singer. And Mizuki, she’s the only Japanese one. She asked if you can do Beyoncé. No. It’s impossible to copy her. -That’s true.
-Impossible. Let’s do it for real. I wish a lot of success
for you guys, okay? I want you guys on the top. Say it. -Thanks, arigato.
-Thank you. See ya. Thanks. Let’s go to the show? Is everything prepared?
If you wanna come, let’s go. -I’ll go.
-Let’s go. JAPAN TOUR
WHINDERSSON NUNES IN GEE, I GOT MARRIED! I’m leaving now. I’m going to the USA. More shows.
From Piauí, Brazil, to the world! All right! Thank you! Let’s go, man! Let’s go. Let’s go, João Neto. Get the bag with the gifts and put it
with the other one. -The red bag. Get it.
-Okay. Where is it? Here? Man, he lost the bag. Where’s the bag, man? Did you lose the bag? No, I didn’t. Go look for it.
We only leave if you find it. And let’s roll.

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