Pitch Tips: SEO voor Google en YouTube (2019)

By | September 3, 2019

I originate from a commercial background, the main reason why I am standing here,
Quido why am I here? how did you find me? your videos. OK, YouTube. I define… what content, what data, google and youtube
should remember from me. because of that, you could find me,
that’s why I am standing here. so, you can influence a lot, search engine marketing in the
outside world, is crucially important, it was meant to be, that you would
find my videos, we worked hard on that, and it helped.

One thought on “Pitch Tips: SEO voor Google en YouTube (2019)

  1. Jeroen Mundt Post author

    Edo, daar waar jij zegt dat mensen maar 2 dingen kunnen onthouden, verwijs je waarschijnlijk naar het korte termijn geheugen. Klopt dit?


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