Power Pages Explained – Skyscraper Technique for SEO

By | September 2, 2019

Hi I’m Ben Maden I’m the director here
at matter solutions and I want to talk to you about power pages and I’m going
to explain to you why that’s very important if you’re doing online
marketing okay so the things I’m going to cover today are what is a power page why
is it important and what are the best ways of going about building a power
page and also what effect it has on your SEO and what tips and tricks have we
learned along the way that you should try and incorporate okay so the obvious
question is what is a power page well a power page is a very large piece of
content it’s usually something that’s very impressive and the whole purpose of
it is to be the best thing on the internet that addresses a specific set
of questions or a specific topic the thing that makes it really important is
that it can generate links and citations over time so you create the piece of
content up front lots of hard work create this piece of content and over
time other people who need to reference a particular topic are then going to use
that as a source they’re going to quote copy any pinch bits out of it here and
there and then got a link back to you and give you credit for this hard work
that you put in up front so it becomes a sort of a an animal in its own right
that then does a lot of hard work in terms of attracting links to your
website this is at the very heart of what we would call white hat SEO so the
real good guy staff that you create great content and then the links appear
and this is really the pinnacle of creating great content a power page one
of the best ways to do this is to have a set of ideas and then check those ideas
against the market and by the market I mean the
world of kind of social media and links and there’s a few good tools out there
particular one is buzzsumo you can find out from buzzsumo very quickly whether a
particular topic is of interest to people and you can find out maybe
there’s a peak blog post or a peak kind of page on somebody’s website that’s
been promoted hundreds of shares thousands of shares maybe it’s got
dozens and dozens of inbound links to it and that means that it’s got something
in there that makes people want to share it makes people want to engage with it
and do things and you know send it on to their audience and primarily what we
want to do is look at that original piece of work maybe a combination of a
few of the original pieces of work and then create a better piece of content
something that’s going to appeal maybe it’s going to be vigilant
maybe it’s going to have better more up-to-date data maybe it’s going to be
more complete you’re going to cover more ground and maybe you’re even going to
get some some social inputs and some input from other experts all around the
world for example you know the idea that Google puts in places that you create
the content and people will link to it well it usually takes a bit of effort to
contact people and actually encourage them to link to it but of course
creating some content that’s really really good and you know that other
people have linked to equivalent kind of content or maybe content that’s not
quite as good because you bettered it you can send those emails to dozens of
people with confidence because you know what you’re asking them to link to is
awesome okay so thank you very much for watching I’ve been I guess I still AM
Ben Madon and yeah we would love to hear from you so please if you liked the
video please hit the like button and got a question ask it here in the comments
either I or somebody on my team we’ll get back to you and
yes by all means we would love it in you if you shared it with your your friends
and colleagues and if there’s anything we can do to help give me some advice
some one-on-one coaching on how to do a power page please get in touch
thanks very much you

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