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By | December 13, 2019

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with pink eye chicken that’s right i believe this is the first recipe we’re
ever doing from laos although depending on who you talk to this recipe actually
might be Canadian okay I’m not exactly sure but what I am
sure about is that pink eye translates to grilled chicken which means the name
of this recipe is actually grilled chicken chicken which sounds kind of
funny but actually is very appropriate since this stuff is at least twice as
good as your average grilled chicken recipe so with that let’s go ahead and
get started started by grinding up some whole black
peppercorns which I’m gonna do by hand so I can get the exact coarseness I want
and also sneak in a little bit of cardio work but whether you do this by hand or
use a grinder or a spice mill we’re gonna want to freshly grind this right
before we use it and also we do want to leave a kind of course and when I always
finish grinding mine it looked a little something like this
and once that set we can move on to the second major flavor component which
would be a huge amount of freshly chopped cilantro and if you’re one of
these people that’s good at noticing things you’ll see that we did not remove
the stems or as far as cilantro goes the stems and leaves taste pretty much the
same and for a marinade like this we can just go ahead chop everything up
together oh by the way if your crew does not like cilantro and will mutiny if you
use it you can if you want use some other herbs
I mean you are after all the captain bligh of this ping guy and in the blog
post I will tell you what other herbs to use instead but anyway we’ll go ahead
and chop that up fairly small at which point we can move on to the part of the
recipe where we throw everything in a bowl including what most non Americans
would call our chopped coriander and then we’ll also toss in our freshly
ground black pepper and some oyster sauce which is basically sort of an
extra thick extra savory sort of Swedish soy sauce the yes does actually have
some moisture in it we’re also gonna add some soy sauce as well as some Asian
fish sauce which if you want to be a real food wisher is a mandatory
ingredient in your pantry and then we will finish up with a little bit of
vegetable oil as a few shakes of cayenne and that’s it we
will stir this together and our kind of unusual looking but very effective
marinade is done and ready to flavor about two to three pounds of boneless
skinless chicken thighs so we’ll go ahead and add those in and then using
our bare hands we will massage this until we’re sure those pieces are very
very well coated okay when it comes to chicken thighs not only do we have to
worry about the nooks and crannies but we also have lots of cracks and crevices
so I really want you to get in there and get in there deep and work this until we
have complete and absolute coverage at which point we’ll stop and clean off our
hands as well as around the top of the bowl and then what we’ll do is go ahead
and wrap this up and let it marinate in the fridge for anywhere between four and
12 hours okay in a pinch you could probably do it for a little less time
but if you can try to give it at least four hours but either way we’ll go ahead
pop that in the fridge into a Raider grille
speaking of which at some point before we do head to the grill we’re gonna want
to make our dipping sauce which for me is going to include some seasoned rice
vinegar as well as some freshly squeezed lime juice and we’ll also put in a very
generous amount of crushed garlic and a nice big spoon of sambal chili sauce or
really any kind of hot sauce or you could even do some minced fresh chilies
we will also splash in a little bit of fish sauce as well as some freshly
chopped cilantro and then since this is supposed to be a rather sweet sauce I’m
gonna go ahead and add a good amount of honey which by the way is not typical
all right what they usually serve with this chicken is a sugar syrup that’s
flavored with these other ingredients and I’m not talking about a little bit
of sugar I’m talking about like a half a cup for this size batch so while this is
gonna be a fairly sweet sauce it is nowhere close to the original but I
think very delicious nonetheless and that’s it as soon as we mix that up
we’ll simply keep that refrigerated until our chickens grilled which is
exactly what we’re gonna do next so we’ll go ahead and pull our chicken
out of the fridge and unwrap it and grab some tongs and that’s it believe it or
not this is ready to go straight onto the grill and ideally those grill grates
are sitting over some beautiful hot red glowing coals and we will go ahead and
place our chicken on and I generally like to lay the flatter side down first
but it probably doesn’t matter that much either way and what we’ll do is grill
these for about five to six minutes per side or until just cook through
all right boneless skinless chicken thighs cooks a lot faster than people
think I mean pretty much about the same amount of time as a chicken breast
all right just because this is dark meat does not mean it has to cook a lot
longer so I gave that first side about five minutes and then flip them over
and then let me give you one little bit of a heads-up here whenever we grill
something that came straight from a wet marinade it can tend to sometimes stick
a little bit okay so with some of these you might have to give the underside a
little scrape with the tongs to make sure they’re released before you try to
flip it over but having said that I didn’t have much of an issue and I went
ahead and flip those over and gave the other side about five minutes and of
course use a thermometer to check if you want but once they go from feeling mushy
to sort of firm and springing back to the touch are usually done which mine
were so I went ahead and pulled those off the grill onto a plate and I really
lucked out here since somehow all the best looking pieces ended up on the top
I mean what are the odds but no matter how you pile these up you’re gonna be
looking at a very impressive plate of grilled chicken and while I will plate
up a couple of these in a minute and serve it with our dipping sauce I just
could not resist going straight in for a taste which really was incredible very
slightly smoky slightly sweet very savory and a little bit funky with the
heat from our black pepper punchy through nicely that my friends is just
some incredible tasting grilled chicken and that’s without our sweet and
garlicky dipping sauce which really does elevate this even further so I plated
some up next to a cucumber salad and proceeded to start slicing and dipping
and because of those smoky salty savory peppery elements I just described this
simple sweet garlicky sauce is just absolutely perfect and other than
wishing I had a little bit of rice under this I don’t think I could have enjoyed
this anymore but anyway that’s it’s my take on
pinkeye chicken a dish so nice they named part of it twice and as far as I
know this is the first low Asian recipe ever do appear on food wishes unless
like I said earlier it’s actually Canadian Bob regardless you cannot have
enough interesting easy and delicious grilled chicken recipes in the
repertoire which is why I really do hope you give this a try soon so head over to
food wishes dot-com for all the ingredient amounts of moral faux as
usual and as always you

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