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hey I’m Bloggin Brandi and in this
video I’m gonna be teaching you all about how to create a product or service
to sell to your audience so a couple weeks ago we talked about how to come up
with the perfect customer and how to build your audience so in this video and
figure we talked about how to go through the process of actually creating a
product or service to sell to your audience if you don’t know me yet like I
said my name is vlogging brandy and here on this channel we create killer brands
an amazing online experiences for startups and site hustlers like yourself
so if you’re an entrepreneur you’re definitely in the right place if you’re
in the beginning stages of your business you might be wondering what do I sell
them which is why you want to stay tuned until the end of this video because I’m
giving you 50 ideas that I’ve already created to sell to your audience
products can be either tangible meaning that you can touch them and they’re
physical like this cup or a product could be something that’s non tangible
or intangible which would be something maybe like this video you can’t really
like touch the video but you can watch it or if you how like an online course
something like that that would be an intangible product when you’re creating
products and services to sell to your audience maybe on your blog your website
social media or your YouTube channel you need to think about the fact that a
product or service doesn’t necessarily have to be your own so an example of
this might be affiliate link so if you’ve ever heard of amazon’s affiliate
program it’s just where you’re picking up links and adding them to your blog
and your social media and your email list and telling people hey click this
link and get this product that i’m recommending and you’re gonna get a
simple commission from that it’s just the easy way to earn money and sometimes
you can partner with other people to sell their products and services there’s
different facets of how this can go down or maybe you find a product that someone
else’s selling and you decide how you can make
it better what modifications can you make can you put it in some type of kit
or pair it with something else or can you maybe have this cup and put a handle
on and make it better so creating a product or service to sell
doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to create it from scratch it could be
just modifying something that’s already out there and a really good example of
this is private labeling if you’ve ever seen the video about how I created my
product or service essentially I had a vape liquid which are the pins that you
smoke and I ordered this product on Alibaba Aliexpress and had these shipped
over here from overseas and it was just a horrible disaster because it was a
regulated product but essentially all it did is put my brand label on the product
and sell it as if it was my own so I really didn’t even create a product to
sell I just rebranded someone else’s and sold it as if it was my own product now
the goal of creating a product or service to sell should be to solve a
problem there’s gimmicks and all kinds of other products that you can create
but essentially the best idea is to create a product that solves a problem
because people are gonna be searching for your product and needing your
product and if people need it then they’re going to want to buy it when
you’re thinking about what kind of product could solve a problem just
thinking about this cup for instance the reason that this cup someone would even
buy one maybe because it’s cute but for the simple fact that I don’t have to
waste a water bottle or throw away a plastic bottle so maybe I want to use
this so that I can reuse it over and over and not waste plastic or
contaminate the rest of the environment when you’re creating your product you’re
essentially trying to get people from point A over here to point B over here
it might be that you’re trying to get people from point A to point D
yeah and you just might be that little C so you might not have the whole puzzle
you might just be a piece of the puzzle at this point but eventually your
products and services could be the whole puzzle so don’t go so big just start
somewhere so the other thing to remember when you’re creating a product or
service to sell is the fact that people buy feelings not products so they’re
buying a feeling they’re buying the fact that hey if I buy this cup I’m not going
to be a horrible person and destroy the environment I’m actually gonna save
someplace I can save some water bottles and save the earth and I’m going to
reuse it time and time again that’s the cull of this product but it might not be
the goal of your product I’m just saying that it elicits a feeling in people so
they’re buying it because of the feeling or they might say oh my gosh it’s so
gold and shiny and pretty want that Cup it’s a feeling that they get on that
note you want to make sure that you’re selling people some type of emotion
whether it be pain that people are in pain if you think about a doctor or
Tylenol they always have business because people always have headaches or
they’re sick or they need something that they can’t get somewhere else and a
doctor can make them feel better urgency is another when people feel an
urgent matter and they need a quick solution that’s a really good time to
kind of like swoop in and give them a solution to their problems or think
about the fact of emotion people buy products because of an emotion that they
feel if you ever think about birthdays when people will have babies or
celebrate their birthday that’s a really big occasion and people are really
emotional or if it’s a wedding day people are really emotional on their
wedding day and they’re like oh my god she’s getting married it’s gonna be the
first time she ever does this or the only time and this is my kid so people
spend a lot of money on that the other thing that we will spend a lot of money
on or don’t really care about money at that point
is when they’re grieving I know it sounds really bad but it’s if you ever
hear about mr. wonderful on Shark Tank he always talks about he really likes
birthdays weddings and death because when people die they spend money
or people will spend money on them because they’re like oh my gosh they’re
gone and they’re in a really emotional state so it’s another time that you can
kind of think about an emotional reason to sell to people to things that you
need to know when you’re developing a product or service the first one is what
are you providing a solution for what’s the solution that you’re providing so
what are you selling and then the second thing that you need to know about
selling a product or service or developing one to sell is who are you
selling to so who is your ideal customer which we talked about before in the last
video you want to have your customer persona down so if you know what you’re
selling and you know who you’re selling to then the rest should be easy right
now you know how to create a product or service to sell but I know when you’re
getting started it can be a little hard to kind of come up with some ideas so
don’t worry I’ve got you covered you can pick up my list of 50 product ideas to
help you get started below this video and that’ll help jar your memory or give
you some things to kind of get started with next week we’re gonna be talking
about how to actually test your product idea that you’ve come up with and beta
launch that to your audience and the process for that but until then if you
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share it with your friends or someone you know might benefit from it I’m
bloggin Brandi thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video so don’t
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  1. Bloggin Brandi Post author


  2. WholeWorker Post author

    Great stuff, Brandi! Good point on not aiming to be the "whole puzzle." Many times our services are just a piece of the puzzle! Keep up the great work!

  3. Burbs & Blooms Post author

    You make such a good point that people buy "feelings". I will definitely focus more on that in my own brand. Thanks!

  4. HolisticKarine Post author

    Thanks for this video. Great reminder about why people buy stuff 😉

  5. Michael Pluszek Post author

    Great video, thank you for sharing this. There are a lot of opportunities. I like the solve a problem tip.

  6. Emil Christopher Post author

    Really like the idea of starting small! Being an integrated solution provider is no easy feat! Totally agree on targeting people who go through special events such as buying homes or being new parents (and the great 3 you mentioned). Great info!

  7. Makeda Andrews Post author

    People buy feelings not product. You know I think that at the heart – that is the biggest thing that so many of us are off the mark on. Thanks for that great reminder.


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