Pogosticking Explained! – SEO and Google Rankings 2019

By | August 25, 2019

pogo-sticking! That’s what I want to talk
to you about quickly it’s the idea that the website is your website somewhere
that people can click out of Google and your website somewhere
that people can click out of Google and then if they don’t like it they click
back and then they click into somebody else’s website if they don’t like that
they click back and that back and forth motion that’s been termed “Pogosticking” so just as a basic for instance let’s
search for something on Google and let’s look and imagine that there are four
results just four, obviously there’s normally ten so let’s label them ABCD and we’ll click
into website A now this isn’t a very good website, ranks pretty highly but you
know we’ve gone into the website it’s not good within 12 seconds we’re going
back and then we click on website B which is a bit better spend a bit more
time in here and maybe even send an inquiry but because it’s the kind of
thing where you may want a couple of quotes you leave and go to website C, Now website C is much better and you spend quite a bit more time in here and
you read a few pages and then you fill in the form now what does Google see
from its perspective it saw that you went into A for 12 seconds you went in
to be for you know a minute and then you went in to C and you never came back
for this query maybe you came back to Google straight away or many hours later
and searched for something else but they don’t know about that this session
actually identifies that you had a short click on A and a long click on C in this
instance and Google can use this to understand that this is your human
experience feedback into Google to tell them that A is a poor website and C is a
very good one so Google can then use that as a ranking factor and change the
website C push their ranking up and push website A’s ranking down this human
interaction with your website is extremely important and it’s really a
big driving factor and it’s basically it’s why we still help clients make
better websites even though the vast majority of the work we do is search
engine optimization because once you’ve done some link buildings and some cool
work to get to the top of the rankings you need to play this game and you need
to hold the winning position and you know click into the top position by
proving to Google that you can be the best damn website because you meet people’s
intent I hope that was useful thanks very much

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